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NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse Uses Tyler Clementi’s Suicide: Being Gay Is “Not The Best Thing”

Jennifer Roback Morse

Speaking with Catholic students from at Iowa State University Jennifer Roback Morse the President and Founder of the National Organization for Marriage’s fronted Ruth Institute sank to a new disgustingly low depth even for NOM when she used the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi as proof that LGBT people  shouldn’t be supported or associate with one another.

That kid Tyler Clementi who killed himself, who threw himself off the George  Washington Bridge? Do you know this story? Okay, then I’m not going to tell it.  There was a much older man in the picture. There’s usually more to the story,  right?

And so I think friendship is what you have to offer. There are a lot of  situations where people are doing something sexual that’s probably not the best  thing for them and that would be better if they had somebody who would be  friends with them without coming onto them or without judging them and that  kind  of stuff.

We get this idea that the gay-rights movement is very militant and they’re  demanding this and pushing that, but when you really get down to it, a lot  of the young people are quite confused and lonely and need help and  support. And they’re getting help and support not from the Christian community, they’re  getting help and support from the gay activists, who have their own thing that  they’re doing—which is not necessarily to help the individuals, but some sort  of  political vision.

The parents of Tyler  are calling for an apology from the National Organization for Marriage and Roback Morse for the invoking of their son’s suicide in her recent hate speech

To exploit our late son’s name to advance an anti-equality agenda is offensive and wrong,. “By doing so, National Organization for Marriage prove that not only is there no low they will not sink to, to advance their cruel agenda — but that neither they nor Ms. Morse have any grip on reality. The very idea that Tyler’s tragedy happened because of too much support — instead of not enough — is ludicrous. Shame on them.”

Lets all hope that there is a special place in hell for The National Organization for Marriage and Jennifer Roback Morse

Evil bitch

Rutgers University To Honor Tyler Clementi’s Memory


We must do all that we can to ensure that those that are the causalities of bullying are never forgotten. And Rutgers University is doing just that. The prestigious school is honoring the memory of bullying victim Tyler Clementi who took his life after a senseless prank was set up by his dormmates. Here’s more from HuffPostGay:

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Rutgers University is announcing a center named for the student who killed himself after his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing a man.

The university says the Tyler Clementi Center will build programs to help people transition to college. It will also offer lectures and training on social media, youth suicide, bullying and other topics.

The center is a collaboration with the Tyler Clementi Foundation, begun by the student’s parents.

The 18-year-old killed himself in September 2010, just weeks into his first year at Rutgers. His death sparked a national conversation about the treatment of young gays.

Roommate Dharun Ravi (dah-ROON’ RAH’-vee) was convicted last year of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and other counts and served less than a month in jail. He is appealing his conviction.

Let’s hope that this new foundation helps those that have been victimized that there is hope and to not give up.

OUTRAGE – Dharun Ravi Released Early From Jail In The Tyler Clementi Suicide Case

Dharun Ravi, who was sentenced him to only 30 days in jail — far less than the 10-year prison sentence he should have gotten for his part in Tyler Cmeneti’s suicide has been released on good behavior 10 days early from the Middlesex County jail where he was serving his slap on the wrist sentence.

Ravi used a friend’s computer in September 2010 to view a few seconds of live streaming video from his own dorm-room webcam and saw roommate Tyler Clementi and another man kissing.

Ravi then told other students about Clementi being gay in person, in texts, instant messages and tweets — and alerted others again two days later that Clementi, 18, wanted the room to himself again. That time however the camera did not operate.

A night later, when Tyler Clementi found out he committed suicide.

Ravi was convicted in March on criminal charges, including bias intimidation, invasion of privacy and tampering with a witness. But NOT the death of Clementi and was sentenced to only 30 days in jail.

Dharun Ravi has literally gotten away with murder.

Source: AP

Tyler Clementi’s Family REJECTS Dharun Ravi’s Eleventh Hour Apology

The Associated Press is reporting that Joseph and Jane Clementi, Tyler Clemti’s parents, have released their own statement today, regarding the “after the fact” apology from Dharun Ravi’s two days ago in which he apologizes for his actions which led  Tyler Clementi’s to commit suicide.

From the Associated  Press:

As to the so-called ‘apology,’ it was, of course, no apology at all, but a  public relations piece produced by Mr. Ravi’s advisers only after Judge Berman  scolded Mr. Ravi in open court for his failure to have expressed a word of  remorse or apology.

A sincere apology is personal. Many people convicted of crimes address the  victims and their families in court. Mr. Ravi was given that opportunity but  chose to say nothing. His press release did not mention Tyler or our family, and  it included no words of sincere remorse, compassion or responsibility for the  pain he caused

Ravi checked into a New Brunswick, NJ jail this afternoon to begin his “slap on the wrist” 30-day  sentence while lawyers from both side appeal his sentence.

I just want to go on record here that I AM NOT one of the LGBT community who thought that Dharun Ravi’s should have been shown leniency and still believe he should have received the maximum sentence under the law for his actions which led to Tyler’s suicide, his  perjury within the case, and witness tampering.

His sentence was a grave miscarriage of justice and all that called for leniency for Dharun Ravi’s should be ashamed.

Dharun Ravi Gets Away With Murder – Sentenced To Only 30 Days Jail Time For Tyler Clementi Hate Crime

In what has to be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice seen in the past decade.

Dharun Ravi who’s spying on his gay roommate’s date using a webcam and then using social media to spread the word about it and in turn lead  to Tyler Clementi committing suicide days later was sentenced to ONLY  30 days in jail.

In addition Ravi was sentenced to a three-year probation period, 300 hrs. of community service hours, counseling on cyber-bullying  and a 10,000.00 assesment to a N.J. state organization dealing with bias crimes.  But no hard jail time.

In March, Ravi was found guilty of a hate crime for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate Clementi during a sexual liaison with a man identified only as “MB” and announcing what he saw on Twitter.Ravi put out another tweet when he heard Clementi was having a second date with MB.

“I do not believe he hated Tyler Clementi,” Judge Glenn Berman told the court during sentencing. “He had no reason to, but I do believe he acted out of colossal insensitivity.” and even though Bermanlater said “I heard this jury say, ‘guilty’ 288 times–24 questions, 12 jurors. That’s the multiplication,” Berman said. “I haven’t heard you apologize once.” Berman only sentenced him to 30 days in prison out of the maxium 10 years that the charges carried.

During the trail Tyler Clementi said that Ravidecided his son “wasn’t deserving the respect of basic human decency” and “was below him” because Tyler Clementi was gay.

“He did it in a cold calculating manner and then he tried to cover it up,” the father, who had to pause to compose himself, said.

Clementi’s brother, James, told Judge Glenn Berman, “I watched as Dharun slept through court as if it was not worth” paying attention. “I watched Dharun and his lawyers laugh as if it were a private joke.”

Ravi was also convicted and found guily on counts of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, witness tampering and hindering arrest.

And still Judge Berman only sentenced him to 30 days.

The prosecution, indicated it will appeal the judge’s sentence.  As well they should.

It’s a very sad day, one in which justice was not served.

Rutger’s Suicide Victim Parents Opens The Tyler Clementi Foundation To Stop Online Bullying

A little over a year ago 18-year-old Tyler Clementi commited suicide by jumping from the George Washington Bridge after finding out that a sexual liaison between him  and another man was secretly filmed on webcam and then webcast by his Rutger’s University roomate.

Tyler’s roommate, Dharun Ravi, faces 15 criminal counts, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime punishable by up to 10 years in state prison

Now 14 months after their son’s death, Joe and Jane Clementi  have decided to grant interviews in an effort to promote The Tyler Clementi Foundation, which they have launched in their son’s honor. 

The Foundation’s Mission Statement and goals are simple yet so important.

Mission Statement:
To raise awareness of the issues surrounding and support organizations concerned with suicide prevention, acceptance of LGBT teens, and education against internet cyber bullying.

1. To promote acceptance of LGBT teens and others marginalized by society.
2. Provide education against all forms of bullying including cyber bullying over the internet.
3. Promote research and development into the causes and prevention of teenage suicide.

“It wouldn’t be fair to Tyler’s memory to let this slide,” Jane told People. “Something good has to come out of this terrible situation.”

You can check out the Tyler Clementi Foundation website by Clicking HERE

Over 1000 Mourners Attend Silent Vigil For Gay Student Tyler Clementi At Rutgers University (Video)

Over 1,000 mourners attended a silent vigil in memory of gay suicide viction Tyler Clementi at Rutger’s University main campus on Sunday.

19 year old Tyler had jumped off the George Washington Bridge and to his death nearly two weeks ago after learning that his roommate had secretly streamed live video of him having sex with another man onto the Internet.

“Everyone needs a safe environment in which to live together,” Barry Klassel, humanist chaplain at Rutgers, told mourners after the 30-minute vigil. “Everything that happens is an opportunity to grow and understand, an opportunity to change the attitudes we might have.”.

Dharun Ravi and another freshman, Molly Wei, have been charged with invading Clementi’s privacy.