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Breaker 1 – 9 Thats A Massive FAIL – Trucker “Patriots” Promise Thousands, 30 Trucks Show Up

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The so-called “Truckers Ride For The Constitution” which started this morning on the DC beltway  where God fearing “Patriot” truckers estimated that 10,000 truckers to converge at once on Washington D.C. to protest President Obama and his massive “corruption” of our country was a MASSIVE FAIL when only 30 trucks actually showed up.

Police say a convoy of about 30 trucks began traveling north on Interstate 95 from Doswell, Va., on Friday morning. The truckers circled the Beltway.

From Fox News   (See even THEY are laughing)  

However, the presence was not quite the thousands of truckers that organizers had predicted. On Friday morning, just a handful of people had showed up at a key staging area. . 

The rally, “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” had called for 10,000 truck drivers to show up Friday morning and circle I-495 for the next three days, according to a Facebook page for the event. 

“Truckers will lead the path to saving our country if every American rides with them!” the Facebook page says, adding “The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America!” 

On its website, the group lists several demands, including that President Obama resign immediately, that the debt ceiling not be raised and that National Security Agency surveillance of communications be ceased. The group is also complaining about low wages and rising fuel costs. 

I guess the 9970 truckers were too busy at truck stop gloryholes.