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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Cockblocks Trojan’s FREE Vibrator Giveaway – Video

New York City’s Mayor “Party Poopie Pants” Bloomberg strikes again this time shutting down Trojan’s Great Free Vibrator and Vibrating cockring giveaway!

From Gothamist:

The masses of men and women left unsatisfied after the Bloomberg Administration’s Great Free Vibrator Cockblocking of 2012 are still unfulfilled—but Trojan says they’re trying to get their toy giveaway buzzing again. And City Hall sounds like they are trying to do everything they can to please their constituents after rubbing them the wrong way on a hot August afternoon. Still, after hundreds of horny humans had their dreams of free battery-operated stimulation deflated by Nanny Bloomberg’s no-fun squad, they’ve taken to the interwebs and the media to voice their displeasure.

No porn theatres, no bath-houses, no after hours clubs, no smoking, no big sodas and now no free sex toys!

New York City is becoming about as much fun for consenting adults as Disneyland.

Bloomberg’s Unwild Ride.