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The Gayly Round-Up – 4/11/2020: Gay News From Across the Web + #SATYRDAY Man Trevor Donovan

The Gayly Round-Up – 4/11/2020: Gay News From Across the Web + #SATYRDAY Man Trevor Donovan

  • SF’s City Lights Bookstore, Home to the Beat Generation and Publisher of Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ Is On the Verge of Closing Due to Coronavirus – GAYNRD
  • WATCH: Twinks dancing in undies (Yes, it has come to that) – Dallas Voice
  • Greg Locke, the rabidly anti-LGBT pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, defies social distancing order and crucifies 16 year-old son during Good Friday revival. – TWITTER
  • #SATYRDAY Man: Actor/Model Trevor Donovan
Trevor Donovan Shows Off His Buff Bod in Shirtless Poolside Photo ...
Trevor Donovan shirtless on the beach | Trevor Donovan Fan | Flickr

Trevor Donovan (With images) | Trevor donovan, Shirtless, Trevor

my new plaid pants: Trevor Donovan Seven Times

Trevor Donovan for Glamoholic | Oh yes I am

Trevor Donovan of "90210" Gives Us Another Reason To Love Him (Besides The Fact He’s F*&king Gorgeous!)

Trevor Donovan (born Trevor Donovan Neubauer) plays newly “out” Teddy Montgomery on 90210 recently talked with EW.com  about his character and is happy that as more gay teen characters appear onscreen, more real-life adolescents are realizing that theres nothign to fear or be ashamed of about their own sexuality.

“I think that’s why the bullying does happen, and the teasing,” he said. “People bully and tease about things they don’t understand, that they’re scared of. So this is enlightening people and bringing it into the mainstream… I think it’s important to educate people, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Trevor also let slip that in 90210‘s big prom episode, which airs tomorrow night,  May 9 that “Teddy ends up taking Marco,” to the prom and that “It’s become a very acceptable thing. So it’s actually a very positive episode.”

*Back2Stonewall.com previously has posted video’s of Donovan’s character Teddy Mongomery’s storyline only (not the whole episodes) about Teddy’s coming out and life lessons but I stopped due to time restraits. Now that I have time again I will pick up from where I left off and post the remainder of the episodes I missed and the Prom Scene on Tuesday May 10th.

Until then if you missed the first eight parts of 90210’s  Teddy Montgomery’s Gay Storyline you can do so by clciking HERE and HERE.

VIDEO – 90210 Teddy’s Gay Storyline Part 8 – "Teddy Gets Blackmailed!"

Teddy and Ian return from a weekend of skiing in Telluride and in Teddy’s locker there is a note demanding 50 Thousand Dollars and a picture of him and Ian in a passionate liplock. 

Will Teddy pay the blackmail?

Will he finally come out to his friends?

And WHO exactly is the blackmailer?

Watch and find out!

VIDEO – 90210 Teddy’s Gay Storyline IS BACK! – Part 8 "Teddy Comes Out…No Wait He Doesn’t!"

*Did you miss the previous sections of Teddy’s Gay Storyline?  If so CLICK HERE and catch up on all the previous parts!

90210: Teddy Montgomery Is Gay Storyline Part 6 – Teddy’s First Kiss (Video)

Finally after weeks and weeks……

Best Lei’d Plans

Teddy and Silver reconnect after Ian mentions Teddy is a good guy. While at the beach luau, Teddy gets jealous when he sees Ian with another guy and allows his feelings to control his actions.

WATCH 90210’s “Teddy Montgomery Is Gay” Storyline from the BEGINNING!

WATCH "90210" Teddy Montgomery Is Gay Storyline – Part 5 – Teddy Goes To A Gay Bar! (Video)

Teddy begins to feel more comfortable in his own skin and decides to visit a gay bar in West Hollywood where he soon realizes he forgot his wallet and is forced to turn to Ian for help leading to a big reveal at the end.

*\Missed the earlier “Teddy Mongomery Is Gay” Storyline Scenes?  Watch them by clicking the links below!

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"90210" Teddy Montgomery Is Gay Storyline: Episode 2 Highlights – Teddy Calls Ian A "Faggot" (Video)

Last night was the second episode of this seasons “90210 – Teddy Montgomery Is Gay” storyline and at this point has Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is such deep denial that he calls Ian (Kyle Riabko), who he bedded in a “Christ was I drunk last night” moment in last weeks episode a “faggot”.

Not too thrilled that the word “faggot” was used but was happy that they had Ian fight back.

If you m issed “90210” Teddy Montgomery Is Gay Storyline: Episode1 Highlights CLICK HERE to watch.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Sookie & Bill Make It Legal, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Trevor Donovan’s 90210 Booty Calls, and X-Men: First Class News and Rod Blagojevich Can be Bought for 50 Bucks!

Anna Paquin and Styephen Moyer True Blood and real life lovers tied the knot yesterday at a private house in Malibu in front of friends and family including Rutina Wesley, Denis O’Hare, Alan Ball, Ryan Kwatan, and Elija Wood.  OMG, How cute the Fairy invited a Hobbit to her wedding!

*  Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino who is about the only fuckable guy on MTV’s  Jersey Shore (If you tape his mouth shut and triple Trojan it)  is estimated to be earning more than $5 million!  Thats alot of freakin canolli!

*  Just HOW GAY will Trevor Donovan’s “Teddy Montgomery” characetr be?  The Producers don’t even know!

*  Ms Bryan Singer has let some cats out of the bag about the plot of X-Men First Class.  It’s got Xavier and Magneto in their late 20s, when Xavier isn’t yet in the wheelchair (or bald) . Kevin Bacon is playing Sebastian Shaw, Neither Cyclops nor Marvel Girl will show up, but Cyke’s brother Havoc will  and the Hellfire Club is part of the movie.

*  Rod Blagojevich you know the former Illinois Governor that a federal jury convicted h this week of lying to the FBI but deadlocked on 23 other charges. was at  Chicago Comic-Con charging attendees $50 to get his autograph., $80 for a picture and $100 for a chip of his hair.  LOL!