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January 6 Riot Committee To Hold Two Prime Time Televised Hearings

Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Panel Has Evidence Rioters Interacted With GOP House Reps

Jan. 6 committee chair Bennie Thompson says on ABC that the investigation has uncovered the insurrection “appeared to be a coordinated effort on the part of a number of people to undermine the election.” including GOP Congressmen.

Thompson, said his panel has evidence of interactions between members of the House and the rioters that day but not necessarily of a significant nature and said the committee wanted to hear from Reps. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) about their activities, though he said it was not clear if his panel would or even could subpoena them.

When asked if the House Jan. 6 committee has found any significant evidence that members of Congress may be culpable in attack, chair Rep. Bennie Thompson tells George Stephanopoulos, “we’re in the process of getting to that.”

Funny but I seem to remember a video of Republicans giving the rioters tours of the Capitol in the days leading up to the Cracker Barrel Putsch despite the fact that tours were cancelled over COVID fears. That’s a good place to start for HARD evidence.

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: There’s a Revolution At Hand! (Matt Barber Is Revolting!)

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“A preferred ploy of left-wing change agents is to ridicule critics when they point out the undeniable parallels between the goals of today’s ‘progressive’ movement, to include the Democratic Party in general, and the goals of the early, and very much still alive, communist movement. If, for instance, one mentions the historical fact that nearly every adult who, at any time, was in any position of influence over a young, soon-to-be-radicalized Barry Soetoro was an avowed communist, to include his own parents, then one is immediately mocked and dismissed as a neo-McCarthyite hack pining for the bygone days of the Red Scare. This is an evasive, ad hominem strategy employed by those who are caught, for lack of a better word, red-handed. To all this I say, if the jackboot fits, wear it. If it quacks like a commie and goose-steps like a commie, then a commie it is. Look around. We are no longer the United States of America. We have become The Communist States of America. Which means, for those who love liberty, revolution is once again at hand.” – Failed boxer, failed insurance man and current Liberty Counsel hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for World Net Daily.

Oh God, these jokes write themselves sometimes.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa Commits Treason By Leaking Sensitive Obamacare Documents

Darrel Issa Crtiminal

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), dropped a bombshell today when he all but out-rightly accused Republican Rep Darrell Issa of  leaking sensitive Obamacare documents to unauthorized consultants and jeopardizing the security of the ACA website.

Cummings wrote:

On several occasions since November, I have written to you to request that we meet to discuss the adoption of a bipartisan protocol to safeguard sensitive documents obtained during this investigation and to develop a responsible approach to making information public that the Committee determines is important to its investigation.

also remain concerned with the unilateral release by your office of partial transcripts and select document excerpts to promote partisan narratives that often turn out to be inaccurate, particularly when these releases are not part of any official report, correspondence, or other Committee action. Not only is this a disservice to the American people and the goals we share, but it undermines the credibility and integrity of the Committee.

Another concern is the security of documents in the custody of the Committee. Currently, the Committee has no procedure governing the storage and handling of these sensitive documents. As a result, there have been two separate occasions last week when sensitive documents were left unattended in unlocked rooms accessible by the public. Although I understand that your office believes these documents are not sensitive, one was produced to the Committee in encrypted, password-protected format, and both were marked as sensitive documents that require special handling.

A third concern relates to providing access to sensitive information to individuals outside the Committee. In December, you stated that you intended to “consult carefully with non-conflicted experts to ensure no information is released that could further jeopardize the website’s security.” Several days later, you wrote a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services indicating that you had already begun this process, stating that you would “continue” consulting with outside security experts.

Based on your statements, it is unclear who these outside experts are, who they work for, and who they may be affiliated with, raising concerns about what they may do with the information. If they do not work for the government or any of its contractors, it is unclear what contractual or other restrictions they are under not to disclose this sensitive information further. There have been multiple reports about organizations and individuals who are deliberately targeting the Healthcare.gov website for malicious purposes. The risk that this information could get into the wrong hands increases dramatically as more individuals gain access to it, particularly when these individuals are under no obligation to safeguard it.

In a nutshell Darrell Issa is leaking sensitive Obamacare documents. Issa is clearly not securing important documents, and making those documents available to parties that he refuses to identify.  Twice last week someone left sensitive documents unattended in an unlocked room that is accessible to the public. Why do you think someone would do that? Someone wanted those documents available to people who aren’t authorized to view them.

Issa’s behavior increases the possibility that hackers can get their hands on this sensitive information, which I suspect is exactly what Rep. Issa wants. Issa has abused his power as chairman of the House Oversight Committee from the moment that he took power. Rep. Issa’s one and only goal has always been to impeach President Obama.

What Issa is committing is TREASON pure and simple and he should be brought up on charges and be removed from office immediately


Tea Party Leader Larry Klayman Sets Date For Lunatic Group To Overthrow The Government

Judicial Watch founder and Tea Party activist Larry Klayman has set a date for the extreme fringe right wing group to descend on Washington, remove President Obama from office,  and overthrow the Government.

Klayman plans that Tea Party members will “descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and will “demand” that President Obama leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison time” for pushing “his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda.

On November 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic, I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda – among other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison time.

I further propose that we borrow the techniques perfected and used by such epic crusaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, to show Obama and his enablers that the American people are more than fed up and will not take it any more. The millions who are being summoned to our nation’s capital should, like Gandhi did in India and South Africa, peacefully shut the city down, by blocking roads and massing in front of the White House chanting for Obama to get out of our nation’s capital. In addition, I propose bringing the victims of his reign of terror to a podium across from the White House in Lafayette Park to give their testimony on how he has singularly severely harmed and in some instances even killed their loved ones through his actions.

We must act now. Our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred honor, fortunes, and lives to form a new nation under God. They knew that the odds of defeating the British were not great, save for His Divine grace and intervention. Now, 237 years after they signed the Declaration of Independence in my native city of Philadelphia, the nation has come full circle to the tyranny that has been imposed by a new despot, one far more evil than King George III. King George III may have been a greedy “control freak,” but at least he was a Christian. The United States is being run by a Muslim bent on furthering an Islamic caliphate who seeks to destroy our spirituality and the body politic of our Judeo-Christian roots.

It really is only a matter of time before these lunatic “snap”.  Why is Kayman and other Tea Party leaders and organizations propagating this type of violence and coup’s not being persecuted for treason,  in prison, or at the very least a mental hospitals?

H/T Headley Westerfield aka @Aunty__Em  on Twitter.com

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Orders National Guard To STOP Awarding Same Sex Couples Benefits

Mary Fallin

Republican Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (seen above with Rick Santorum) has ordered the Oklahoma National Guard to stop processing military benefits for same-sex couples joining Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana in refusing to obey orders from the Pentagon  to grant same sex married soldiers spousal benefits.

AP reports:

Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the governor was following the wish of Oklahoma voters, who approved a constitutional amendment that prohibits giving benefits of marriage to gay couples.

Because of that prohibition, Weintz said the governor’s legal staff advised the Oklahoma National Guard not to process requests for benefits from gay couples

Another state militia in open rebellion against lawful orders from the military.  Some would call this treason.  Also while the GOP and Tea Party calls this a matter of “States Rights” they are wrong.  Bush federalized the National Guard after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and federal control has not been relinquished.


FRC President and White Supremacist Linked Tony Perkins Applauds Texas National Guard Treason

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

Recently we reported on how the state of Texas (recently joined by Mississippi and Louisiana) is defying Pentagon military orders to extend partner benefits which include health, pension, and housing, to troops with same-sex spouses.  Well Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is pleased as punch at this governmental treason and is cheering on others to do so.

“Major General John Nichols, the commanding general of Texas Military Forces, made it clear that the state’s marriage law came first. If Guardsmen want to take advantage of the Pentagon’s directive, Nichols said they’d have to enroll at a federal installation. In a letter to local service members, he stood his ground on the Texas Constitution, which only recognizes man-woman marriage. If only every state leader had that kind of backbone! According to the Associated Press, officials in 13 other natural marriage states — including Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan, and Georgia — said they’ll turn their back on state law and embrace the new policy. Discourage your leaders from joining them! Contact your Governors and ask them to resist the Obama administration’s latest attack on federalism.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email

Tony Perkins will be remembered as the George Wallace of the 21st century.  His attitudes, and his connection to white supremacists groups will bear this out and if I have anything to say about WILL be exposed to the mainstream media recorded for history’s sake.

Below:  Tony Perkins gratefully accepts an award from the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) which Max Blumenthal calls “America’s premier racist organization” and elementally dangerous to America. The CofCC’s statement of principles condemns the Federal government’s intervention into state and local affairs in forcing racial integration , free-trade and globalism, immigration by non-Europeans, homosexuality, and interracial marriage.


Tony Perkins FRC White Power KKK

WWD Article Calls for NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION Written By Bradlee Dean’s Child Molesting Lawyer

Joesph Farrah’s wingnut webpaper World Net Daily ventured into dangerous and treasonous waters today by publish an article by rightwing extremist Larry Klayman (who just so happens to be the lawyer who represented hate group leader Bradlee Dean in his losing libel suit against Rachel Maddow) who makes a case and a call for NEW American Revolution against our current goverment.

“We no longer have a free nation! We no longer have a functional republic! What choice is there when the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government fail and refuse to take into account the profound grievances of the ‘We the People’ and instead walk off to feather their own corrupt establishment nest? Thus, the profound and moving words and self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence ring even more true today than in 1776. They
read just in part, ‘… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them (meaning ‘We the People’) under absolute Despotism, its is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.’  The time has come after a long line of ‘abuses and usurpations’ for us to rise
up and demand that our current so called rulers leave ‘Dodge City,’ or suffer the consequences as King George III was forced to do.” – Larry Klayman, writing for World Net Daily.

A court recently ordered Klayman to pay his ex-wife $325,000 in attorney fees. Klayman appealed, but a judge tossed it out.  It seems that Larry Klayman, has allegedly sexually abused his own children.

These are buried in the Judges ruling against Klayman:

{¶23} In his third assignment of error, Klayman argues that the magistrate’s finding that he engaged in inappropriate touching of his child was against the manifest weight of the evidence.

{¶24} A judgment supported by some competent, credible evidence will not be reversed by a reviewing court as against the manifest weight of the evidence. C.E. Morris Co. v. Foley Constr. Co., 54 Ohio St.2d 279, 376 N.E.2d 578 (1978). A reviewing court must not substitute its judgment for that of the trial court where there exists some competent and credible evidence supporting the judgment rendered by the trial court. Myers v. Garson, 66 Ohio St.3d 610, 614 N.E.2d 742 (1993). Where the decision in a case turns upon credibility of testimony, and where there exists competent and credible evidence supporting the findings and conclusions of the trial court, deference to such findings and conclusions must be given by the reviewing court. See Seasons Coal Co. v. Cleveland, 10 Ohio St.3d 77, 80, 461 N.E.2d 1273 (1984); Cohen v. Lamko, Inc., 10 Ohio St.3d 167, 462 N.E.2d 407 (1984). 

{¶25} The issues raised by Klayman involve credibility assessments made by the magistrate. Klayman challenges these findings. The magistrate heard evidence from the children’s pediatrician who reported allegations of sexual abuse to children services, and from a social worker at children services who found that sexual abuse was “indicated.” Although the social worker’s finding was later changed to “unsubstantiated” when Klayman appealed, the magistrate explained that the supervisor who changed the social worker’s finding did not testify. The magistrate pointed out that he was obligated to make his own independent analysis based upon the parties and the evidence before him. In doing so, the magistrate found on more than one occasion [Klayman] act[ed] in a grossly inappropriate manner with the children. His conduct may not have been sexual in the sense that he intended to or did derive any sexual pleasure from it or that he intended his children would. That, however, does not mean that he did not engage in those acts or that his behavior was proper. 

 {¶26} The magistrate further found it significant that although Klayman denied any allegations of sexual abuse, he never denied that he did not engage in inappropriate behavior with the children. The magistrate further found it notable that Klayman, “for all his breast beating about his innocence * * * [he] scrupulously avoided being questioned by anyone from [children services] or from the Sheriff’s Department about the allegations,” and that he refused to answer any questions, repeatedly invoking his Fifth Amendment rights, about whether he inappropriately touched the children. “Even more disturbing” to the magistrate was the fact that Klayman would not even answer the simple question regarding what he thought inappropriate touching was. The magistrate stated that he could draw an adverse inference from Klayman’s decision not to testify to these matters because it was a civil proceeding, not criminal. 

{¶27} After reviewing the record, we find no abuse of discretion on the part of the trial court in overruling Klayman’s objections regarding the magistrate’s finding that Klayman inappropriately touched the children.

THIS is the cream of the crop of the EXTREME Right Wing.



GOP Closet Case Lindsey Graham Tells Goverment Contractors To Lay Off Workers Before 2012 Election

In what can only be described as another in a long line of attempts by the Republican party to sabotage the economy and the jobs situation for political gain “alleged” self loathing closet case Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has called on government contractors to layoff personnel just before the election, in protest of the  defense budget cuts slated for the first of the year, due to the 2011 Budget Control Act.

“Politicians, you know, quite frankly respond to pressure,” Graham said about the cuts set to begin in 2013 under the so-called sequestration budget.

“I’m urging every defense industry that could be affected by sequestration to put your employees on notice before November,” he continued. “The more it becomes real to us as to what comes the nation’s way, the more likely we are to solve the problem.”

To call for politically-based layoffs is nothing less than  treasonous treachery.  And this is further proof that Graham and the republican party is not above it.

Graham a  life-long” bachelor” and former military prosecutor has been at the forefront of gay rumours for years, with those in his home state of South Carolina and Washington who say that it’s an open secret and has been for a long, long time.  And like many closet case Republicans Graham, like  Larry Craig  has voted antiigay on every issue from the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Act, the repealing DADT and of course the federal marriage amendment .

Newt Gingrich Equates Violence To Beating President Obama In Fundraising Letter

Newt Gingrich is going off the deep end ehen in a recent  fundraising email with the subject line: “A Bloody Nose Just Won’t Cut It.” Gingrich states about beating President Obama “I don’t want to bloody his nose, I want to knock him out!”

Okay obviously the Pillsbury doughboy is speaking figuratively because Obama would have him on the ground pissing your pants and asking for mercy in less than a minute, that is if he wasn’t hiding behind the much butcher Callista. What galls me is that he would actually use this as a demonstration of his toughness to convince voters he deserves the nomination and raise money

But I guess even if he wasn’t being “figurative” it would be okay.  After all President Obama did say that “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”

See ya later Pig Newton!