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What's Going On In Provincetown, MA This Summer? Here Are The Deets.

What’s Going On In Provincetown, MA This Summer? Here Are All The Deets.

Provincetown, MA which has a rich historical LGBT past has released its summer schedule of highlights and events, and it’s spectacular!

There are unforgettable nights of music and drag shows ahead at The Art House, with performers like Audra McDonald, Jessie Muller, Seth Rudetsky, Monét X Change, Max von Essen, Jeremy Jordan, and Samara Joy. Summertime brings days at the beach, nights at the clubs, and the Friday Night Gallery Stroll, and let’s not forget the Provincetown Theatre Company run by the fabulous David Drake. All in America’s oldest continuous art colony. Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

JUNE: Provincetown Pride kicks off the summer season June 2-4, 2023. This year, it’s a packed schedule with the sixth annual Provincetown Pride Festival, the Pride Rally, and the Sashay to Tea on the Saturday afternoon of Pride weekend. The festivities include the Pride Cruise from Boston, the Full Spectrum Pride Kickoff Party at Red Room, and the 2nd Annual Queer Comedy Showcase at Town Hall. The Feet Over Front Street 5K Run / Walk will be held on Sunday, June 4, a rainbow run on Ptown’s main drag.

June also welcomes Womxn of Color Weekend (June 1-4), a four-day Pride event designed to elevate, strengthen, educate, and celebrate LGBTQ+ women of color, trans-, nonbinary and genderfluid people of color, and their accomplices while Frolic (June 15-19) is for Queer People of Color. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Provincetown Film Festival (June 14-18), Provincetown’s premier cultural event, attracting 10,000 plus film-goers, movie buffs, and arts patrons over the five-day festival. This year’s theme of Cabaret Fest (June 5-11) is “Sondheim By the Sea,” celebrating the genius of Stephen Sondheim and other great Broadway composers with 13 shows, with Broadway veteran Karen Mason. Juneteenth (June 19) brings together Black/African Americans, Indigenous Persons, People of Color, young leaders from the Provincetown IB School, allied community members, organizers, and leaders to honor the day.

JULY: REVOLUTION: Independence Week (July 1-8) is Provincetown’s renowned 4th of July Circuit Party week, with international DJs, dance parties, and pool parties. That leads into Bear Week (8-15), a yearly gathering of bears, wolves, cubs, and otters, for a week of parties, events, and shows. The standout summer event for women, Girl Splash (July 19-22), is about parties, solo meet-ups, schooner sail, beach bonfires, and Lesbian Beach. Then there’s Family Week (July 22-29) is the largest annual gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified families in the world.

AUGUST: Carnival (August 12-19) is the summertime peak, Provincetown’s original summer celebration of community, expression, and creativity, a fantastic event created by the Provincetown Business Guild in 1978. Grand Marshal this year is Jason Carter (aka Monica Moore), and the theme is Land of Toys. This festive week brings tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ participants to town, a jam-packed seven days of parties, events, costume contests, and the famous Carnival parade down Commercial Street.

P’TOWN TRIVIA: Did you know.? There had been a gay presence in Provincetown as early as the start of the 20th century as the artists’ colony developed, along with experimental theatre. Drag queens could be seen in performances as early as the 1940s in Provincetown.

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Gay Australian Magician Attacked on Royal Caribbean Cruise. Royal Caribbean Denies It

Gay Australian Magician Attacked on Royal Caribbean Cruise. Royal Caribbean Denies It

Ben Murphy, a gay Australian magicians has broken his silence and has criticized the cruise company, Royal Caribbean for not doing anything after a man assaulted him on stage during his act.

Murphy had disclosed his sexuality in the show was performing on stage and brought up a woman volunteer to help him perform a card trick. The trick involved the pair getting close together as they each held a card in between their lips. This caused a man who is believed to be the woman’s partner to allegedly storm onto the stage and shove Murphy.

According to Murphy, the Royal Caribbean has refused to take action and have allegedly told him that there were no witnesses despite there being video and hundreds of audience members were in attendance

“How I can be sat on stage and attacked in the middle of a show and there be no witnesses. It is just, it’s rubbish, it’s offensive. It’s negligent.”

After going public about the assault Royal Carribean has changed thier tune and released the following statement:

“At Royal Caribbean International the safety of our crew and guests is our number one priority. We are aware of the incident that took place aboard Quantum of the Seas. Our investigation into this incident is ongoing and as such, we are unable to provide further comment.”

It s important , especially at this time that all LGBT travelers be careful about travel and destinations.

Despite the fact that the gay circuit party of the seas Atlantis Events occasionally uses Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean is ranked 3rd as the most non-friendly cruise company for LGBT cruisers behind Carnival at #2 and MSC at #1.

Avoid these 3 cruise companies at all costs.

Please be care and do research before taking any cruise and the types of customers it attracts.

You health and safety is important.

@thebenmurphy_ My assault onboard. Entertainment, comedy, and magic are NOT contact sports. This guest should not have been allowed to enjoy the rest of his cruise. #assault #magician #magic #comedianattacked #violence #cruiseship #cruise #magic #comedian #comedy #domesticviolence #insecure #toxicmasculinity ♬ original sound – The Ben Murphy

CATURDAY: Meet Gacek the ‘King of Kaszubska Street’ in Szczecin, Poland With A 4.9 Google Rating

CATURDAY: Meet Gacek the ‘King of Kaszubska Street’ in Szczecin, Poland With A 4.9 Google Rating

If you head on over to Google reviews of attractions in the Polish city of Szczecin and you’ll come across a very strange sight indeed. The top-rated attraction in this city of nearly 400,000 people isn’t some museum, park or palace but… a cat. A big, chubby, adorable cat.

Forget the charming Medieval locale which boasts a 14th-century castle called the Pomeranian Duke’s Castle and a lush urban park called Kasprowicza Park, neither of these locations is the most coveted attraction at the top of the list. It’s all about Garec.

Visitors have trekked from as far as Norway to see the adorable chubby feline.

The chunky tuxedo cat has lived on Kaszubska Street in downtown Szczecin for 10 years now. He has a small wooden home with a cushion bed to protect him from the elements and he receives care from the owners of a nearby shop.

One of the downfalls of being a major tourist star is Gacek’s shall we say, full figure, which is due in part to the large number of treats he receives from adoring fans. While many find his chubbiness cute, a local animal shelter in Szczecin has urged tourists not to feed Gacek directly and instead leave treats enclosed in bags or containers for him to have later.

So, cat lover travel enthusiast: you’ve got a new tourist spot! And a pretty puuuurfect one, at that.

Watch the video that originally brought Gacek his fame embedded below. (In Polish Closed Captioned)

TRAVEL: The Safest Most Accepting Countries for LGBT Tourist

TRAVEL: The Safest Most Accepting Countries for LGBT Tourist

TravelDailyMedia has posted the safest and most accepting popular travel destinations abroad for US LGBT travelers in 2023.

The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik is the safest tourist destination in the world. Scoring well across most factors, Reykjavik performed particularly well for LGBT social acceptance, earning the highest score in the study, Rule of Law, coming third with 8.53/10, and Reliability of Police, coming third again with a score of 9.02/10.

The second safest tourist destination in the world is the Swiss capital city of Bern. Bern scored very well across most factors in our study, particularly for the Rule of Law and Reliability of Police, achieving the second-highest scores for both factors.

Bergen is the third safest holiday destination in our study. Norway scored particularly highly for LGBT social acceptance with the third highest score of 9.38. The city also scored well for the Rule of Law, with a score of 8.33/10, and received a very low score on Numeo’s Crime Index with a rating of 25.72/100.

Scoring lowest on the list of tourist destinations to avoid: Doha, Qatar, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, and Singapore.

Cruising At Sea: Which is the BEST Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers?

Cruising At Sea: Which is the BEST Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers?

Celebrity Cruise Line Chosen Best for LGBT Passengers 2023

Interested in taking a cruise but not a drug and sex fueled circuit party at sea? But with so many cruise lines which is the best and safest for LGBT travelers?

Hands down and 2 *snaps* up our choice is Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises is a premium cruise line that has consistently been ranked as one of the best cruise lines in the world. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has made Celebrity Cruises the perfect choice for those who want to relax and enjoy a vacation without fear of discrimination.

Celebrity Cruises is perfect for LGBT travelers and offers a range of activities and entertainment options, including LGBT-focused events.. These events include meet and greets with other LGBT travelers, LGBT film screenings, and Pride celebrations. Additionally, the cruise line offers a variety of LGBT-friendly excursions, such as exploring gay-friendly neighborhoods or visiting LGBT historical sites. Something you won’t find on any other cruse line.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Celebrity is the company’s commitment to ensuring that all guests are treated equally and with respect. Celebrity has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This policy is enforced across all areas of the ship, including dining, entertainment, and activities. Additionally, the cruise line has trained its staff on how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests, including LGBT travelers. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises has partnered with a variety of charitable organizations, including those that support the LGBT community. Through these partnerships, the cruise line has raised awareness and funds for LGBT causes, including HIV/AIDS research and support for LGBT youth.

Being an avid cruiser myself and having tried many cruise lines I can personally attest to Celebrity’s respect for LGBT travelers and it’s diversity which stands hands heads and shoulders above the rest. {And the food is beyond excellent.}

Back2Stonewall names Celebrity Cruise Lines the Best Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers for 2023.

House of Representatives Opens Investigation Into Cruise Line’s COVID-19 Response

House of Representatives Opens Investigation Into Cruise Line’s COVID-19 Response

Via Bloomberg News:

The U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure today opened an inquiry into Carnival Corp.’s handling of the Covid-19 outbreaks that have resulted in more than 1,500 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus aboard its cruise ships, as well as dozens of passenger and crew deaths.

In letters sent Friday to Carnival President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Donald [photo], the U.S. Coast Guard, and the CDC, Peter DeFazio, the Oregon Democrat who chairs the committee, requested a wide-ranging collection of internal Carnival documents and correspondence related to its outbreak response.

The congressional probe, which cites Bloomberg Businessweek’s recent cover story detailing Carnival’s challenges and delays in addressing the Covid-19 outbreaks, marks a serious turning point for the Florida company.

All cruise lines that operate within the United States kept sending cruises out well into mid to late February with minimal precautions. One cruise in late January included a Royal Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the Seas which was chartered by Atlantis gay cruise company.

ALL Major Airlines, Uber, And Amtrak Drop Mask Mandate

Southwest Airlines Deny Family Boarding Privileges To Gay Couple With Their Children

A same-sex family  from Florida say they were discriminated against by Southwest Airlines after reportedly being denied access to pre-board as a family.

Grant Morse and his husband were flying from Buffalo, N.Y. to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. over the weekend with their twin three-year-old boys, five-year-old daughter and Grant’s 83-year-old mother.

As the family of five approached the gate, Morse told WGRZ, a gate agent reportedly stopped them, saying “this is for family boarding only.”

“This gate agent immediately approached my spouse and said this is for family boarding only, and my spouse looked up and said, ‘Well, we are a family. It’s myself, my spouse, and our three children.’ She said it’s family boarding only and got very sarcastic.” said Morse who travels between the New York capital and Florida on Southwest but his family has never experienced anything like this before.

According to Southwest’s “family boarding policy” as stated online, one adult can board with any traveler who is “six years old or younger….during Family Boarding, which occurs after the “A” group has boarded and before the “B” group begins boarding.”

Southwest stated the following, ” typically our employees allow both parents to board,” the spokesperson said.  But the airline denied in a statement that discrimination was a factor:

Our Operations Agent informed two parents that another member of their group was ineligible to board under Family Boarding and asked that she board in her assigned boarding group. This conversation in the boarding area had nothing to do with discrimination, we welcomed both parents to board the aircraft with their children. The parents expressed disappointment that the Family Boarding policy was not applicable to another member of their group. The two parents did not agree with our policy, and our Flight Crew worked to save seats together on the aircraft for the family as the conversation continued in the gate area.

Grant Morse said after his family was turned away, a traditional family of a mother, father and toddler were then allowed to board together as a family.

American Family Association Attacks Hilton Hotels For Being “Too Loud and Proud” Of The Gay Community


Hilton Hotel Gay Ad


Hilton Hotels Worldwide published a full page ad in the June 2016 issue of Travel + Leisure magazine featuring two men in the same bed — smiling, under the covers and wearing t-shirts. Well this was just too, too much for the anti-LGBT hate group the American Family Association’s puritanical morals to handle and it is now attacking Hilton Hotels and has started a petition to tell them just how “offensive” the depiction of two men together in a “straight” magazine really is.

From the AFA website:

In the June, 2016, issue of Travel and Leisure magazine, Hilton Worldwide shocked readers by placing a full-page ad that featured two men in bed together. 

Travel and Leisure isn’t a gay-specific magazine sent directly to homosexual’s homes. It’s a widely distributed mainstream publication that can be found in many public places such as doctors’ or auto repair waiting rooms.

If Hilton had advertised two men playing tennis, cards, or having lunch, that would have been reasonable. However, Hilton chose to make a cultural and social statement by purposely marketing the promotion of homosexuality to a large segment of the population who finds the idea of two men sleeping together unnatural and offensive.

So far, Hilton is defending its decision to promote homosexuality in the magazine and will likely take it further with other forms of mainstream media. Hilton said, “Hilton Worldwide is a global company of diverse cultures serving diverse guests…We are proud to depict and reflect our guest diversity in our advertising…”


Sign our petition to Hilton Worldwide, urging them to market responsibly by advertising in a more family friendly manner when marketing through mainstream media

The AFA had better be careful, their dozens of protesters are getting spread pretty thin.

If you’d like to congratulate Hilton Hotels on their diverse and inclusive advertising give them a shout out on Twitter @HiltonWorldwide or contacting them via their website


Legendary Travel Guru Arthur Frommer Condemns Russia’s Anti-Gay Law, Pushes Industry to Boycott


Travel industry legend Arthur Frommer; writer, publisher, consumer advocate, and the founder of the Frommer’s series of travel guides has written a statement condemning Russia’s anti-gay laws, and advising travelers and the tourism industry to take “appropriate action.”

Writes Frommer:

Several gay authors of Frommer travel guides have already informed me that they will no longer risk travel to Russia as long as the “pro-gay propaganda” statute is in effect. Some among them are calling for a broader boycott of all travel to Russia by all Americans, gay or not, as a protest against this denial of human rights. They refer not only to the new legislation, but to several recent incidents of physical assaults by prejudiced young Russians against gay persons, none of which seemed to interest Russian police. And of course, officials and athletes preparing to participate in the winter Olympics are seriously concerned.

In the words of another Frommer author: “The new Russian law is extremely dangerous, borne of dark nationalism, and through its virulent ignorance, the stage is set for a witch hunt. History has shown only too clearly what can happen when a government provides for the systematic silencing and disenfranchisement of an unpopular minority”.

I will be returning to this subject as additional facts are known about the exact position of the Russian government relating to these two new laws. Certainly, the development should cause grave concern among right-minded people interested in the protection of human rights. As most of us have concluded, prejudice against other Americans because of their sexual orientation is un-American and should be condemned. And when such prejudice prevents Americans from traveling without fear in another country, that prejudice should also be condemned, and appropriate action taken by persons in travel and tourism.