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Gay Man Challenges Pawlenty On Opposition To Marriage Equality

A gay man challenged Tim “Less Exciting Than Watching Grass Grow” Pawlenty over his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Q: I thought our country was about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, no exceptions. So Tim Pawlenty, I want to know know — when will you stand up for me…because you are discriminating against me and it hurts, it really does.

PAWLENTY: I understand we have a difference of opinion on this issue…the relationship between a man and a woman in a traditional marriage is important to our country, our society, our culture…

Q: I support that you have your moral values, but that is something that is hurting my future and how I get to live my life…why does government get involved in our marriages? … Do you think I’m a second class citizen?

PAWLENTY: We’re just going to have a respectful disagreement, sir.

Source Think Progress

The NOM, FRC, Susan B. Anthony List “Haters Values Voter Bus Tour,” Kicks Off To Crowds of 10’s In Iowa

After the National Organization for Marriage’s disastrously low attended  “Summer for Marriage Tour 2010 – One Man, One Woman”, this year  Moo-gie Gallagher and Brian Brown upped the ante for their 2011  by hooking up with the recognized anti-gay hate group The Family Researcg Council and the Anti-Abortion women at the Susan B. Anthony list to create the “Summer Values Voter Tour” and if the first stop is any indication thankfully it also has flop written all over it.

At their BIG kickoff yesterday in in Des Moines, IA not even having GOP Candidate Tim Pawlenty and Iowa Family Leader craaaaaazy Bob Vander Plaats could bring the people in and “Haters Values Bus Tour” kicked off its opening playing to crowds of 10’s! made up mostly by local media and bus tour staff.

Since NOM now is “officially” associated with the  recognized hate group the Family Reserach Council this now makes The National Organization what we have always said it was.  A hate group pure and simple.

You can watch the local Iowa  news report of the tour kickoff by clicking the READ MORE button below.

*Many thanks to Jeremy Hooper at Good As You

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Mr. Less Exiting Than a Root Canal T-Paw Thinks Hetero-Marriage Better Than Same-Sex Marriage

Tim “Duller than watching paint dry” Pawlenty thinks that “traditional marriage” should of course be elevated above same-sex marriage. More of that Christianist ignorant nonsense from the Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade.

Video – Code Pink Protestor Glitter-Bombs GOP Pres Hopeful Tim Pawlety In San Francisco

Tim Pawlety got a much deserved welcome from a two Code Pink protestor at his “Courage to Stand” book signing in San Francisco who glitter-bombed Pawlety while shouting “”Where’s your courage to stand for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights, Tim Pawlenty? Welcome to San Francisco. Home of gay hero Harvey Milk!”

Now thats what we’re talkin about kids.  Stand up and push back. Make a statement.  Any statement.

As silly as it seemd to some of you out there even something like this makes them realize that we are becoming fed up and we are just going to push back more and more.  Basically we need to scare the shit out of them

These two women are HEROES in my book.

Video – Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman’s Choice, Anti-Human Tim Pawlety Officially Announces 2012 Presidential Run

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlety, anti-union, anti-women’s right to choose, creationist, misogynist, and right wing evangelical homophobe who wants to halt the DADT repeal and once stated that transgendered persons, are hell bent on “confusing”  elementary school children and that “Marriage should be elevated in our society at a special level. I don’t think all domestic relationships are the equivalent of traditional marriage. Early on we decided as a country and as a state that there was value in a man and a woman being married in terms of impact on children and the like, and we want to encourage that.” has announced he is running for President in 2012!

And the hits keep on coming!

Tim Pawlenty Minnesota Governor and Presidential Hopeful Panders To American Family Association Hate Group (Audio)

It seems that Minnesota Governor and potential presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty will leave no rock uncrawled under to reach his GOP Right Wing Extremist Christomaniac base. 

Pawlenty recently appeared on the SLPC Hate Group recognized American Family Association’s radio program with Bryan Fischer pandering to it’s gay hating extremist. 

For Pawlenty to appear on the AFA program with Fischer who in the past has said “we should impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse.” and  that “gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism.” and then Pawlenty talking about his anti-gay agenda should be looked at the same as a political candidate appearing at a KKK rally and talking about “white power”.

Pawlenty is nothing more than hateful homophobe and should be taken to task for his hateful homophobic rhetoric, words, pandering,  and associations

Grandmother Boycotts Target, Returns Purchases and Cuts Up Credit Card In Protest Of Targets Donation To Anti-Gay Politicial Group (Video)

The  Target Corporation last week donated  $150,000 to Minnesota Forward, a group staffed by former insiders from outgoing anti-gay Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s administration. MN Forward is running TV ads .supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota governor.

Targets Chief Executive Officer Gregg Steinhafel assured employees at the company’s Minneapolis headquarters in an e-mail that  the company doesn’t have a social agenda or necessarily agree with all the positions of candidates it supports. “Let me be very clear,” he said, “Target’s support of the GLBT community is unwavering, and inclusiveness remains a core value of our company.”

Well thst snow job was NOT good enough for Grandmother, and Mother to a gay son Randi Reitan who shops at Target but won’t anymore because of its anti-gay donation to Minnesota Forward PAC.  But thats not all Randi did,.  She took her protest to the store, bought and returned purchases, and cut up her Target credit Card in front of the staff and Manager.

“They’ve lost that $226.32. And they’ve lost every purchase from my family. What’s important in life is people. I love the people in my life. I love them more than anything I could buy at this store. I’m going to boycott Target until they make this right.”

I LOVE THIS WOMAN!.  I wish that she was my Mom.

Homo Say What? – Inhuman Bigoted Minnesota Republican Govenor Tim Pawlenty Vows To Veto Burial Rights For Gay Couples

What a despicible and disgusting asshat douchenozzle thing this man is.

Pawlenty said Wednesday that he would veto a bill aimed at giving same-sex partners the same end-of-life rights as married couples, saying the bill was unnecessary and would “stoke up a political controversy on a hot-button issue.”

Between this shithead and Michele Bachmann, the people of Minnesota should truly be ashamed of themselves.

Also, Pawlenty announced earlier this year that he won’t be seeking a third term as Minnesota governor. Many expect that he will run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Thats just all we need……