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Patti LuPone Bashes the GOP Christian Right "No different from the Taliban" on 'The View'

Patti LuPone Bashes the GOP Christian Right “No different from the Taliban” on ‘The View’

“I could cry… I don’t know why he’s doing this,” an emotional LuPone said in response to a question from co-host Ana Navarro about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the LGBT community. “I don’t know, I mean I’ve said this before and I’m going to get in trouble. I’ve said this before, and it’s been in print. I don’t know what the difference between our Christian Right and the Taliban is. I have no idea what the difference is. What’s happening in this country right now in the name of religion is so dangerous.
It’s not this country. It’s not America When I was growing up, I didn’t know America was an experiment. They never said America was an experiment when we were growing up. It was a democracy. And now it’s in such danger. It’s so upsetting. It’s upsetting to hear the loudest voices and not any kind of pushback to the loudest voices that are the extremity in this country.
Patti lupone – The view

Actress, phenom, and LGBT ally Patti LuPone declared that she doesn’t know the difference between “our Christian Right and the Taliban” during an appearance on “The View” on Tuesday. 

Patti being Patti, she had some choice words former president Donald Trump and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, during the segment as well when asked rabout her eaction to the recent criminal charges filed against Trump.

It’s not enough. It’s just not enough. I want Fani Willis, and I want Jack Smith, I want anybody else indicting him to indict him now so I can get over my PTSD,” she said as the show’s audio cut out, apparently as she used obscenities that ran afoul of network TV’s language rule.
Jim Jordan, go home to your own district. I just want to say, New York’s murder rate in 2022 was 5.2% per 100,000 people, nearly three times lower than Columbus, Ohio. So go home, Jim Jordan. Stop picking a fight. Do the job you were hired for. Get out of New York!”

All hail The Diva Extraordinaire!

The View’s Sherri Shepherd: I’m Not A Judgmental Bigot Because I Believe Gays Are Going To Hell

Sherri Sheperd Judgemental Bitch

“I think people don’t know my heart. I think people feel I’m very judgmental. I think people feel I’m very homophobic. If they knew me, and knew my heart. … You grow up being a Christian and you grow up believing homosexuality is a sin; you’re going to hell if you’re a homosexual. This is something that they teach in churches. So it’s something that I grew up believing.”

“I might not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you. You may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me … I don’t say it’s a choice.  If you tell me, ‘Sherri, I was born gay.’ OK. I’m not gonna argue with you, because I can’t tell you how you feel and what’s going on inside. I’m trying to make it into heaven by the skin of my teeth … I don’t know who I’m gonna see. So if you tell me you’re born [gay], I’m not gonna argue with you. And I absolutely respect you for that. I just ask that people respect how I feel, [I] respect how you feel and we can have a great dialogue.” – The View co-host and actress Sherri Shepherd  in a recent interview with Fusion host Alicia Menendez.

Sheperd asks that gay people respect how she feels.  Isn’t that interesting? She asks that I respect that she feels that we going to hell, that we are less than deserving of what she believes she is, and then goes on to insist she isn’t judgmental. Sorry, but when you insist that someone is going to hell, that is the very definition of judgmental, and if you think of gay people as “sinners” and not as “humans” then that is the very definition of anti-gay.

Go sell your special brand of stupid somewhere else Shepherd.  And I hope that Whoopi and Joy jump your fat divorced sinner ass over this.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Canned from ‘The View’ Because of Her Unlikeable Right Wing Extremism

Hasslebeck fired from The View

Well it looks like  Joy Behar, isn’t the only lady leaving The View.

US Weekly reports that Elisabeth Hasseldreck Hasselbeck has been let go because her extremist right-wing ways were causing viewers to tune out and not watch the show.

According to the source, the show’s resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn’t popular with TV audiences.

“The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing,” the insider tells Us. “People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth, so they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed.”

When reached for comment, a rep for the show told Us in a statement: “Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract.”

We shall see.  We shall see.

Brooke Shields is rumored to be joining the table as Behar’s replacement.


The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Loves Her Some Mitt Romney, Warns of ‘Dependence Day’ Holiday

The ladies of The View went to town on Mitt Romney ‘s amazingly insensitive and disgusting “47 percent’ video.

Well all of them except resident Repub-bo Elizabeth “I was on a reality show and married rich” Hasselbeck who must have been up all night to think up her quote of “I also think there’s a general feeling that with more and more people becoming  dependent on government that by next July we could perhaps be celebrating  “Dependence Day” and not “Independence Day” in this nation.”

The ladies were not amused.  Even Baba!

Hermain Cain: “Being Gay IS A Choice, Show Me The Science That Says Otherwise”

Herman Cain appeared on The View this morning and imposed on his beliefs about homosexuality on the girls.

Cain confirmed that he would bring back Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and “Yes,” he believes being gay is a choice. Which DID NOT go well with the ladies.  Even Elisabeth Hasslebeck gave Cain a look of unbelievable bewilderment.

BEHAR: To think that gay is a choice, I don’t know how to respond to that. I mean, don’t think anybody in this world wants to be gay considering all the vilification that is brought upon someone who is gay. Why would you choose that?

CAIN: Well, you show me the science that it’s not and I’ll be persuaded. Right now it’s my opinion against the opinions of others who feel differently. That’s just a difference of opinions

*Many thanks to Think Progress LGBT for breaking the story.

Video – Elisabeth Hasselbeck Attempts To Defend Anti-Gay Bigot David Tyree On ‘The View’

From Izzoiz.com

Hassel-Crack apparently spoke with Tyree this morning before the show, obviously so she can get on TV and defend his bigoted and discriminatory hate speech. She basically blew sunshine up his ass and almost hemorrhaged trying to convince everyone what her wonderful person he is and how he stands up for his convictions even if it’s not the popular choice. She then has the effin nerve (with her immature desperateness she is so known for) to justify Tyree’s statements by saying that even our president doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. Note to dumbass Lizzy, Obama refused to defend DOMA, leaving it in the ever so greedy eager hands of your “people” to continue the fight to keep discrimination alive and well in this country. Also Obama embraces gay parenting as we well know

The Ladies From "The View" Fight Back Against Catholic League President Bill Donohue

Whoopi, Joy, Sherru and even Hassledreck fight back against anti-gay, anti-abotion, child molesting priest protector Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League.

Its so nice to see all four of them agree on something.  Especially since its Donohue being a total douchebag.

Kathy Griffin Takes On Elisabeth Hasselbeck: ‘Bring It’ (Beeeyatch!) – (Video)

Accused by Elisabeth Hasselbitch  Hasslebeck of going on The View and saying “untrue” and “unfunny things, La Diva Kathy Griffin responded: “This moment is what I live for, so bring it.”  Now you know she wanted to add “beeyatch” to the end of that sentence but she’s been banned and unbanned from “The View” so many times she was probably trying to be good.  Hah!

Now you  KNOW Kathy is going to work THIS into her next act.