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Titanic 2: Kentucky Withdraws $18 Million In Tax Breaks From Ken Hams Noah’s Ark Theme Park



The state of Kentucky has come to its senses and  withdrawn its offer of tax breaks to Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis’ creationist religious-themed park that would feature a 500-foot-long wooden ark.

Tourism Secretary Bob Stewart says the planned project had evolved from a tourism attraction into an outreach for the Christian ministry that is building it. Stewart wrote in a letter Wednesday to the group’s lawyer that “state tourism tax incentives cannot be used to fund religious indoctrination.”

He said the group was no longer honoring its pledge to not discriminate in hiring for the ark park.

AIG  has dismissed non-discrimination policies and has insisted the theme park be staffed with people who agree with their statement of faith.

The long-planned Ark Encounter attraction is being built by a nonprofit subsidiary of Answers in Genesis, the Kentucky-based Christian ministry that operates the popular and controversial Creation Museum.

AIG spokesperson Mark Looy states that If the ark park does not get the rebate, it would be a huge financial loss.

The ark project got preliminary approval in July for up to $18 million in tax rebates which would allow them to receive up to 25% of their initial investment in 10-years.

Recently the Creation Museum a erected a 10-foot by 36-foot billboard in Lexington that reads, “To all of our intolerant liberal friends thank God you can’t sink this ship.”

They should have learned from the Titantic.