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DNC Bows To GOP and the Religious Right Inserts “God” Into Platform, Creates Riff Among Delegates

After complaints from the GOP and the Right Wing Christian extremist that the Democratic National Committee 2012 Platform did not contain the word “GOD” or a clear statement about American policy towards Israel and Jerusalem.  The DNC yesterday scrambled and  made the unprecedented move at the Convention in Charlotte to suspend the rules to take a vote and add an amendment to the current platform which was voted and passed by delegates on Tuesday to include both.

And to make matters even worse after taking the vote 3 times and not getting clear 2/3rds vote the DNC chairman still passed the amendment to the horror of many of the DNC delegates

After a brilliant first day of the convention this was a  disgraceful display by the Democratic party. The DNC just showed the world that Democracy can be overruled by religious oppression and foreign policy dictated by religious extremist.