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Happy Labor Day Weekend! – Brought to you by: John Raitt, Doris Day and the Cast of The Pajama Game (1957)

And now we take you back to an easier and simpler time when businesses would actually have Labor Day Picnics, Christmas parties and the almost now extinct and ever elusive Holiday/Year End Bonus for their workers.

Enjoy the nostalgia and the handsome John Raitt.!

Musical Monday Labor Day Special – The Pajama Game (1954) Score by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

The Pajama Game is a musical based on the novel 7½ Cents by Richard Bissell and featuring  a score by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.  The story deals with labor troubles in the Sleeptite Pajama factory, where workers demands for a seven-and-a-half cents raise are going unheeded.  In the midst of this ordeal, love blossoms between Babe, the union grievance committee head, and Sid, the new factory superintendent.

The original Broadway production opened on May 13, 1954, and ran for 1,063 performances and was directed by  Jerome Robbins and featured choreography by Bob Fosse.  The original cast included John Raitt, Janis Paige, Eddie Foy, Jr., Carol Haney, and Stanley Prager.

The film version  which was released in 1957 and featured the original stage cast except for Janis Paige, who was replaced by Doris Day.  Rumors circulated that paige was replaced by Day because she was “too butch” for the big screen.

Doris Day and Company at the Union Meeting
John Raitt and the fabulous Carol Hainey at Hernando’s Hideaway
The Company Picnic

HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYBODY!  “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”