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The New Republic, SLAMS Obama’s Position On Gay Marriage and Gay Rights, Calling It A "Disgrace"

Richard Just, executive editor of The New Republic, slams Obama’s position on gay marriage calling it “about the most cynical gesture you can imagine from an allegedly liberal leader,” and the message it sends: that “Obama knows a lot of people still aren’t completely comfortable admitting gays and lesbians as full participants in American life, and that this is OK because he isn’t either.

Obama argues that he is against gay marriage while also opposing efforts like Prop 8 that would ban it. He justifies this by saying that state constitutions should not be used to reduce rights. (His exact words: “I am not in favor of gay marriage, but when you’re playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that that is not what America is about.”)

Obama appears to be saying that it is fine to prohibit gay people from getting married, as long as the vehicle for doing so is not a constitution. Presumably, then, he supports the numerous states that have banned same-sex marriage through other means, without resorting to a constitutional amendment? If so, he might be the only person in the country to occupy this narrow, and frankly absurd, slice of intellectual terrain. Obama has also said he favors civil unions rather than gay marriage because the question of where and how to apply the label “marriage” is a religious one. This argument makes even less sense than his stance on state constitutions, since marriage, for better or for worse, is very much a government matter.

Obama and those around him seem unaware that all of this is a problem; a look at some of the lessons from Wilson’s experience might help to clarify why they ought to reconsider. The first lesson is that history does not look kindly on this type of presidential conduct

Just is 100 percent correct and wht we stand for it and why some of us make excuses for Obama’s behavior is mindboggling.  At another board there are comments like “LGBT equality issues aside, who among us would have preferred the alternative in November 2008? Yes the pace of change for our rights is slower than we’d like but consider the bigger picture” or this one “If he supported it publicly, there’s no way he would be elected again in 2012. That’s just a fact”

For those excuse makinbg “Auntie Toms” .  Here’s some news for you.  One of the reasons we are treated the way we are is because we buy into the “it will only be worse if they get elected.” We then vote for them and they do nothing and we sit back and wait, and wait, and make excuses for them and DO NOTHING. And you are just as bad as Obama and the Democrats when it comes to harming our cause.

Gee though, I wonder what Obama  would have done  if he was President when it came to desegregating the public schools and other public facilities. Or giving women the right to vote. Would he go out on a limb for those sorts of causes>