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May 21st "Rapture" Predictor Harold Camping Speaks: Whoooopsie! But Gay Pride Points To The End Times!

HFraud, charlatan and plain ole whack-a-doodle Harold Camping, the California preacher who via his Christian Family Radio stations had convinced a few thousand followers that the Rapture would happen on May 21, finally came out of hiding and spoke about his failed prediction on his Open Forum call-in show.

Here are some the questions he recieved and his answers.

05/23/2011 9:03 PM Camping says World Will Still End Oct. 21
“On May 21 this last weekend…God again brought Judgment on the world…We didn’t feel any difference,
he says, “but we know that God brought Judgment” on the world. “The whole world is under Judgment.”

05/23/2011 9:04 PM “The World Has Been Warned. My Has It Been Warned!” says Camping
Camping says there will be no more billboards or street preaching, but the world is still ending Oct. 21.

05/23/2011 9:12 PM Will Camping Give Donors Money Back or Help Them Out?
“It is true that a few people have” quit jobs or depleted life savings to donate to Family Radio or spread his Judgment Day message, Camping says, but he says he never told people to do that.

“There are people who for example that have given up their jobs…to work for Family Radio, given their time, and they do because they love the Lord.”

05/23/2011 9:33 PM Reporter asks Camping: Will He Apologize for Being Wrong?

“I have never said I’m infallible,” says Camping. He says God is never wrong, pointing to “the signs he has given such as gay pride that we are on the threshold of judgment or a fantastic increase in wickedness.”

“There isn’t any student of the Bible who can’t say ‘You know, I have made a mistake.’

REPENT THE END IS (STILL) FEAR!  And will now happen in Oct!  Go to Camping little sheeple to be fleeced

Personally, I’m waiting for “The Capture” (when they arrest Camping and sue him and his radio station for every penny they stole)

Source:  Huffington Post

Breaking News – ONE Person "Raptured" On May 21st – Doomsday Phrophet Harold Camping Missing

Harold Camping, president of Family Radio,  multimillionaire, and doomsday prophet seems to be the only person to have been “raptured”  as the hours tick past and signs of an apocalypse are nowhere to be found. And neither can be Camping.

Reuters reports Family Radio has been airing “recorded church music, devotionals and life advice unrelated to the apocalypse” throughout yesterday with site service being spotty at best due to site traffic and today the station so far seems to be quiet.  The Oakland, California, headquarters of the network of 66 U.S. stations was shuttered with a sign in the door that read “This Office is Closed. Sorry we missed you

So where is Camping?  Has the “multi-millionaire” absconded with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that he collected fooling the gullible into believing that the “rapture” would happen?  Or is there something  darker and more sinister afoot. 

Who knows.  But if Camping does ever come out of hiding, like Ricky says to Lucy:  “Lucy you have a lot of ‘splaining to do!”

Massachusettes Bay Transit Authority Allows "May 21st Judgement Day" Adverts On Buses

The Massachusettes Bay Transit Authority has always been hard up for cash.  But are they so hard up that they need to sell ad space to crazy Christomaniac’s who are declaring that May 21st will be the day of the “Rapture”?

And our survey says YES!

Recently the MBTA have displayed several billboards that say, “Judgement Day May 21…Cry Mightily Unto God…The Bible Guarantees it.”  The “Judgement Day” movement is led by a man named Harold Camping who runs the evangelical Family Radio Worldwide who claims that “the earth will be destroyed due to mankind’s sins and all Christian believers will ascend to heaven.”  Of course Camping’s soon to be “kool-aid drinking” group also seems to have some ideas about homosexuality. One Boston resident found this offensive message on the Family Radio website after seeing the billboards: “Gay Pride: Sign of the End.” One angered Bostonian tweeted at the MBTA GM: “Do you have any standards for your advertisers?”

And our survey says NO!

Ah the MBTA.  The first Mass Transit System in America.  And still the worst!

Anti-Gay Christomaniac "Left Behind" Author Tim LaHaye: "The Japan Earthquake Is The Beginning Of The End Of Times."

 Pastor Tim LaHaye, author of the best selling “Christian” Left Behind series of books that follows a group of “not saved” survivors who were left behind during the rapture who come to see the light and fight the Anti-Christ during the “end times”.  LaHaye who couldn’t pass up an opportunity to boost his book sales states that Japan’s earthquake and tsunami is the beginning of the end. of the end.

“The Bible tells us in Matthew 24 that one of the signs of the last days – one of the birth pangs to occur – is an increase in earthquake activity and intensity. We’re seeing that happen here. It’s not just earthquakes, but hurricanes and all kinds of natural disasters. Indeed, in Matthew 24:4-14, Jesus tells His disciples in response to questions about His second coming and the end of the age.”

I was just waiting for a Christomaniac wingnut to say something  this, or that we gays caused it.

Tim LaHaye is a charlatan of the worst variety.  Superstition rules his flock and reality is an unwelcome guest.

Ironicaly, yesterday LaHaye was vacationing with his wife in Hawaii yesterday.  During the tsunami warnings they were evacuated to the top floor of his hotel, where he saud he “felt safe”.

 LaHaye has written 16 BOOKS about the glory of the “rapture”  What were you so afraid of Timmy?

For those of you who didn’t know. (Because I didn’t)  Before LaHaye found his “cash cow” in the Left Behind series. LaHaye wrote  The Unhappy Gays, a 1978 opus (now, apparently, out of print) about the evils of homosexuality  using his loony fixation on the four-temperament theory of psychology, which is about as scientific as the zodiac.

Read more about LaHayes 1978 anti-gay book over at BOOKSLUT

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