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Gay Artist Spotlight: Music – “Don’t Wait” by Joey Graceffa

Once Upon A Time………



Joey Graceffa is an American actor, author, and YouTube personality from Marlborough, Massachusetts. He runs the YouTube channels JoeyGraceffa and Joey Graceffa (Gaming Channel) with approximately 4.6 million and 1.1 million subscribers respectively.

Graceffa who is openly gay (and cute as a button) appeared on seasons 22 and 24 of The Amazing Race.

Support LGBT artists.

Cowboy Cord McCoy Called Amazing Race Winner Jordan Pious A "Fag"

Oh here’s a shock a redneck cowboy who hurls anti-gay slurs.

The Amazing Race finale is over and despite CBS publicists’ pathetic efforts to get the players not to talk about things outside of the lame, noncontroversial stuff (“Let’s talk about their strategic play on the show”), Jordan Pious, the gay Rhode Island man and his brother Dan, who won The Amazing Race told Reality TV World that cowboy Jet has a problem with gay people. (Cowboy brothers Jet and Cord Mccoy came in second)

From Reality Blurred:
*Cue Brokeback Mountain music*

Dan said, “Jet hates gays, yeah,” and Jordan said that “he made comments about Carol and Brandy (Lesbian Team)  on the show.” Dan added that “Jet called Jordan a ‘fag’ Saturday night for absolutely no reason and Jordan just said hello to him, so there was something on the Race and I guess, in all fairness, there’s some stuff that isn’t shown and I think it’s an important thing to get out. Because I don’t think there’s any doubt that certain things happened and it all plays a part in everyone’s reaction. … I think there’s some animosity but it really goes one-way.”

As far as CBS trying to keep it quiet it´s not really all that shocking. CBS tried all season to make Cowboys the favorites who are always perfect and in the last epspecially CBS went out of it’s way to make Dan and Jordan into “the villians” for no reason.

Amazing Race’s Lesbian Couple Carol and Brandy: Miss Teen America Contestant Caite Upton "Very Clearly Had a Problem with Us As Lesbians"

Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow

Miss Teen America Contestant Caite Upton and Brent Horne seemed to have it out for lesbian couple Carol Rosenfeld, 47, and Brandy Snow, 40, from the beginning of The Amazing Race this season — which was news to Carol and Brandy. “We both had separate conversations with her and Caite talked about [her infamous answer at Miss Teen USA 2007] and how she overcame it. I remember specifically saying, ‘Good for you,’ so to find out how much she hated us was a complete shock,” Carol tells TVGuide.com. The models’ self-described hatred culminated in them U-Turning Carol and Brandy in Sunday’s episode, leading to their anger-filled elimination.

Brandy:  “In a common-sense world, strategy dictates, you know, “take the stronger team out.” They didn’t do that. I had no idea how personal it was. We never really had any negative interactions with Caite or Brent. We didn’t seek out a friendship with them, but we also didn’t have an opportunity to race alongside them except in Malaysia when they passed us on the stairs. When they did that, you didn’t see us pissed. I actually told Caite that she did a kick-ass job. Just like how I said to Mike, “You’re a rock star.” We both were very complimentary and supportive of the other racers. To watch the name-calling and hatred unfold has been an emotional rollercoaster. It’s also surprising because you don’t know it’s happening until you watch it. You know, them calling us “the mean lesbians.”

Carol:  I don’t want to go to the point where I say she’s homophobic because that’s a pretty severe indictment of somebody. I don’t know. People will have to be the judge of that, but you watch it and you don’t know this is going on, and you like to think that in this day and age, people of a much younger generation would be a little more open-minded. It is what it is. She was clearly obsessed with beating and eliminating us. I think she very clearly had a problem with us as lesbians, not with us as individuals because she never individually indicts one of us as having done anything specifically wrong to them.

Caite Upton Dumb As A Stick AND Homophobic?