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NYC Residents Life Expectancy Drops 4.5 Years Due to COVID

Losing an hour every spring wasn’t enough?

Via The Gothamist:

The COVID-19 pandemic shortened average life expectancy for New Yorkers by more than four years, hitting the city’s minority populations hardest, according to a report released on Friday.
The study by the city’s health department looked at trends in births and deaths in New York City during 2020, the year when COVID-19 arrived. The analysis found that from 2019 to 2020, life expectancy in New York City fell to 78 years — a staggering 4.6 year drop.
The mortality rate in 2020 was 241.3 deaths per 100,000 New Yorkers, according to the health department. A rise in unintentional drug overdoses also played a role in the 42.2% increase in deaths in 2020 over the year before.

Population density surely has something to do with it. And let’s not forget the 2nd largest mass murderer in history next to Adolph Hitler. Donald Trump whose inaction and stupidity caused hundreds of thousands or useless deaths.