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Kazakhstan Lawmakers Work To Ban Gay ‘Propaganda: “We have stooped so low that LGBTs no longer hide their orientation”

anti-gay sign

A Kazakhstan, group of social activists have petitioned to legally ban gay “propaganda” in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

The activists urged the Parliament to introduce changes into the country’s legislation to ban gay “propaganda” and prohibit the people known to be gay from holding public offices and serving in the Kazakh army.

The lawmakers are now working on a new version of the Marriage and Family Code that already bans people known to be gay from adopting children. This is where the anti-gay changes are expected to appear soon.

The legal ban is highly called for, according to Bolashak’s leader Dauren Babamuratov, because the Kazakh society has been experiencing a lot of pressure from its gay members over the past several years.

“We have stooped so low that LGBTs no longer hide their orientation. One can see a lot of people in the city’s malls and other public places — these are young people in coloured pants. This means they no longer hide their (sexual) orientation. I think it is very easy to identify a gay person by his or her DNA. A blood test can show the presence of degeneratism in a person,” Dauren Babamuratov, the leader of the Kazakh national movement.

But some are standing up the anti-gay faction

“There is no gay ‘propaganda’ in Kazakhstan, but there is homophobia,” Kazakh activist and journalist Zhanar Sekerbayeva spoke up against the proposed ban, adding that there were other much more pressing problems, such as corruption and unemployment, that the Kazakh Government had to be concerned about.

She called Kazakhstan not stopped following Russia and copying Putin’s imperialistic regime. Russia adopted its law banning gay “propaganda” last year.

Intolerance to LGBT is a common feature of Russia and Central Asia, and their “post traumatic” societies, she said.

“The question of gay marriage in Kazakhstan has never been on the agenda. No one has been promoting it (gay lifestyle). There have been no public speeches or gay pride parades. There is only homophobia and discrimination of women,” she said.

The “LGBT community is not an invention of the West. And they (gay people) are much more traditional than ‘traditional’ heterosexuals. LGBT people have always been there since the ancient times – Ancient Rome, Greece, it is only that the attitude towards them was different,” said the young journalist and social activist.  “I don’t see the future of my country in discrimination of gay people,” she concluded.