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Gay Teen's Mother Sues PA School District Over Son's Suicide After Relentless Bullying for Being Gay

Gay Teen’s Mother Sues PA School District Over Son’s Suicide After Relentless Bullying for Being Gay

15 year-old Zachary Kirchner committed suicide in his basement in southeastern York County on April 20, 2021 after sharing with classmates that he wanted to end his life on that day. Now his mother is suing the Red Lion School District and six of her son’s former classmates after she says they failed to stop bullying and sexual harassment that played a role in his death.

Students relentlessly bullied Zachary after he came out as gay in 8th grade and also targeted him because of his disabilities, which included autism and other disabilities and medical conditions, according to the lawsuit filed last week by his mom Hope Amspacher.

“Student defendants relentlessly harassed, belittled and broke down decedent by telling him to ‘kill yourself’” according to the lawsuit, and for Zachary to do a ‘charity’ for them by dying by suicide. The school district did not protect or properly react to complaints of bullying and instead, “further emboldened” the student harassers by punishing Zachary, the lawsuit claims.

Zachary’s brother s was witness to the bullying but school  administrators told the brother to “mind his own business,” according to the lawsuit. The district had “actual notice” of the incessant bullying due to his sexual orientation, the lawsuit said, noting that someone had scrawled “Zach K is a (slur,)” on a bathroom stall door. The large letters remained on the door even after Zachary’s death, the lawsuit said.

The students’ conduct continued even after Zachary’s death, according to the lawsuit, with one of the student defendants circulating a yearbook photo of Zachary on social media on the 1-year anniversary of his death. The photo had a piece of rope placed across his neck. The caption said: “Can’t believe 1 year, rope still ain’t break,” with a flexing arm emoji and a smiling face emoji wearing sunglasses.

You can read the entire heartbreaking story HERE

The Kids Who Bullied Jamey Rodemeyer To Death Won’t Be Criminally Prosecuted, They’ll Just Be Suspended

Two weeks ago we told you the sad news that despite the cries of public outrage from friends, family, LGBT advocates, and even Lady Gaga,  police investigating the suicide of bullied teen Jamey Rodemeyer nd the years of offensive comments he endured online and at school could not be considered criminal and that no charges would be filed against his bullies.

Now after reading the police reports,  Jamey’s school, North High School has decided to do something. 

Superintendent Scott Martzloff . “We made the determination to take disciplinary action.”

Although he would not say how many at least two students,   possibly more have been suspended which could lead to the  possibility of long-term suspensions subject to a hearing.  Unfortunately expulsion is not an option for students of this age. (Under the age of 16)

Suspended.  Thats what happens when you steal another school’s mascot.  Not push another child to take his own life. 

If I had my way both the children involved and their neglectful parents for raising such evil little bastards would be put in stocks in the public square.  But again, unfortunately thats not an option either.

And as cynical as it sounds to me this reeks as nothing more than the school trying to save face after the fact.  To make it seem like its really doing something.  But in reality its just a token show that will have no real effect.

 If Jamey were a female sexually harassed, or a black student who was racially harassed, the consequences would have been swift, severe and immediate after the first incidents happened.

There needs to be exact state laws and exact school policies regarding LGBT bullying. And the punishment must be severe enough to make these horrible LGBT teen suicides stop.

Despite Public Outcry No Charges Brought Against The Bullies Of Teen Suicide Victim Jamie Rodemeyer

Jamey Rodemeyer

After years of torment and bullying, last Septemeber 14 year old Jamie Rodemeyer  committed suicide and despite the cries of public outrage from friends, family, LGBT advocates, and even Lady Gaga,  police investigating his suicide said Tuesday that the taunting and offensive comments he endured online and at school could not be considered criminal and that no charges would be filed.

After interviewing Jamey’s family, friends and peers, uncovering five bullying episodes at Williamsville North High School and sending Jamey’s computer and cellphone to a forensics lab Chief John Askey said:  “He was exposed to stresses in every facet of his life that were beyond what should be experienced by a 14-year-old boy,”  But neither the in-school bullying episodes, one of which involved pushing and an anti-gay remark, nor “insensitive and inappropriate” online comments were found to be prosecutable, Askey said, in part because the victim is dead and unable to help prove harassment or other charges that might have been filed.

Anonymous posts on a Formspring account Jamey opened said “Kill your self!!!! You have nothing left!” and “Go kill yourself, you’re worthless, ugly and don’t have a point to live.”

The investigation did determined that three students had targeted Jamey in high school, one of whom hired a lawyer after Jamey’s death. Those students weren’t the ones commenting inappropriately in the online forums.

To frame persistent harassment and bullying and in some cases physical abuse as ‘insensiti­ve’ and ‘inappropr­iate’ reveals that the police who investigated this informatio­n have incredibly weak analytical skills and moral consciences.

To me, as harsh and draconian as this may seem, bullies who encourage their peers to end their lives like this should be held legally accountabl­e for their actions and so should their parents for not raising their children right.  If parents were even partially held responsible for the actions of their children we would have a nation of little angels walking the streets. But since we do not it’s time to start making these little sociopaths realize that thier actions have consequenc­es.

Throw them in jail, and let them feel how it is to be the ones separated and alienated from society.This sick behavior will  continue, is if schools, police and legislator­s keep treating the bullying epidemic with kid gloves.

It’s time to hold the bullying assailants responsible.  Nothing less at this point will do any good.

Gay Suicide Victim Jamey Rodemeyer’s Abusers Continue After Death, Chanting ‘We’re Glad You’re Dead’ At Homecoming Dance

There comes a point when you get so disgusted at the stories that you read and report that you literally want to stop blogging.

This is one of them.

Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide recently after years of bullying parents appeared on the TODAY show this morning and told Ann Curry that even in death Jamey’s abusers continue to torture not him now but his family and his memory.

At a homecoming dance she attended shortly after her brother’s death, a potentially poignant moment turned ugly after a song by Lady Gaga, Jamey’s favorite artist, who recently dedicated a song at a concert in his memory.

“She was having a great time, and all of a sudden a Lady Gaga song came on, and they all started chanting for Jamey, all of his friends,’’ Jamey’s mother, Tracy, told Curry. “Then the bullies that put him into this situation started chanting, ‘You’re better off dead!’ and ‘We’re glad you’re dead!’ and things like that.

“My daughter came home all upset. It was supposed to be a time for her to grieve and have fun with her friends, and it turned into bullying even after he’s gone.’

These “bullies” shouldn’t be at a dance they should be in jail.  And actually they shouldn;t be called “Bullies” at all.  They are “MURDERERS” and in a perfect world, if I had my way, they would be in rotting in jail for murder and so would their parents as accomplices for allowing their children to become so hateful and evil.

Jesus wept and so do I.

Video – 150 Of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Create The “Paws Up Forever” Project In Memory Of Jamey Rodemeyer

150 little monsters from all over the world came together to make this video and dedicated to teen suicide victim Jamey Rodemeyer with one goal.

To stop bullying/suicide all over the world..


After The Suicide Of 14 Year Old Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga Has Had Enough! Gaga To Meet With Obama Over Teen Bullying

I’ve had enough,  you’ve had enough, and Lady Gaga has had enough!

Teen bullying, especially LGBT teen bullying must stop and after the tragic suicide of gay 14-year-old teen Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga tweeted today that she’s meeting with President Obama to make this epidemic of hate that pushes our youth to kill themselves illegal.

Jaimie offered thanks to Gaga in an emotional “It Gets Better” video he recorded earlier this year in which he talked about the bullying he was enduring.

Said Jamey: “Lady Gaga, she makes me so happy. She lets me know that I was born this way, and that’s my advice to you, from her, and all you have to do is hold your head up, and you’ll go far.”

Jamey Rodemeyer, killed himself last weekend after what his parents said was years of bullying.

Tracy Rodemeyer, Jamey’s mother will bury her son in a t-shirt with a message of acceptance and defiance.

It reads simply: “Born this way.”

My heart is truly breaking.

Video – Independent Recording Artist Holly Elle’s Song For Acceptance "Freak"

I received this email today from Holly Elle an independent recording artist based out of Nashville, TN. and I’d like to share it with you.

My name is Holly Elle and I am a Canadian independent recording artist based out of Nashville, TN. I moved to the US four years ago to pursue my dream: to create music that will touch people’s lives and make a difference. Last year I became extremely disturbed by the coverage of one teen suicide after another happening right here in America. It consumed my thoughts daily, the idea that a kid could feel so alienated, so hopeless, that they felt they had to go and jump off a bridge. I awoke suddenly at 4am one night with an idea, I quickly wrote it down and the very next day took it to my brother, who is also a trusted songwriting partner. It was to be our own version of an “it gets better” message, an anthem of empowerment, some way to let these kids know that is was cool to be different… if they could just hang on.
I knew that this was a message that needed to be heard, and that the song could be a vessel though which real awareness, and therefore change, could occur. I have always believed in the power of music to move people. So I am trying to use what I do to be a part of the solution. I decided to make a video for the song to further the creative vision, something I had never done before and had no idea how to go about doing. Long story short, as with anything important that one is passionate about, I figured it out. Through a series of chance meetings and lucky breaks, combined with a lot of sheer faith and hard work, it happened. I managed to find all the right people who believed in the project so much that they worked at a discount or in some cases for free, just so we could make it happen. And I am so proud of it.
Now my job is to continue to try and spread the word of love and acceptance to all as best I can, and that was how I was lead to you. I found a list of the best and most relevant LGBT bloggers and there you were! So I would like to submit the video to you. My greatest hope is that you will love it enough to share it, but even if you only watch it once and move on, every little bit helps.
Peace, Love and FREAK!

Holly Elle

Thank you Holly.   

Your caring and all your hard work is amazing, heart touching and totally appreciated!

Minnesota 18 Year Old Commits Suicide After Years Of Anti-Gay Harassment And Bullying – Senator Al Franken Responds

Another tragedy has occurred.  Another young gay life has been lost.

18 year old  Lance Lundsten of Miltona, Minnesota took his life over the weekend after suffering extreme bullying and harassment at the hands of others for years. Lance had revealed on Facebook that he was openly gay, and some students at his high school said he was constantly bullied for his sexual orientation. students who knew Lundsten believed the bullying may have led to his suicide.

Senator Al Franken sent his condolences Monday and said he hopes a new bill could change how lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) students are treated.

“My heart goes out to Lance’s family, and friends and loved ones. It’s a tragic event, not only for them, but for the school, and the Alexandria community and really for all of us.  LGBT kids really do need (more) protection, They’re two or three times more likely than straight kids to get bullied. Nine in ten LGBT students said they’ve been bullied or harassed and almost two-thirds say they don’t feel safe in school.”

“On Martin Luther King Day … we want to celebrate the American values that have broken down barriers that prevent all citizens from having … the same opportunities to succeed … This is another barrier that still needs to be broken. We need to have more acceptance of LGBT students.” “We need to create in our schools, an atmosphere where bullying isn’t really accepted in anyone.”

Jefferson High School’s Student/Parent Handbook’s harassment policies of the school that Lance attended, prohibit verbal assaults toward a staff member or student which degrades people because of their “race, sex, religion, ethnic background, physical or mental handicaps,” along with harassment and violence in regards to sex, race or religion.  Sexual orientation is not a part of its policies.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lances family and friends and may Lance finally find peace and rest.

Palm Spings Man Richard Noble Makes A Statement Of Protest Over Teen Bullying and Suicides – We Must ALL Do Something

We are in the midst of a horrible epidemic.  An epidemic of LGBT teen suicide and violence. And while Gay Inc, and those in Government both gay and straight remain eerily silent about it bloggers and individuals have begun to up the torch to try to do something, anything to raise awareness and try to stop what is happening to LGBT youth.  Most notable has been Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” program  which has LGBT adults posting messages on YouTube to give teens hope that it will indeed get better with time.

In Palm Springs, CA  Richard Noble is also doing his part to raise awareness. Richard is protesting the bullying of gay teens and plans to sit at a city corner of at Tahquitz Canyon Way and North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs to protest bullying every day for the foreseeable future besides him was a sign saying “homophobia and bullies kill” and a photo of Asher Brown, a 13-year-old Houston boy who shot himself Sept. 23 after he was bullied by classmates who thought he was gay.

I applaud Ricahrd Nobel and I applaud Dan Savage.  This is something that we allneed to step up for and fight against.  We must all start to raise awareness, and fight back for our little brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves.  And while “Fuckwits of the Family” and others pretend that this is not an issue and that it will destroy American Family  “values” to protect gay children.  (Just how evil are they, I mean really think about it)  We must stand up for the youth.  We have to stand up to their bullies and our bullies like FOTF and others. 

We must not only give the message of hope to the young and raise awareness but we must also FIGHT BACK.  For the kids and for us.  Because as far as bullies go.  Weather they be jocks in High School, or sanctimonious hateful bigot right wing “Christomaniacs” it’s also important to stand up to them and fight. It’s old advice, but it’s true. Pick the ringleaders and give back as good as you get.

We ALL must do something about this.  (And believe me when I say it would give me GREAT PLEASURE to kick Tony Perkins; redheaded ass.