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Rush Limbaugh: Just Because You Are Intolerant of Gays Doesn’t Make You A Bigot – Audio

Rush Limnaugh gay

Rush Limbaugh (remember him) is fed up about all this gay support and being called an intolerant bigot (which he is)  for not showing support  for the newly out pro athlete. Jason Collins.

“There is no tolerance at all here,” Limbaugh said to his tea party audience of 57 and 3 sponsors on his radio show today. “Not only do these people  have to publicly announce it, everyone else has to applaud and accept it. If you wanna say you’re gay, fine, but does it have to be rammed down  everyone’s throats all the time?” Limbaugh bitched.

“I grew up in a family… where people’s sexual orientation, preferences,  whatever – weren’t even discussed,” he added. “Why can’t everyone just put your  sexual preferences on Facebook and call it a day?”

Limbaugh also complained how anyone who doesn’t openly support Collins is  labeled a “bigot,” “racist,” “extremist” or “homophobe.”

 Because you are Blanche.  YOU ARE!