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Idaho GOP House Votes To Impeach Any Federal Judge That Rules For Same-Sex Marriage, Which They Can’t.

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Friday the Republican controlled Idaho House  fo Representatives which has obviously never taken a basic civics lesson has never has nothing else to do approved a resolution calling for the impeachment of any federal judge that rules in favor of same-sex marriage

“I think somehow, someday we’ve gotta take a stand,” GOP Rep. Paul Shepherd told the House. A sixth-term state representative from Riggins who owns a sawmill and log home company, Shepherd was the author and sponsor of the measure. “You can’t say an immoral behavior according to God’s word, what we’ve all been taught since the beginning, is something that’s just, and that’s really kinda what this is all about,” he told the House. “We’d better uphold Christian morals. As an example, how about fornication, adultery and other issues.” There was bipartisan opposition, with 11 Republicans joining all 14 House Democrats in opposing HJM 4. Rep. Ken Andrus, R-Lava Hot Springs, spoke out in favor of the bill. “The thing that bothers me is that a small group of judges are ignoring the will of the people from several states,” Andrus said.

Alabama! You’ve been served! It’s a hate-off!

But honestly those Idaho House Reps have mashed potatoes for brians because any 7th grader knows that State legislatures CANNOT impeach FEDERAL judges. Any impeachment of federal official is done by congress as a result of crimes committed in office, not by what some think are unpopular decisions.

Idiots everywhere.