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Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Sean Hayes! (Of Course), Crate and Barrel Gay Wedding Couple Come In 2nd, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels Nasty Split, Whats Under That Kids Kilt, NAACP Disturbingly Silent On Gay Malawi Conviction, and Southwest Airlines REALLY Loves Your Bags…..ALOT

*  Well Sean Hayes isn’t “Too Gay” to host the Tony Awards. (But then again who is?)  Hayes will be hosting the the 64th Tony Awards on June 13, where he’s up for the Best Actor award. And while we would’ve loved to see Neil Patrick Harris take another turn, but I guess they figured out it was better to cas in on the Ramin Setoodeh ballyhoo.

*  BIG Congratulations to Gregory and Jonathan, the gay couple who has come in second (like all gays do) in Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 wedding contest. They go home not with the $100k dream wedding (that goes to a pair of breeders), but a $7,500 gift card, which isn’t to shabby. But while Gregory and Jonathan actually received the second-highest number of votes from web visitors, the couple with the most votes — Mary and Densey, who received 21,562 nods — got, uh, a $500 card, thanks to the company itself choosing the actual winners among the top finalists.  WTF?

*  Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels announced their split last month after nine years (and two twin kids) together. It was, supposedly, a mutual decision. Or at least that’s what Etheridge wanted folks to believe.  Michaels tells a different story ON. HER. BLOG!  I smell Gloria Allred and a lebian-eruption press conference in her future.

*  Alberta teen forbidden from wearing kilt at graduation. School officials are worried about a “wardrobe malfunction”.

* The NAACP has been disturbingly silent on  the gay Malawi conviction. (As it has been on most gay issues.) Now correct me if i am wrong.  The two gay men are black correct?.

*If anyone out there is unsure of exactly what George Rekers meant by “lift my luggage”, there should be no possible confusion left after watching this video. (NWSF)