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"Mary Ann in Autumn" – A Tales Of The City Book by Armistead Maupin: 2010”s Most Anticipated LGBT Novel – (28 Barbary Lane Lives!)

Mary Ann in Autumn: A Tales of the City Novel” revolves around f the main characters of the original “Tales of the City” series, Maryanne Singleton.

Now at the age of 57. Mary Ann been living as a Connecticut housewife for the past 20 years. She’s having another life crisis and has to come back to San Francisco to take care of it and renew her friendship with Michael Tolliver

Where Michael Tolliver Lives was a benediction, a book I couldn’t read three pages of without weeping, this is a hearkening back to the bad old days of the Chronicle serial, with odd, unbelievable plot twists that make a person whoop with laughter.

Truth be told I really can’t wait.  I was Michael “Mouse” Tolliver.

But then again, weren’t we all?