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What’s "Too Gay" Today? – "Haven’s" Eric Balfour Exhibitionist Extrodinaire’!, Gay Marriage Giant Cock Graph, George Michael Arrested For Pot AGAIN, and Paul Koering Gets Screwed!

* SyFy Channel’s Eric Balfour of “Haven” is far from shy when it comes to showing off his body.  Raised by nudist family Eric also claims he’s never has owned a pair of underwear.  (Swing along little doggy.  Swing along)

*  Paul Koering, the closted gay Minnesota state senator who was outed and then still who supported MN’s ban on same-sex marriage has last MN’s election and been unseated.  (HAHA Bitch.)

*  George Michael has been arrested for pot once again and also faces DUI charges. The arrest report will look nice next to his framed copy of summer’s paperwork, which details his Range Rover crash into a storefront..  Yaaaaawn.  This story is so 2006.

*  Nate Silver’s NEW chart graph for America’s support of gay marriage ironically looks like a giant COCK!

SyFy Channel’s "Caprica" Nonchalantly Includes Gay Married Couple (Video)

The new Science fiction TV series Caprica may be one of the best and most honest portrayals of a married gay couple on television to date. (Which is great because SyFy has a TERRIBLE record of LGBT character inclusion in it’s shows)

The Battlestar Galactica prequel features a character named Sam Adama (played by Sasha Roiz) who belongs to an organized crime unit. Last Friday’s episode revealed that Adama is also married and gay. The show revealed this facet of Adama’s life quite casually – highlighting the normalcy of the relationship, rather than approaching it as the central identity of the character or the crux of the storyline.