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Joe Rogan On Straight Men Who Oppose Gay Marriage: “They are some weak-ass bitches.” – Video

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan of Fear Factor took to his his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, to blast opponents of same-sex marriage, saying he “can’t believe” there are bans against gay and lesbian men getting married.

Rogan told a story about being an 11-year-old kid and watching a friend’s dad react to a story in the newspaper about gays being allowed to get married. The friend’s dad slammed down the paper:

“I was 11, and I was like, what a silly man you are. You’re a grown man and this is something that bothers and concerns you? I remember thinking as an 11-year-old boy, wow, there’s a lot of weak-ass bitches out there posing as men.”

Rogan by the way is a Libertarian.