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NAACP Holds Sit-In At AG Nominee Jeff Sessions Office: We Won’t Leave Until He Is Arrested Or He Withdraws


AL.com reports:

The president of the NAACP and the head of the group’s Mobile branch are occupying the Alabama senator’s Mobile office until he withdraws from consideration as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general or the group gets arrested. The protest at Sessions’ Mobile Senate office was among several demonstrations held statewide against Sessions’ nomination.

Sessions was the U.S. attorney in Mobile in the mid-1980s when then-President Ronald Reagan nominated him for a federal judgeship. But the nomination failed amid allegations that Sessions made racist remarks toward a colleague, said the Ku Klux Klan was “O.K.” until he learned that members smoked marijuana and that he called the NAACP and liberal organizations “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”

“As a matter of conscience, the NAACP has chosen not to remain silent on this critical matter,” Birmingham NAACP head Hezekiah Johnson said outside Sessions’ Senate office in Birmingham. “Our main concern is centered around the reality of voter suppression. We have found no evidence of his ability, past or present, to be impartial and unbiased as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, especially in the areas of civil rights, voting rights and equal protection under the law.”


The sit-in is being live-steamed on the groups FACEBOOK PAGE.  Head on over and leave a post of support.

Mike Pence’s New Washington DC Neighbors Hang Rainbow PRIDE Flags In Show Of LGBT Support

Mike Pence's New DC Neighbors Hang Rainbow PRIDE Flags In Show Of LGBT Support


Washington DC’s ABC affiliate reports:

Christmas decorations are popping up left and right, but one street in NW Washington has a different kind of decoration this season—rainbow flags. “A respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking,” said Ilse Heintzen.

The ‘he’ Heintzen is referring to is Vice-President Elect Mike Pence. Pence moved into a house on Heintzen’s block where he will stay on-and-off until he moves into the Vice-President’s mansion on the grounds of the Naval Observatory next year.

Neighbors started hanging the pride flags after the VP-Elect moved in because the LGBTQ community has criticized Pence’s policies regarding LGBTQ rights. Heintzen has gay and lesbian friends, so when one neighbor suggested ordering a pride flag, she and others asked for their own.

“I have no idea what [the Vice-President Elect] will think about, but I hope he will change his mind.” There are roughly a half-dozen pride flags hanging on the block, and more are on the way. “This is one way that I can show my disagreement,” said Heintzen.

Over 100,000 People Attend Indiana Pride To Show Support After Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Indiana gay


More than 100,000 people were estimated to have attended Saturday’s Indiana Pride March and Festival in Indianapolis to show their support just months after the Republican-dominated state legislature passed, and Gov. Mike Pence, signed, a religious exceptions law that  would allow business owners to refuse service to gay couples on religious grounds. The law, officially called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

If you would have told me that it would ever be this big, I would have laughed out loud,” longtime attendee Amber Maynard said.

The days after Mr. Pence signed the religious exceptions law are recalled in gay circles here with dread.  But the LGBT community and it’s allies across the country stood up for what was right with boycotts and major businesses and conventions including Angie’s List threatening to pull out of the state.

“We hate that we had to go through that,” said Chris Morehead, president of Indy Pride Inc., a local gay rights group that organized this week’s events. “But on the back side of it,

Mr. Morehead said new corporate sponsors signed on for this year’s pride festivities, and many straight people became more vocal in their support for gay rights. Even Gov. Pence, who has said that he abhors discrimination and that the intent of the religious exceptions law was misunderstood, *snort* wrote a brief letter welcoming pride week attendees to Indiana. (In which Pence never mention L. G, B, or T of course.)

“Indiana is a strict, Republican, old-school, man-woman-children” place, said transgender activist  Andrea  Lacy, who has lived in the state her whole life. “Everything that is not of the norm is always not talked about, it’s pushed to the side, and we have to fight for it.”

And fight we did.

Happy PRIDE Indiana!

Website “Holiday Mom” Sends Messages of Love and Support To LGBT Youth and Adults During The Holiday Season

Holiday moms


A new website called “Your Holiday Mom ” has been launched to give LGBT youth and adults a virtual family to spend the holidays with — in addition to lots of love and support. Because no one should feel alone or unloved during the holidays. The site posts a new letter every day leading up to Christmas, and this year has 40 mothers participating.

“We are just family members who care and have created a way to show it during the often emotionally difficult holiday season,” writes Your Holiday Mom founder Robin Rice, who lost her brother to suicide thirty years ago because he feared he was gay. “Isn’t that what the season is supposed to be about—family, caring, and people coming together?” Rice writes. “We may have to do it in cyberspace, but we can still make a difference in someone’s life.”

On the site, the moms describe their own family holiday traditions, their children, and their family, seeking to make the readers feel included in the holiday fun and sending messages of love and acceptance.

Holiday Mom Sandi, whose family celebrates both Christmas and Hannukah, writes, “Know that although I don’t know you – that I do know you and am there for you. … Now please pass the potato latkes!”

“I’m here to tell you that you are amazing,” writes Holiday Mom Jennifer. “You are courageous. You are exactly who you are supposed to be.  If anyone believes otherwise, well then they are missing out on knowing how incredible you are.”

A beautiful and loving website that is guaranteed to restore your faith in man/womankind.

WARNING:  Bring plenty of Kleenex

Source: Bustle.com

Gaymers Unite! Gaymer Con coming Next August!

To all the gay geek extraordinaire out there make sure you mark your calendars next August as organizers have something great in mind for you. Next year  twill be hosing a convention that  will be the “the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBT geek culture.”

GaymerCon Kickstarter that invites diversity for the LGBT community to express our ideals freely. Director of the GaynerCon Kixkstarter Jack DeVriesGamers come in all sizes, genders, races and sexual identities.”We want to show the world that we are here. We want people to be able to open up and be themselves and have that be OK.”

The organizers wanted to create an environment in which LGBT would feel safe to explore their love of all thing gaming without the bullying and name calling commonly found in other gaming conventions. The project needed at least 25000  start up captiol and  have already succedded that after four days with the current tally being over 39000.

The response has been mostly accepting but there are a few that fear that this GaymerCOn could create division amongst the gaming community. What these critics fail to realize is that this division they’re trying to avoid already exists.

A not too bright commented on the upcoming GaymerCon on VentureBeat said, “Why do gay people need their own gaming convention?? Are normal gaming conventions not good enough? … Do we need hetero and polygamy gamecons now? How bout for swingers? … My point is why do we need extra specialized gaming conventions for a particular subgroup,” This dimwit fails to realize that there are a. already a plethora of gaming conventions that glorify heterosexuality and condemn LGBT.

Who the hell wants to be harassed when all they weant to do is have a good time? This isn’t about exclusion, it’s about recognizing a group of people that are constantly shunned have support. And EVERYONE is welcome.

The destination pf the convention will depend on the most convenient place for those attending and will be set some time after the fundraiser. If you’d like to further expand this project you can donate here.

Video – “Hunger Games” Star Josh Hutcherson Stands Up For Gay – Straight Alliances

20 year old actor Josh Hutcherson has come along way from his Union, Kentucky roots.

Hutcherson who has starred in adaptations of Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth , and is set to portray Robert in the Red Dawn remake and Peeta Mellark in the upcoming 2012 film The Hunger Games recently made another video.  One in which he sits down with founder of the Straight But Not Narrow campaign, Avan Jogia of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and its  members to discuss the importance of straight allies.

Video – Fox’s Megyn Kelly Doubles Down and Takes On Bill O’Reilly In Defense Of Chaz Bono

FOX News Megyn Kelly who last week took down Dr. Kieth Ablow after he posted hateful lies and rhetoric about Chaz Bono’s upcoming appearance on Dancing With The Stars appeared on Bill O’Reilly once again to speak out against the dangers of such hateful rhetoric and defend the transgendered community

I never thought I’d be sayint this to anyone on the FOX News staff but THANK YOU Megyn Kelly

American Family Association Hate Group Makes "Thank You For Hating The Homo’s" Cards For Chick-fil-A

Officially recognized anti-gay hate group The American Family Association wants to have a Hatemark Moment with Dan Cathy and his under religious chicken sandwiches at Chik-fil-A.

In response to the holy rollers of their “BUYcott” of Chick-Fil-A where so called “Christians” across the country will specifically buy Chick-fil-A products to help back its anti-gay agenda the AFA has gonr a step further and wants its members to hand-deliver the above “Thank you for hating the hating the homo’s” card to restaurant staffers.

If this was the 80’s the whole “Eat More Chicken” thing would truly be hysterical, especially if George Rekkers were involved.

Via: Good As You

I’m With Dan Savage!: – "HRC, Lambda Legal, NCLR, NGLT — needs to step up and provides ["rentboy"] Jo-Vanni Roman (Lucien) with the lawyer and the advisors he needs."

Clear thinker, Sex advice columnist and all-around positive influence Dan Savage hit the nail on the head today and shined a light on an important subplot in this ordeal, overlooked by those too transfixed by the salacious and damning info about Rekers. In a post entitled “Let’s Not Chew This One Up and Spit Him Out,” Savage implores that we “demand that one of the big gay orgs–HRC, Lambda Legal, NCLR–steps up and provides [“rentboy”] Jo-Vanni Roman (Lucien) with the lawyer and the advisors he needs.”

Let’s not treat this kid, who is just 20, like he’s done something wrong, or like he’s an embarrassment to the gay rights movement because–gasp–he was doing sex work, as has been reported, to pay his college tuition. This kind of hypocrisy–Haggard’s kind, Craig’s kind, Rekers’ kind–needs to be exposed. And it’s likelier to be exposed if the people who bring it to light aren’t treated like pariahs and are instead offered real and tangible support.

I am SO with Dan on this one.  (Actually I’d like to be ON Dan but he is married after all)

Remember Mike Jones?  The escort who came forward to spill the beans on his liason’s with Ted Haggard?  Some in the communitywere not exactly kind to Jones and concentrated on his profession instead of the bravery and aacyual great deed that he did by coming forward and exposing Haggard.

Let’s not let that happen again.