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Tim Tebow Loses Sponsors Over Focus On The Family Super Bowl Ad……….GOOD!

Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Focus on the Family’s resident beefcake pro athlete Tim Tebow appeared at a sold-out event at Nashville’s Lipscombe University over the weekend, and one of the things he discussed was the losing sponsors over the anti abortion Super Bowl ad he did.

The Palm Beach Post:
Poor Timmy.  He’s playing the victim card, which the type of Christian he is always do. Someone casll the whaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

Tebow’s speech revolved around the way Tebow said he lives his life: Be willing to stand alone and to stand for something; to live life with passion; and to finish strong, which was the Gators’ motto for the 2009 season. As to his first tenet, standing for what he believes in, Tebow told the crowd that multiple companies told him before the Super Bowl that they could not let him represent their products if he went ahead with his pro-life commercial at the Super Bowl. But Tebow said losing sponsors was a small price to pay for the ability to spread his message about family and faith. Tebow hasn’t been too hurt by the commercial, though, which was sponsored by the controversial group Focus on the Family. Tebow has already been linked to major sponsorships with Nike and EA Sports, and likely has several more in the works.”

But Tim needn’t worry he’ll be working chicken and Christ banquet circuit for years to come, making enough money to live well.

You know for such a good christian boy Tebow has no problem posing for beefcake pictures or working out in his underwear for the camera.

Exhibitionist for Christ? 


BREAKING; Focus On The Family’s "ALTERNATE" Super Bowl 2010 – Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion Commercial That You WON’T See. (And Better Not). (VIDEO)

The Focus on the Family spot that’s airing during today’s Super Bowl on CBS whilke still being reprehensible in the fact that CBS is still showing it and wil generate MILLIONS to head to the FOF website is, frankly, quite tame, and not the raging pro-abortion ad The Commentariat supposed to have been.

But is it the ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL that FOF wanted to show?

The spot below, which one uploader says was already removed by the group once, is “Version 2” of the Super Bowl spot, we’re led to believe. And it paints a much more doomsday approach to deciding whether to keep a growing fetus. (The editorializing on James Dobson at the end is, while true, we assume, the work of its uploader.)

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Scott Fujita Of the New Orleans Saints Speaks Out on Gay Rights, Tebow, and The Focus On The Family Super Bowl Ad

Scott Fujita, who has been vocal supporter for gay rights in the past, spoke to reporters about the ‘Focus on the Family’ Tim Tebow ad, the NYT reports:

The issue resonates with Fujita because he was adopted, and Fujita said he respected Tebow for standing up for what he believed in.’ The idea of focusing on the family — who wouldn’t agree with that?’ Fujita said. ‘But the means of doing so, he and I might not see eye to eye all the way.’ When Fujita was born in 1979, his biological mother, he said, was in her teens and she gave him up for adoption because she did not have the means to raise a child. ‘I’m just so thankful she had the courage and the support system to be able to carry out the pregnancy,’ Fujita said. ‘I wouldn’t expect that of everybody.'”

As for the ad’s timing, Fujita said, “The idea of doing it at the Super Bowl is going to raise some eyebrows. Do they have the right? Absolutely. Is it going to offend some people? Absolutely.”

Fujita also talked about having progressive gay rights views and speaking openly about them within the NFL:

“By and large, the players are more tolerant than they get credit for. It’s not a big issue. Some guys will think you are crazy for believing one way, but they’ll still accept you….It’s just me standing up for equal rights. It’s not that courageous to have an opinion if you think it’s the right thing and you believe it wholeheartedly.”

Scott made similar statements in an October ’09 interview in the Huffington Post:
Scott Fujita rocks!  A well-reasoned, insightful, thoughtful man in the NFL-who woulda thunk it?-especially in a sport where fundamentalist christianity is shoved down the players throats from their coaches on down- (ex colts coach -Mr. Dungy for example. A refreshing point of view from a man who obviously is comfortable in his own skin-an anamoly in most professional athletes

“I have no concern about [being stigmatized] whatsoever. I know who I am. My wife knows who I am. I don’t care one way or the other Dave. I imagine that when some of this gets out guys in the locker room might give me a hard time, and they always give me a hard time. They call me the Pinko Communist Fag from Berkeley. I’m used to it. I can take it all.”

And his most salient point:

“By and large in this country the issue of gay rights and equality should be past the point of debate. Really, there should be no debate anymore.”

Go Saints!

CBS Rejects Gay Super Bowl Ad But Will Air Focus On The Family Anti-Abortion Commerical Full Of Lies – Complain to the FCC!

CBS has rejected an ad from gay dating site ManCrunch, telling the site that the ad “is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” CBS accused ManCrush of trying to generate free publicity by submitting an ad that was likely to be rejected.

Hey CBS perhaps ManCrush was trying to make a POINT.

We’re 100% serious,” ManCrunch spokesperson Elissa Buchter said. “We have the money to pay for it. If the ad showed a man and woman kissing it would have been accepted. You see ads for erectile dysfunction morning, noon and night. It’s discriminatory that they wont show this….They should call our bluff.

And CBS should especially after they WILL BE running commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam that may be rife with inaccuracies, and was finaced by the controversial anti-gay/anti-choice hater fundamental group Focus on the Family.

The ad, which is expected to promote an “anti-choice” message, (which really means anti-abortion)will be based on the theme “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.” and will have Pam Tebow talking about her 1987 pregnancy, during which time she fell ill in the Philippines. According to reports, doctors recommended that she abort the pregnancy, but she chose to go through with the birth of her bible thumping side of beef son Tim who grew up to be one of the most accomplished and celebrated stars in college football history.

Only  the problem with this story is that abortion under any circumstance has been illegal in the Philippines since 1930 and is punishable by a six-year prison term so it’s highly unlikely that any doctors reommended it. 

Powerhouse Attorney Gloria Alred, who has represented a roster of famous clients, claims she will lodge a complaint with the FCC and FTC “if this ad airs and fails to disclose that abortions were illegal at the time Ms. Tebow made her choice,” according to RadarOnline.

So its NOT up to CBS Standards to show 2 men kissing, but it IS up to their standards to sell time to a fundamental religious group’s anti-abortion commercial that is littered with lies.  NOW THAT I DO FIND OBSECENE.

If CBS goes ahead and shows the Focus on the Family/Tebow Anti-Abortion Commercial I URGE each of you to go to the FCC Website and file a complaint.  Lets fight back at FOF using thier own tactics and make a point to CBS and hit them where it hurts.  Complain that airing an announcement rehaarding abortion is obscene during Family Hour (when the SuperBowl will be played) when children are watching and that the spot was full of lies and misinformation

Saturday Sports Dud – Tim Tebow And Focus On The Family Superbowl Ad

Bible thumping, gay hating, cash strapped Focus on the Family after laying off more than 275 employees over the last year has somehow has managed to buy a 30 second commercial spot which costs about 2.5 MILLION dollars during next month’s Super Bowl.  University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother will shill for the hate group. Tebow is known for placing Bible verses into the black stripes under his eyes during games. (He’s home schooled!) It’s expected that the Tebows will give a personal message against abortion in the ad.

A spokesthing for FOTF claims the money is coming from ad-specific donations, not the general fund.

You know TRUE CHRISTIANS would have used that money to help the suffering masses in Haiti.