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Video – HRC’s Joe Solmonese Comes Out Of Hiding To Chide NOM: "NOM Made Alot Of Noise In This Fight & Really Underperformed"

HRC President Joe Solmonese came out from underground where he usually is when HRC screws up (which is usually) and talked with Lawrence O’Donnell about the National Organizations For Marriages “under performance” and  threats made against the republican senators who voted for marriage equality in New York.

“Under peformance”?

Does that mean that Solmonese believes that if NOM performed better they would have won?  That’s not a very good attitude or position to take on National television.

PLEASE go to ground again Joe and STOP appearing on television.  Because quite frankly YOU SUCK as a spokesperson.

Ooops GLAAD Did It Again – Has GLAAD Board Members Helped The Republicans?

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Thanks to all who are helping me out and I hope you that everyone enjoys some new blood.


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Los Angeles, CA: Every year the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) holds award ceremonies in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, to recognize and honor the media for their fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives. I have long believed that many of these awards are deserved, and that the recipients were grateful for the recognition.

As a result of these awards, and the advocacy work in the media, GLAAD has been our public face in the entertainment industry.

GLAAD was in the news again over the last few days, as they are going to be facilitating rehab for Tracy Morgan, and his formal introduction to members of our community in Tennesee and New York, who have been victimized by homophobia and violence. I hope that these interactions will be private, and not played out in front of cameras, so that the images can be broadcast on Entertainment Tonight.

Individual and corporate donations play a key role in allowing GLAAD to continue it’s work. According to GLAAD’s website, this is their mission:

“The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality.”

While GLAAD holds Tracy Morgan’s hands, and helps him rehabilitate his image, they continue to ignore the outcry from activists within the GLBTQ community that they no longer represent our interests, that the organization is ineffective, and the mismanagement within GLAAD is threateneing their existence. Laurie Perper, the former Co-chair of GLAAD, very publicly called for the organization to dissolve, because of mismanagement and improprieties.

Thene civilrightsmovement.com posted a discussion between columnists Tanya Domi and Clinton Fein, entitled Taking the Keys – And The Checkbook – Away from Gay Inc., where Domi states “They have been bleeding money since late 2008. They have lost nearly 14 board members and numerous staff members……and agreed to endorse the AT&T-T-Mobile merger, in exchange for backing by Troup Coronado, a board member and a former Vice President of Public Affairs with AT&T.”

In the same piece Fein says “The whole GLAAD AT&T-T-Mobile mess is unbelievable. Here you have an organization that is supposed to serve as a watchdog to identify and remedy negative portrayals or misrepresentations of gays in the media behaving in a way that brings shame and discredit on the very community it purports to represent. And further, gives fodder to those who have been reprimanded or called out by GLAAD, that their motives are more about self-enrichment than anything else.”

Jane Hamsher at firedoglake.com has uncovered that GLAAD Board member Troup Coronado, who was affiliated with the “Board of the Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI), where Coronado sat on the Policy Board. The Policy Board. According to People for the American Way, HAPI was an astroturf group that joined with other GOP outfits to form the ”National Coalition To End Judicial Filibusters,” which supported the use of “the so-called ‘nuclear option” to eliminate Senator’s ability to filibuster against President George W. Bush’s right-wing judicial nominees.” And this successfully resulted in extremely right wing and anti-gay jurists being appointed to the federal bench.

Teddy Partridge at firedoglake.com details that the same Troup Coronado, a former Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) staffer, and Bell South lobbyist, padded expense reports – and cites that this was reported in the Washington Post in 2006.

Another Republican operative, and Bush supporter, in a prominent role at GLAAD, is current Co-Chair, Scott Miller. The same Scott Miller who was a long time Board member and chairman of the San Francisco based Academy of Friends, the charity that imploded and was unable to fulfill commitments made to bay area Aids/HIV organizations. The Bay Area Reporter said that the “Academy of Friends is backing out of paying more than $100,000 it owes to community partners. The agency appears to be broke and on the brink of collapse as it searches for a merger partner.”

Perhaps GLAAD needs a merger partner? Who does GLAAD answer to? In a letter posted on their web site last September, from the embattled President Jarret Barrios, trying to explain their financial mess, he said “we have another accountability–an accountability to you.” He says the organization had an operating deficit in 2009 of $1.200,000 – and claimed that the organization was working hard to decrease expenses. He said he cut his salary by 10% and eliminated 2 senior positions. There have been no updates recently regarding finances, and the only financial information posted on the website dates to 2009.

For an organization that purports to hold the media’s feet to the fire, the heat is being turned up on GLAAD. Will they be able to put out the fire?

Former GLAAD Co-Chair On Michelangelo Signorile: The AT&T-T Mobile Merger Support Was All About The Money

Laurie Perpar, former Board Co-Chair of GLAAD appeared on Michelangelo Signorile’s  on SIRUS radio today and  re enforced everything that has been said on this blog and others blogs that indeed GLAAD’s support of the AT&T merger had nothing to do with “Gay social justice” and had everything to do with money. Perpar also told of the massive ineptitude and mishandling of the organization by it’s current President Jarrett Barrios (who makes over 300K a year of your donation $$$’s btw) and just how far GLAAD has fallen and that it is now so far beyond repair that it should simply “disappear”

According to Laurie over 14 Board members have recently resigned over Jarrett Barrios’s misdirection and ineptitude and donations have fallen sharply, the THREE.Media Awards Events lose money, and donors are simply dropping like flies..

On the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Pepper re-enforces the idea that GLAAD did indeed back the merger because of AT&T’s funding and donations for GLAAD and also as a favor to “former” AT&T employee who sits on the Board.

So there you have it kids. It really doesn’t get more damning than this.

GLAAD is OFFICIALLY worthless. 

It drains gay dollars, its credibility is shot, and the organization is beyond repair  GLAAD is who we should be closing the gAyTM to.

You can listen to the entire interview online by CLICKING HERE

GLAAD Responds To Stepping Out Of Bounds And Endorsing The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Yesterday Back2Stonewall.com and almost every LGBT blog and news service except for one *cough*JMG*cough* posted about GLAAD sending  a strongly worded letter to the FCC in support of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger coming just ONE WEEK AFTER the State of Tennessee put into law a harmful piece of anti-LGBT legislation that AT&T helped push through because of the fact that AT&T is not only a MAJOR Donor to GLAAD, but also one of’ AT&T’s past Vice President, External Affairs in  Los Angeles sits on the GLAAD Board of Directors.

Well since GLAAD could not respond to EVERY irate LGBT Blogger and Newspaper, GLAAD sent a nice  long statement to Querrty.com  (which you can read below) explaining, in a nutshell that they felt it their duty to support the merger because will make it easier for LGBT activists to communicate. And had nothing to do with the thousands upon thousands of dollars that AT&T donates to GLAAD every year.

This morning, Queerty asked ‘Why is GLAAD Supporting the AT&T and T-Mobile Merger?’ Unfortunately, they forgot to ask us first. For GLAAD, it’s about the results of the merger—an increase in phone functionality and speed. With better phone functionality, more people will be able to engage in social media and online LGBT advocacy.

Groups as diverse as the American Federation of Teachers, LULAC and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce have spoken out in support of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger for a variety of reasons. Among the diverse views in support of the merger is Pride at Work, an LGBT contingency group of AFL-CIO, an organization affiliated with organized labor. They released a statement today detailing an angle that was not addressed in today’s earlier post about how this will impact LGBT workers.

The proposed AT&T / T-Mobile merger has significant impact for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers. AT&T is a union business with a good record on LGBT issues. In contrast, call center workers at T-Mobile have been fighting to form a union, but T-Mobile has been aggressively trying to stop them.

In a majority of states, workers can be legally fired or discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Because of the lack of federal employment protections and the lack of relationship recognition, a union is often the only protection for LGBT workers – and the most powerful way to have a voice on the job. As the only union cell phone company, AT&T has a policy of neutrality & majority sign-up recognition – allowing workers to freely make their own decisions about forming a union.

“The fact is that T-Mobile was put up for sale by its German parent company,” said Shane Larson, Legislative Director for the Communications Workers of America and Pride at Work National Executive Board member.

“Only two companies were interested in buying T-Mobile: pro-union, pro-equality AT&T, and union-busting, jobs-outsourcing Sprint. For T-Mobile employees, the future is much brighter at a pro-union company like AT&T that enshrines LGBT equality in a legally enforceable union contract,” Larson concluded.

For thousands of T-Mobile workers – and the LGBT employees in particular — this merger will make the difference in whether or not they have the opportunity to negotiate for fair and equal working conditions. It will make the difference in the ability to negotiate for job security, domestic partner benefits, family, medical and bereavement leave and other workplace issues vital to LGBT and all workers.

GLAAD also stands behind the AFL-CIO and Pride at Work in believing that this merger will increase access to domestic partner benefits, family/medical/bereavement leave, and survivorship benefits to make life easier for thousands of LGBT employees.

As for Queerty’s commentary that GLAAD supports AT&T’s position on net neutrality, GLAAD does not – and has not- endorsed AT&T’s position on net neutrality. GLAAD believes that equal, fair and universal access to the Internet is vital to our community and to our national dialogue. While GLAAD does not take a position on particular legislation or regulations, we continue to believe in the importance of adhering to these values.

The notion that GLAAD does not demand action from corporate sponsors is entirely false, and we take these accusations extremely seriously. Like many other watchdog non-profits, we are in part funded by entities we monitor. More on our philosophy around protecting the integrity of our work is listed in our transparency statement on our site.

While today’s earlier post called attention to actions from years ago that Queerty disagreed with, the writer failed to inform readers of the very public instances when we have demanded – and received – action from our corporate sponsors, as recently as yesterday:

*  AT&T and Time Warner Cable pulled advertising after GLAAD and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) asked advertisers to drop advertisements from Jose Luis Sin Censura, a Spanish-language talk show where the audience frequently chants the word f*ggot and violently assaults LGBT guests. This campaign is continuing.

*  After NBC received a ‘failing’ grade on GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index, which measures the quantity and quality of LGBT characters, GLAAD wrote a highly critical letter about NBC/Comcast’s merger to the FCC.GLAAD placed a public call to action against CNN for repeatedly featuring anti-gay voices on the channel in the name of ‘balance’: www.glaad.org/tellcnn. Last year after GLAAD and community members demanded action, CNN’s Kyra Phillips debunked a myth about so-called “ex-gay” therapy put forth by a guest.

*  Last fall, GLAAD spoke out publically against an episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore that we described as “the most blatantly transphobic scenes aired anywhere on television”: MTV apologized and met with GLAAD to improve coverage of transgender people and edited the episode to remove the offensive material.

All of these media companies are sponsors of GLAAD.

While these stories may grab headlines, much of GLAAD’s core work is on-the-ground trainings with local couples and allies to speak out in their communities and share their stories with voters in states where our equality is being debated. We’ve worked with couples like Shelly and Kristin of Oregon as well as Carol and Anne from Rhode Island. It’s these images and stories that we need in the minds of Americans if we are to gain support for equality, and it’s this work that is more crucial than ever.

It is the GLAAD Media Awards and our corporate sponsors that fund these programs. In addition to being a fundraiser for this media work, the GLAAD Media Awards have become the most visible LGBT event in the nation and a platform for high-profile advocates to speak out for equality. This year videos of Russell Simmons and Rev. Al Sharpton speaking out for LGBT equality ran on Essence.com, and we worked with Naya Rivera of Glee to call for more transgender characters on television.

But we need the help of sites like Queerty and its readers to continue this work. When you see anti-LGBT content in the media, contact us at incident@glaad.org. It’s because of incident reports and community participation that we were able to recently take the anti-gay AFA to task when Bryan Fischer stated being gay was “as dangerous as injection drug use” and to work with country music singer Blake Shelton to send a message to his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers that anti-gay violence is unacceptable.”

These are the stories and messages that GLAAD is all about and will continue to be about.

To learn more about GLAAD’s recent work, please visit our blog at www.glaad.org/blog.

Grab a shovel kids because the bullshit is neck deep in this one.

It’s very telling that GLAAD is not saying T-Mobile itself is not unionized but that it’s T-Mobile’s call center that isn’t. But what GLAAD leaves out is that the future of T-Mobile’s existing call centers remains uncertain in the merger and may lead to the firing of nearly 800 employees , some of which I assume are LGBT.
No mention of AT&T’s heinous backing of the Tennessee Anti-LGBT law, no explanation about the ex-AT&T Vice President of External Affairs sits on tGLAAD’s Board of Directors and his involvement, if any in it.  Just praise for their many yearly lame Media Awards, and the fact that they go after a few shows a yaer that say the word “fag”.  One would think considering that the whole point of GLAAD is to work with the Media they would try harder to keep hate groups and spokesmen from being portrayed as legitimate on Narional news programs and telling lies and doing major harm to people  instead of running after “Jersey Shore for saying the word “fag” 

And as for the much of GLAAD’s core work is on-the-ground trainings with local couples and allies to speak out in their communities and share their stories” Other than the fact that its news to me. WTF does that have to do with media?

So in reality kids to make a long story short The fact that GLAAD had to EXPLAIN their comments means that their original comments not only were not clear, but they most likely bullshit and still had nothing to do with Gay Rights

In other words, AT&T has shown them the money.

So don’t be surprised in the future if Exxon/Mobile ever donates to GLAAD that when they need help in congress over their excessive profits, even though the company refuses to extend its non-discrimination policy to include gays, lesbians and transsexuals that GLAAD will come out supporting them because after all they provide the gasoline for  our cars, which allows the LBGT community to go to work and earn money, thereby supporting our families.

The same insane logic that GLAAD is using above to cover its ass.

HRC Gives Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Companies Behind TN Anti-Gay Bill A PASS!

Get ready to blow a gasket.

The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement last night reacting to GOP Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslams signing of an ANTI-LGBT Discrimination Bill – SB 632/HB 600 which overturns which not only overturns Nashville’s non-discrimination ordinance but also  effectively outlaws all local LGBT rights laws statewide as it bans any discrimination protections not already offered by the state of Tennessee.

The Bill was originally backed by the religious right, the GOP, and the Tennessee Chamber Of Commerce, which consists of Nissan, FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare.  But  HRC seems its okay to just blame the Governor and to absolve the TCC and the companies which backed the Bill  because SOME apologized and came out against it ONLY AFTER BEING CAUGHT AND IT WAS TOO LATE TO DO ANY GOOD!

HRC: In an apparent attempt to score cheap political points, Tenn. Governor Bill Haslam has ignored the business community and signed into law a bill that wipes out county and city anti-discrimination laws, despite the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry reversing their earlier support and now opposing the bill. The measure – SB 632/HB 600 – passed the legislature last week and was designed to remove protections for LGBT Tennesseans by prohibiting cities and counties from enacting discrimination bans. Since there are no state protections for sexual orientation or gender identity, the Governor’s signature of this bill becomes a green light for anti-LGBT discrimination across the state. 

So there we have it.  HRC is now providing cover to the TN Chamber and those companies that ACTIVELY met with the GOP and the religious right and lobbied for this. Could it be because many of the companies involved have a HIGH HRC Equality Index Score and have donated to HRC in the past?
HRC should b disgraced because it is a disgrace.   Don’t buy into their bullshit with the above statement.  To not blame the companies involved and mount an action against them is another PRIME EXAMPLE of  HRC’s utter incompetence, lack of backbone and how instead of being totally committed to the LGBT community they are only in it for themselves and the corporate money they can raise.

The Employee Non Discrimination Act (EDNA) Is Stalling In Congress

The status of ENDA today is bleak for any passage or even work this year and it seems to be, as always the fault of The Senate (That IMO needs to be dismantled)

This issue is just not ready for the Senate,” said an LGBT advocate and political insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The procedural aspects of debate would make it way too easy for a [Sen. Jim] DeMint or a [Sen. Tom] Coburn to demagogue.” 

Recently Nancy Pelosi told The Washington Blade that lawmakers need to complete their work on “don’t ask, don’t tell” before moving on to ENDA. “Our work is not finished in that regard, so one thing at a time,” Pelosi said.

Well we all know the clusterfuck that the DADT (Non repeal) has become so it looks like we’ve been screwed again.

Right after Obama was elected and the stalling began I predicted that if LGBT rights were not dealt with right away that they wouldn;t be until after the 2010 mid-term election.  But then we have will have to deal with the obvious loss that the Democrats are going to dealt on the hill and also to the gearing up for the Presidential election in 2012.

If it hasn’t become clear to you yet that they are slowing fucking us you are blind. In denial. Or both!

There is absolutely no excuse, for not passing ENDA in the Senate. ENDA, passed the senate under Bush when the Dems had a much smaller majority, and the White House had declared it’s firm opposition to the measure.

We are not a priority to them and in all honesty they are beginning to look like  in no way do they want to “give” us rights or “allow” us the same rights that their childeren and grandkids have.

We need to start looking at what we can not give to them in return and TAKE what is rightfully ours.

Rep. Jared Polis Says EDNA To Pass House Within Weeks. Shouldn’t Someone Tell Joe Solomese And The HRC?

Someone should contact Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign because Rep. Jared Polis, the openly gay Coloradan Democrat says the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is going to pass in just a few weeks and  there’s movement on the issue.and surprisingly the HRC which collects tens of millions of dollars every year with the promise it will lobby lawmakers and work with them to push ahead legislation just like this doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Said Polis to Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb:

“We have the votes to pass ENDA in the House and we hope to bring it before the committee I serve on – the Education Labor Committee – within the month – by the end of April,” he tells Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb. “And then, once it passes the committee, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks – a week or two – to schedule it for the floor. It’s just a scheduling matter. We think we would have passed it by now if it wasn’t for healthcare taking up much of the workload of our committee. I don’t know about the Senate – but in the House, we expect to pass out substantially. It has substantial support. The Senate requires 60 votes so it’s a matter of getting some Republican moderates to support it.”

Now Polis just might be talking out oif his ample ass for fundraising purposes and is offering hope, where there isn’t any. There may be enough support in the House, but none in the US Senate. and then theres the fact that Nancy Pelosi promised her Members that she wouldn’t bring ENDA up for a vote before the Mid-terms unless the Senate had the votes to pass it. There are only 51 supporters of ENDA in the US Senate. Because LGBT-issues are non-negotiable and that isn’t about to change. Despite the hundreds of millions spent by HRC to lobby Congress every year (suppossedly) and they have never changed a single vote!

Consideing that HRC is on lockdown and working hard on it’s trying to defend its total “lameness” as an organization it’s not surprising that once again it’s out of the loop.  But be certain of one thing.  If EDNA does pass they will be the first to step forward and take the credit and as soon as they hear about what Polis said a donation letter should be hitting your inbox shortly.

Human Rights Campaign’s Joe Solomese Talks About EDNA, The Dan Choi Protest, And Evades Answers

DC Agenda has sent a list of questions to the “fashionable” HRC President Joe Solmonese about the recent Dan Choi DADT protest and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act What’s remarkable isn’t that Joe is a gold medalist in giving non-answers, what is remarkable is that we haven’t DEMANDED his resignation as of yet.  (But believe me I AM working on it and I could use some help guys, HINT HINT.)

DC Agenda asked: 

“What is HRC’s current count of U.S. senators on an up or down vote on ENDA right now? Can you release a list of which of the 17 Democratic senators who are not ENDA co-sponsors will vote for or against ENDA?”

To which Little Joe wouldn’t answer directly, adding: “Members’ positions on ENDA are determined by their co-sponsorship of the legislation, a clear public statement or their vote. Ensuring we will win that vote and protect the bill from harmful amendments is a critical factor for determining floor action and timing. There are 15 Democratic senators and 39 Republican senators who are not cosponsors of ENDA. We must win 14 of these votes to get to 60 votes to overcome a potential filibuster. Unless a member of Congress makes a clear public statement, we do not assume we have their vote.” (I suppose that doing you JOB and going to The Capitol for something other than a cocktail party and calling and persuading those NOT on board would crease your Dolce Gabanna, huh?)

Solmonese also weighed in on Dan Choi and GetEQUAL Activism stating:

“Any healthy and diverse social movement will have a diversity of voices and opinions. Individuals and groups will take different approaches based on their ideology, life experience and other sincerely and deeply held beliefs about the political process. This is not indicative of a schism, but rather a sign of vibrant engagement…The beauty of our movement is that we have a dedicated community that is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to effect change in Washington and at home….Activism by Dan Choi and others has one common intent in mind that we also share: to advance equality in the fastest way possible. As we said last week, this is the nature of social change and everyone has a role to play.” (Well Joe I guess your role is to be an over-paid gadfly who gets to meet and hang with meet Kathy Griffin, Cindy Lauper, President Obama, Marntina Navritolova, and Neil Patric Harris. I mean gay rights and struggles are MEANINGLESS when compared to you being able to drive a Bentley up to his high School reunion and talk about the time he and Cindy Lauper bonded over the fact that they both like Prune Danishes.)

Read the full interview here if yoiu are interested in alot of bullshit and non-answers.  It’s typical HRC/Solmonese poop coming on the heels of HRC sent out a fundraising request (YET AGAIN) this week, asking for more money so they can fight “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

The HRC is just like the Church, it knows only how to do two things: Asking for money and promising that in the end what they’re telling you is the truth. And that if you don’t believe in them (since neither has any kind of tangible proof) you’ll be damned to lose the fight.

Screwed Again – The House Health Care Reform Bill WILL NOT Include LGBT Provisions And The HRC’s Namby Pamby Statement

HRC’s Namby Pamby Passive Agressive Statement:

“Today, the House Rules Committee released the reconciliation bill through which it will vote on the measure that passed the Senate in December. We are deeply disappointed that, after months of lobbying for their inclusion, important measures specifically addressing the needs of LGBT people and people with HIV – ending the unfair taxation of employer-provided domestic partner health benefits, permitting states to offer early HIV treatment under Medicaid, collecting critical health data on LGBT people and addressing discrimination in health care – are not a part of this bill. On a mixed note, this bill restores $50 million to fund failed abstinence-only sex education programs, but also provides $75 million for comprehensive programs that also address the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. According the House leadership, a vote on this measure is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. While we are saddened that the House has abandoned provisions that would make care more accessible and affordable to our community, we recognize that the health reform measure will still help all Americans, including LGBT people.”

The HRC truly IS a useless organization for lobbying. Now I don’t think the healthcare bill should go down because it lacks these inclusions but HRC’s purpose isn’t to cheerlead for healthcare reform for all. It is to lobby on behalf of the LGBT community…period.

It’s time to PROTEST HRC’s Headquarters in Washington and DEMAND they fire Solonese and that The Board resign and be replaced by REAL LGBT Advocates and Activists.

It’s sadly really hit that point. We need to overthrow them.