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Stop8.org Releases Video Exposing the Lies In The national organization For Marriages Latest Attack Ad On The "Activist" Judges Of Iowa (Video)

Stop8.org has released a video taking down the many lie sof  the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)  ad in support of the right-wing campaign to replace three Iowa Supreme Court justices that they released last week.

Stop8.org’s video are rational and in my opinion GREAT.  I wish that someone would help them get more money to up the production value alittle, re-do them and actually air them in the television markets in Iowa that NOM is airing thier’s as a counterpoint.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About California’s Proposition 8 In 5 Minutes Or Less (Video)

Matt Baume from Stop8.org recaps the past 2 years of California’s Prop 8 to catch everyone up as we await Judge Vaugh Walkers approaching decision.

“We might actually win this round.” with no thanks to Gay Inc. who didn’t want to do it.