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Kirstin Gillibrand Does Damage Control: Defends Call For Franken To Resign

Kristen Gillibrand Doubles Down on Al Franken: “My decision was not to remain silent.”

CNN reports:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand defended her decision to call on former Sen. Al Franken to resign after allegations of unwanted touching and kissing were made against him, earning praise from a friendly audience of Iowans in Sioux City on Friday.

Gillibrand said Friday that she made the decision to help push him out because “my silence meant I was defending him and carrying his water, which I was unwilling to do.”

“Enough was enough,” Gillibrand said twice, arguing the tipping point in her decision was the eight allegations leveled against Franken. “Al Franken is entitled to whatever process wanted, if he wanted to say and wait six months for his ethics hearing. His decision was to resign. My decision was not to remain silent.

But one should notice how Gillibrand kept silent on the whole Jim Jordan/Ohio State Wrestler scandal because male sexual abuse doesn’t count. 

Especially if it does not include a potential 2020 Presidential campaign threat. 

Social Justice Warriors Attack J.K. Rowling On Twitter Over Saying Sirius Black Is Not Gay – Stupificus!

Social Justice Warriors Attack J.K. Rowling On Twitter Over Saying Sirius Black Is Not Gay - Stupificus!

J.K. Rowling has upset a blizzardful of Special Snowflake, SJW, (Social Justice Warriors) Potterheads over the weekend when she confirmed that Sirius Black, one of the main characters in her Harry Potter series, is not gay.

It appears that many of them had decided that the prisoner of Azkaban and driving force in the fight against Voldemort was also a pioneering LGBT wizard. But when a Twitter user got the chance to ask Rowling about Black’s sexual orientation, she confirmed that he’s definitely a cis-wizard heterosexual.

The announcement left the Snowflakess crushed, they started a hashtag, “#JKRowlingIsOverParty, where they commiserated about their favorite author’s lack of interest in gay characters and went so far into histrionics (once again) to call her a traitor to the LGBT cause and, occasionally a “homophobe”—all because, as the author of the Harry Potter works, she had a different vision from her fans about the sexuality of a fictional character that she created.

I will never understand JK Rowling claiming she supports the LGBT community and then have just one canon LGBT character in her books.— Lindsey || 66 days (@HobbitLindsey) August 31, 2016

remember that time when JK Rowling represented & supported our community and made LGBT+ youth everywhere feel empowered? me neither— Rob (@robnoon7) September 1, 2016

full oh fence why does jk rowling hate lgbt ppl so much
— dann(ia)y devito (@jamesmadiSIN) September 6, 2016

“jk rowling is a homophobe because sirius isn’t gay” #JKRowlingIsOverPartypic.twitter.com/Tq7SfNIXvN
— ♞ (@ARASHlNARUKAMI) September 6, 2016

Despite the fact Rowling herself is also a vocal advocate for LGBT rights, most recently standing up to anti-gay bullies intent on harassing British Olympic diver Tom Daley after he failed to qualify for medal contention SJW’s continue to bash Rowlings and do what they do best. Pick on our allies because fighting the real enemies is just too hard and actually takes effort.

The sorting hat says send them to Kindergarten.

UK LGBT Student Activist Group Says Gay Men Not Oppressed Enough to Deserve Representation.

special snowflake

The National Union of Students’ LGBT Campaign—a coalition of British student-activists—passed a motion to end committee representation for gay men, because they aren’t as oppressed as other LGBT individuals: like students of color and transgender students. 

“Misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia are often present in LGBT+ societies. This is unfortunately more likely to occur when the society is dominated by white cis gay men.”

 The conference also resolved, “To encourage LGBT+ Societies and organizations that have a gay men represented on its board to drop them.” Because “Gay men do not face oppression as gay men within the LGBT+ community and do not need a reserved place on society committees.”

So in a nutshell.  Special snowflakes who have never done a real days worth of LGBT activism in their life want to prove that they are so oppressed that they in turn will not only oppress the people responsible for getting them the rights and freedoms that they enjoy today, but are also willing to alienate a group which suffers from the highest percentage of hate-crime violence and has the highest percentage of HIV – AIDS infections.

Oppression Power Rangers a go!

Fantasia Barrino Continues Her “Gay Judgement” Rant – Fantasia Just STFU Already!

Former  American Idol contestant and “never really has been”  Fantasia Barrino, whose remarks about gay marriage and The Bible went viral and made headlines last week, took to Instagram once again to express her anger and continue her ranting (see the image she posted, below).

Said Barrino: “My whole team is gay, my manager is gay, middle finger up to those who seak (sic) to destroy me. It won’t work…….. I don’t judge anybody!”

Fantasia shut the fuck up already.  You are your own worst enemy.

Gurl!  You need to realize that there IS such a thing as bad publicity and you are going overboard and creating your own.

All you need to do to is this controversy go away and get back in good graces is to get off the freaking Instagram and make a clear and coherent short statement that that you support equality for gay people and promise to sing at some HRC parties and galas and they’ll forgive you.

Me on the other hand…….

Fantasia Barrios goes on and on