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"Christian" Hate Group Leaders Demand GOP Apologize to White Supremacist Rep. Steve King

“Christian” Hate Group Leaders Demand GOP Apologize to White Supremacist Rep. Steve King

From a letter signed by multiple “Christian” hate group leaders:

Dear Leader McCarthy, We are appalled that Republican leadership would choose to believe a liberal news organization famous for their bias over an outstanding member of Congress who has served the people of Iowa and the United States honorably and faithfully for 16 years. If Congressman Steve King believed and stood by the outrageous misquote of the New York Times, then the actions taken against him would have been warranted, but the opposite is true.

Unlike North Korea, we in the United States are “innocent until proven guilty” and hold to the principles of Western Civilization, as Rep. King so admirably does. The foundational principle begins with the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” These are the principles to which Rep. King was referring and which he has championed for more than two decades of public service.

Don’t make the fatal mistake of turning the reins of the U.S. Congress over to the liberal media, allowing them to target, misquote, and falsely brand any member of Congress they wish to remove. We call on you to do the right thing as Minority Leader: issue a public apology and reinstate Rep. King to his committee assignments. If we don’t stand with this good man against the media-manufactured assault today, none of us will be safe from it tomorrow.

Signatories included:

Dr. James Dobson: Focus on the Family

Janet L. Porter
President & Founder

Dr. Rick Scarborough
Vision America

Andy Schlafly
Phyllis Schlafly Eagles

Troy Newman
Operation Rescue

Matt Barber
Co-Founder and General Counsel
Christian Civil Rights Watch

Stephen Strang
Charisma Media

Pastor Paul Blair
Reclaiming America for Christ

Rena Lindevaldsen
Liberty University School of Law

Dr. Jim Garlow
Rosemary Schindler Garlow
International Pro-Family Leader

Pastor Stephen E. Broden
Black Pro-Life Coalition
Protect Life and Marriage

Sandy Rios
Director of Governmental Affairs
American Family Association

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
Conservative Republicans of Texas

Bill Johnson
American Decency Association

James Michael Francis Komaniecki
President, CEO
Restore American Liberty

Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD
Pray in Jesus Name Ministries
Nationally Syndicated PIJN NEWS
(in 54 million homes)

Randall Murphree,
American Family Association Journal

Scott Lively
Scott Lively Ministries

Brian Camenker
Mass Resistance

Peter LaBarbera
President and Founder
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

45 GOP House Reps Sign Letter Demanding Trump Removes LGBT Rights Provision In NAFTA Replacement Deal

45 GOP House Reps Sign Letter Demanding Trump Removes LGBT Rights Provision In NAFTA Replacement Deal

The letter is spearheaded by Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn who has a 100% rating from the Family Research Council and has the usual lunatic GOP suspects standing behind it including: Virginia “Matthew Shepard’s killing was not a hate crime” Foxx, Steve “Mein Herr” King, and Louie “Crazy  as a Loon” Gomert.

Washington Examiner reports:

A group of 45 House Republican lawmakers wrote President Trump Friday stating that they were “deeply concerned” by the inclusion of “sexual orientation and and gender identity language” in the U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement on trade.

The representatives said the inclusion was “inappropriate and insulting to our national sovereignty” and urged Trump to remove the language. The letter suggests the president may loose some key Republican support when the deal, which would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, comes before before Congress for approval next year.

The letter is in reaction to language in Chapter 23 of the USMCA deal, which requires the the three nations to “implement policies that protect workers against employment discrimination on the basis of sex, including… sexual orientation [and] gender identity” among other requirements.


We are currently trying to see if the signatures match to what is on file for each GOP Representative.


Horror Author Stephen King Wants Horrible GOP Wingnut NAZI Rep. Steve King Voted Out Of Office To End Confusion

Horror Author Stephen King Wants Horrible GOP Wingnut NAZI Rep. Steve King Voted Out Of Office To End Confusion

Via The Des Moines Register:

Stephen King is making a personal appeal to Iowans: Vote Steve King out so people won’t confuse the two of them anymore. The best-selling author tweeted Sunday morning about his exhaustion at being confused with Iowa’s controversial 4th District Republican congressman.

A Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll of the district shows that on a generic ballot a Republican candidate leads a Democratic candidate by 4 percentage points. With the exception of a 2012 race against former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack, King has won each of his other races by at least 22 percentage points.


GOP Rep. Steve King Compares Trans Military Members to Ottoman Empire Castrated Slaves


Notoriously crazy and anti-LGBT Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King  is in hot water again for his comments comparing transgender troops to castrated slaves from the Ottoman Empire.

“And today, we’re here thinking somehow we’re going to make the military better by letting people line up at their recruitment center who have planned that they want to do sexual reassignment surgery, know that it’s expensive, and believe ‘if I can just get into any branch of the United States services — to the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines; maybe become a Navy SEAL — and then submit to sexual reassignment surgery and then go from a man to a woman,'” King said.

King then brought up the Ottoman Empire, arguing that their castration of enslaved soldiers was akin to the proposed hormone therapy and reassignment surgeries.

“What they did in order to keep them from reproducing was that they did reassignment surgery on those slaves they had captured, that they had put into their janissary troops,” 

Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel, director of One Iowa, an LGBT advocacy group, condemned King’s House floor speech, saying in a statement: “Rep. Steve King’s speech is absolutely unacceptable. Not only does he compare transgender troops to castrated slaves, but he insinuates that transgender people going into the service only do so to get free surgery.

“People join the military for a multitude of reasons, and the same goes for transgender individuals. To group all transgender people together and claim they all intend to somehow game the system is not only false, but contributes to harmful and untrue stereotypes transgender people face that contribute to harassment and violence.”

Despite his bigotry and insanity  King is serving his eighth term as a congressman in the very conservative northwestern district of Iowa. He has repeatedly made brazen comments regarding immigrants, gays, minorities and Muslims. King is expected to win his ninth term in Congress in 2018 after Democratic challenger Kim Weaver dropped out of the race earlier this year and Democrats have not replaced her with another candidate.

*To put the numbers of trans-military members into perspective.  As of January 31, 2017,  1.4 million Americans are serving in the U.S. armed forces.  According to the Williams Institute 3.5 of America’s population identify as LGBT and out of that number only .03 people identify as transgender.