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WATCH: ‘The Late Show’ Recounts 525,600 Minutes Since The Jan 6 Insurrection In ‘Abhor-Rent’

WATCH: ‘The Late Show’ Recounts 525,600 Minutes Since The Jan 6 Insurrection In ‘Abhor-Rent’

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” remembered the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attacks with an insurrection-themed take on “Seasons of Love” from the musical “Rent.”

Ladies and Gentlemen we now present “Abhor-Rent: 525,600 Minutes Since The Insurrection” 

Gay Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Mike Pence on ‘Colbert’: Being Gay Is Not a ‘Choice’ - VIDEO

Gay Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Mike Pence on ‘Colbert’: Being Gay Is Not a ‘Choice’ – VIDEO

Openly gay democrat and 2020 Presidential hopeful
Pete Buttigieg had a message for the very anti-gay Vice-President Mike Pence on 
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night.  

Stephen Colbert asked Buttigieg what it was like to work with Pence while he was Governor and Pete Buttigieg was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Buttigieg replied, “He’s nice. If he were here, you would think he is a nice guy to your face, but he’s also just fanatical.”

“He really believes, I mean he’s written that cigarettes don’t kill and he seems to think that the universe was created a few thousand years ago and that people like me get up in the morning and decide to be gay,” Buttigieg said. 

After Calling Stephen Colbert Gay and Making Sexually Inappropriate Comments

CBS Executive Suspended After Calling Stephen Colbert Gay and Making Sexually Inappropriate Comments

CBS has placed a high ranking executive on leave Wednesday after it was disclosed that he was making homophobic and sexually inappropriate comments at work. 

Vincent “Vinnie” Favale (pictured above), the senior vice president of talent for CBS Television and a founder of Comedy Central, regularly called LGBT guests on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert “homos” and insinuated that Colbert himself was gay himself.

“He would frequently call Stephen gay because of his seeming inability to interview women well,” a former CBS executive told CNN. “He would say this in rehearsals, the control room. Sometimes the CBS attorney would even be present, which to me is just shocking that nothing was done.”

Other employees reported that Favale frequently made vulgar comments, including once when there was construction outside the office.

“There was a big drill, and we looked outside and went to the window. [Favale] compared the drill to ‘a big black dick’ as it was drilling into the ground,

Favale allegedly also made derogatory remarks about Jennifer Hudson and Hugh Jackman.

“I’ll never forget the day he told me he got four erections while watching Jennifer Hudson rehearse,” a female former CBS executive told CNN, remembering when Oscar winner Hudson was preparing for her performance on The Late Show in 2015.

When Jackman came on the show to promote Logan, an employee said Favale mocked him as being “gay” and “in the closet,” and called his marriage a “fake.”

Rachel Maddow was also an alleged target of Favale’s homophobia and misogyny. Two people said they heard him ask “Who wants to see that ugly man on TV?” when the MSNBC anchor was a guest. Another witness claimed Favale made a similar comment about another well-known lesbian in entertainment who appeared on The Late Show.

In a statement to CNN Favale responded saying, “I have spent my entire career working at comedy shows, where there has always been a wide latitude to make transgressive jokes while preparing the program. While we make a lot of jokes, these jokes attributed to me, whether said in rehearsals or production meetings, are being taken out of context and were not said in the way being presented here.”

Stephen Colbert Under Attack From GOP and Gay SJW’s Over Trump Blowjob Joke – #FireColbert

Anti-Steven Colbert articles are being written at a furious pace and social media has blow up with negative comments over one certain part of Colbert’s anti-Trump monologue  on Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show”.

 The joke that is drawing so much ire?

 “The only thing your mouth is good for (Donald Trump) is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Now two days later the hashtag #FireColbert hit the Twitter trending list and is still going strong with Colbert coming under attack not only from right-wing Trump supporters but from over-sensitive members of the LGBT community.

 Wrote James Michael Nichols Queer Voices Deputy Editor, The Huffington Post:

Colbert’s decision to make this kind of joke illustrates a kind of casual homophobia that permeates American culture ― even among supposed liberal allies with massive media platforms. It positions sex between two men as doing something so mockable and inherently emasculating that it’s the ultimate “fuck you” to Donald Trump ― because what could be more embarrassing to a man than having a cock in his mouth? And what could be more offensive that being compared to ― or put in the submissive position of ― a woman?

 At the heart of jokes like these is an erroneous belief that men who have sex with other men are the ultimate failure of masculine expectations. The “comedy” within this idea reeks of a bygone era where the power of straight, white men went unchecked and people not meeting their ideals of masculinity ― namely women, gay people, trans people, people of color, minorities in general ― continued to always be the butt of the joke.

Wow. Over analyze  there much Jimmy?

And then we have

Of course, these homophobic jokes are themselves somewhat misogynistic. Trump is the butt of Colbert’s joke because he is the one performing oral sex on Putin, rather than the other way around. The indignity Trump suffers comes from being feminized, from assuming the role that a woman usually fills. Indeed, this is why many scholars and (more recently) courts have suggested that homophobia is rooted in sex discrimination: From an anti-gay perspective, by playing this “passive” role, a gay man betrays his place in the gender hierarchy by doing what a woman should do. Being assigned the female role comes with baggage — it means that Trump is incompetent, powerless and controlled by Putin.

Some might claim that the humor lies not in insinuating the two presidents’ homosexuality, but rather in their reaction to our insinuation. We can imagine that both of these men, who emphasize their machismo and who are no friends to the LGBT community, would object to being called gay. So what we’re laughing at is not the joke itself, but their imagined reaction to it. Rather than being homophobic ourselves, we’re laughing at the unenlightened homophobia of the jokes’ targets.

I mean honestly.  With all the LGBT community is facing at this time including an expected Religious Freedom Executive Order tomorrow that will legalizes discrimination against is under the guise of religion, our civil rights being attacked and rolled back at an alarming rate, LGBT hate crimes rising, and the wholesale slaughter of gay men in Chechnya these two brain trusts use their time and energy to focus on a blowjob joke?

How about setting some priorities here.

To these two gentlemen and all the others focusing on Stephen Colbert’s blowjob joke while our world crumbles and burns around us I have only one thing to say.

Suck my cock.



Stephen Colbert Hijacks Republican National Convention Stage, Opens “The National Hungry for Power Games” – Video

Stephen Colbert Crashes RNC


Stephen Colbert has repeatedly mocked the 2016 GOP Presidential race where he has  likened the election to the Hunger Games. In those segments, Colbert plays the role of Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), the outlandish announcer who covers the games.

Last night in Cleveland Colbert dressed as Flickerman stormed the RNC stage during set-up and declared,”[Donald Trump] has formed an alliance with Indiana Governor Mike Pence.” Colbert then appeared to doze off at the mention of Pence. “Sorry, I blacked out there for a moment,” he quipped. He then grabbed the gavel on stage and declared, “it is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games!”

As a security guard approached him to get him off the stage Colbert said, “Look, I know I’m not supposed to be here. But let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.”


Stephen Colbert Uncovers the ‘Black Lesbian Nazi Robot’ Uprising! – Video

Black Lesbian Robot


Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report this past week included a explosive exposé of the the eventual upcoming black lesbian Nazi robot activist movement. Centered around an android created by Sirius Radio creator Martine Rothblatt as a machine-based representation of her wife, Bina.

Such scientific works are being commissioned through Rothblatt’s Terasem Movement (or as Colbert pronounced it: “terrorism”). Not only are they terrorists, Colbert said, but they are terrifying because Rothblatt who also happens to be transgender  “has created one seriously scary super-minority: A black lesbian nazi robot.”

Citing robots like the Terminator, Colbert noted that “androids have always been soulless killing machines,” but now we should be frightened because they will “come fully uploaded with centuries of minority rage and resentment.

Funny?  Or cultural appropriation at it’s worst?

Decide for yourself and leave a comment.

If you can prove you are not a robot.