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Stephen Baldwin Defends His Anti-Gay Conference Gig: “Some of my best friends are gay”

Stephen Baldwin

Religious extremist Stephen “The Untalented Tool” Baldwin who previously found himself in hot water after expressing support for right-winger and former actor Kirk Cameron, is all set to speak at an ex-gay conference called “Rising from the Ashes,” which touts “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” After being exposed Baldwin now claims that his involvement in the conference is not necessarily about gay conversion. After all some of his “best friends are gay.”

HuffPost reports:

The 47-year-old star of “The Usual Suspects” and “Threesome” told HuffPost Live that the conference is primarily “an opportunity for people who are unsure … to have a conversation about [which] direction they want to go.”

“I wouldn’t say that my message is, ‘You can pray the gay away,'” Baldwin said. “Literally, some of my best friends in the world are gay, and they know I’m evangelical and I know they’re gay, and we love each other and respect each other in that way.

I’d post the HuffPo video interview but its just a big ole shill for his straight to the 2 dollar bargain bin new flick “I Fell In Love With A Christian Girl.”




D-List Born Again “Christian” HACTOR Stephen Baldwin To Headline Ex-Gay Conference

Stephen Baldwin

D -List “actor” and born against “christian” Stephen Baldwin will be appearing at the Z-list anti-gay “Rising From The Ashes” ex-gay conference presented by the Hope for Wholeness Network from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 in Greenville, S.C.

The event will also feature ex-gay therapist Joe Dallas, who is the founder of the “Truth Ministry.”

On the Truth Ministry website, Game says he “shares the causes and treatment of same-sex attraction with his own experience as a person who struggled with homosexuality. When he was younger, he lived as a gay man for three (whole) years.”

Dallas is active in opposing what he sees as the gay agenda[claiming “I’m not sure we can defeat the pro-gay lobby or prevent their goals from being achieved. But win or lose, I don’t want to stand before God and say I did nothing when I had the opportunity to fight.”

Dallas has encouraged Exodus International to oppose measures outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation. He served for three years as Chair of the Exodus International Board of Directors (which just closed after 38 years and apologizing  to the gay community the organization’s promotion of efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation) 

As for Stephen Baldwin headkining the “ex-gay” event.  Stephen is there something you’d like to tell us girlfriend?

Apple’s iTune Store Finally Pulls Anti-Gay & Anti-Women “Christan Values Network” (CVN.org)

After taking their own sweet time Apple iTune Store has finally followed Microsofts example and has pulled the “Christian Values Network” store whose a percentage of proceeds went to the funding of anti-gay hate groups but not until  recieving a petition from over 22,000 people demanding it.

Apple has removed their iTunes store from the “Christan Values Network” (CVN.org) after more than 22,000 people signed a petition on Change.org started by Ben Crowther, a student and Apple customer concerned about CVN’s funding of anti-gay, anti-women organizations like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. The Apple campaign, which picked up significant momentum after 13,000 AllOut.org members signed another petition on Thursday, follows Microsoft’s decision to leave CVN two weeks ago, prompted by another customer-driven campaign on Change.org. Several other companies have removed their online stores since then, including REI, Macy’s, Delta Airlines, BBC America, and Wells Fargo.

Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan helped launch the Christian Values Network, an online service that raises money for various religious groups from the purchase of goods and services.  Both Baldwin and Lohan are outspoken about their anti-gay views.  Baldwin told the Guardianin 2010 that he supports so called “ex-gay” therapy, a harmful practice that falsely claims to “cure” people of their sexual orientation and  Lohan told reporters in 2008 he would not walk his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, down the aisle if she chose to marry her same-sex partner, “I don’t think she’d ask me to walk her down the aisle,” says Michael. “She knows about my (Christian) faith …  she just wouldn’t ask