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HRC Sends Out Presser Applauding Gay Marriage In Alabama But Not Those Who Actually Did The Work For It

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In what only can be seen as a chance to grab some good PR from an event that they had absolutely nothing to do with.  The Human Rights Campaign today sent out a statement in the wake of the Supreme Court denying a request for an extension of the stay in Alabama and  called the odds of SCOTUS issuing an anti-equality ruling later this year “virtually zero”.

Via statement:

This may seem like a simple, procedural move — one the Supreme Court has made in the past in cases ranging from Alaska to Florida. But, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) notes, all those denials took place before the Court had agreed to take a marriage case. The decision to allow marriages to begin in Alabama means something dramatically different now that the Supreme Court oral arguments in a marriage case are just weeks away.

“By refusing to halt marriage licenses in Alabama, the Supreme Court has telegraphed that there is virtually zero risk that they will issue an anti-equality ruling this summer,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow. “Instead, the odds of a ruling bringing marriage equality to all 50 states have increased significantly.”

In light of the Supreme Court’s action today, marriage equality will be the law of the land in Alabama beginning on February 9th, 2015. On January 28th, the Alabama Probate Judges Association issued guidance to all parties that, “on the occasion that the stay is lifted, same sex couples may apply for marriage licenses.”

HRC congratulates the countless committed and loving couples in Alabama that will soon be able to marry.

And to the couples in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan:

Start your wedding plans now.

But please notice how they didn’t congratulate the grassroots activists, the couples themselves and their lawyers who actually did do all the hard work. And God forbid they thank Edith Windsor who without which right now we would be nowhere near as far as we are with states winning marriage equality. Also   I’d be remiss if i didn’t remind people that HRC originally wanted no part of any of the court cases that have lead to these victories.

Longtime Ohio LGBT activist who is still waiting for same-sex marriage to hit his state Tom Morgan had a few choice words for HRC’s  upon reading the press release:


Tom Morgan snark



#RealTalk if no one else will say it.   I will.