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Waiter Stabbed Because He Was Gay In Santa Maria, CA

A waiter who worked at a Denny’s was stabbed early Thursday morning after Curtis Martin, 24 ,(pictured left and looking every bit like a skinhead) knocked on the closed Santa Maria restaurant window and asked to use the restroom. He was let in and approached a table of employees and asked the victim if he was gay.

After the victim said he was gay, Martin began stabbing him in the neck and throat.using a knife he had brought with him,

Martin ran to his vehicle and was seen fleeing the scene westbound on Main Street, police said. His vehicle was located a short time later and Martin was arrested and booked for attempted murder and committing a hate crime

The victim was transported to Marian Medical Center by ambulance for treatment. The injuries were not life-threatening and he’s expected to fully recover.

What a crappy insane country we live in and the longer they drag out granting us full and equal rights there will be more hatred and violence from the other side.

Brutal Anti-Gay Stabbing In Battle Creek MI. – Attacker Leaves Message On Craigslist: “I warned you, you dumb queer,”

On July 25th , a 45-year-old Battle Creek man was brutally stabbed in Leila Arboretum. the victim who’s identity is unknown says he was forced to drive the man to Leila Arboretum, a park in Battle Creek. Once in the park, the victim was stabbed multiple times in the head and neck.

The man’s screams drew the attention of a witness who was in the park. The witness went to the site of the attack, and the attacker told the witness the situation was a “domestic dispute,”Shortly after this, the attacker fled in the victim’s car.

The day after the stabbing, an anonymous post appeared on Craigslist. The post, titled “I warned you, you dumb queer,” included the following statement, “I e-mailed and said I have something … but you did not think it was a knife did you?  Now you are in the hospital and your car is in the river. I warned you.”

Now Battle Creek police say the attack was likely a hate crime, (Oh you think?) Investigators have informed the FBI of the case

Simply bone chilling.and horrific.