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Minnesota Stonewall Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Leader: Stop Picking On Dr. Marcus Bachmann!

David Joseph DeGrio, chairman of Minnesota Stonewall Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party thinks that we should all stop picking on Michelle Bachmann’s husband for being effeminate because it makes us look like bullies.

I don’t view saying that someone’s gay is a negative thing, but I believe that perceived sexuality was being used as an attack on Marcus Bachmann, and I find it unacceptable to use perceived sexuality as an attack on anybody. The message I see it sending is a bit hypocritical because we’re advocating for policies in schools to stop this exact thing, saying someone’s effeminate or someone speaks with a high-pitched voice or even [saying] someone is gay because this a gay characteristic.”

DeGiro would have a point IF the attacks on Bachman were unprovoked.  But perhaps DeGiro needs a reminder of these words which came from Marcus Bachmann’s mouth when describing us.  “BARBARIANS. SICK,  and  DISEASED.”  

Marcus Bachmann’s effeminacy in and of itself is not what’s funny.  It’s funny that he’s an effeminate, very obviously gay man who’s married to a deranged anti-gay congresswoman, and who went on a rant about how gays are barbarians for not resisting those sinful urges he seems to think everyone has.  Until Marcus Barchmann stops his attempt to “cure” homosexuals, and stops preaching Christianist torture on innocent people, then he has to expect retaliatory remarks.  

The waaaay too  UBER -PC LGBT  leaders, especially those who live in the same state and do absolutely nothing to retaliate against Bachmann like DeGiro,  should keep to their ” moral high road” to themselves before they lead us to a  pacifist orgy of extinction.

If anyone should NOT be the head of a group with the name “Stonewall” in it , its obviously  David Joseph DeGrio

NOM’s St. Paul, MN Tour Stop LOVE CONNECTION!: Father Michael Becker Who Knows All About Anal Sex And NOM’s Biggest Asshole Brian Brown!

Our first contestant is Father Michael Becker a Catholic Priest who seems to know an awful lot about anal sex (*wink wink – nudge nudge*)  and gets very flustered when he’s asked if he’s ever had a homosexual thought. (Uh-uh)  And our second contestant, the one and only (Thank God!)  Brian Brown.  The Natoiional Organizations BIGGEST asshole!

This is TRULY  is a match made in HELL!

Will these two boys have a LOVE CONNECTION?

The National Organization For Marriage’s HATE-APOLOOZA Pulls Into Saint Paul, Minnesota With Robo Calls, Donation Pleas, And Homophobe Wingnut Minnesota Pastor Brad Brandon

Via The NOM Tour Tracker and Good As You  comes this news and video update about The National Organization For Marriage’s HATE-APOLOOZA pulling into Saint Paul, Minnesota .

Whille NOM had it’s biggest turnout to date coming in at about 163 NOMBIES showing up over 217 equality supporters showed up to outnumber NOM supporters. The largest contingent of equality supporters stood behind the NOM rally before marching up the steps and inside the State House for thier own rally

But in what can only be described as NOM showing its true hate for gays and lesbians it invited as a special guest speaker anti-gay Minnesota Pastor Brad Brandon who has in th past (and there is audio eveidence to suppot this up both at Good As You and at the NOM Tracker) has bee quoted comparing gays to alcoholics,. Has directly likening gay people to adulterers and pedophiles, Claimed that Gays are indoctrinating with Dora and Bob The Builder, thanks to guiding influence from folks like Satan and Hitler:, and last but not least ““A group of homosexuals were here and they were teaching a group of high school students that masturbation was okay right here in this rotunda! This must stop! We are the LAST STAND!” (What a freaking asshole.)

Also it’s been learned  that NOM, in advance of their planned stop in Des Moines this upcoming Sunday, is running robocalls in Iowa asking for matching funds to a $2 million “challenge grant” they have received, according to the Newton Independent. The funds will be used to “oust state lawmakers and judges who do not oppose same-sex marriages.”

So head on over to Good As You and the NOM Tracker and check out the FULL Update, Videos, and Audio of what REALLY went on in St. Paul Minnesota.  (I tell you Mary, Rhoda, Phyliss and Sue Ann Nivens would have a shitfit if they were real.)