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Hate Group Leader Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively Marches In Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Scott Lively in Uganda

After much controversy again this year which resulted with beer sponsorship’s being pulled and political personalities boycotting, South Boston’s St. Patricks Day parade once again did not allow openly LGBT groups or people to march openly in their annual parade.  One person they did allow to march however was hate group leader Scott Lively who is currently facing  charges for “crimes against humanity” for pushing anti-gay sentiment and helping to enact anti-gay laws in Uganda.

Lively told the press that he marched in solidarity with the parade organizers who banned LGBT groups from participating.

Lively, a Shelburne Falls native who owns the Holy Grounds coffee shop in Springfield, is running as a independent candidate for governor. He said he marched with his new running mate Shelly Saunders, of Springfield, and a small contingent of supporters. Many other politicians, including Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Congressman Stephen Lynch, skipped the parade after they could not come to an agreement with organizers to allow gays and lesbians to march in the parade. The maker of Sam Adams beer also withdrew his support. “The LGBT bullies, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, are giving the St. Paddy’s Day Parade organizers a hard time for keeping the parade a family-friendly event, but they are standing strong for family values and not bowing to intimidation,” Lively said in a press release. “The media is predictably crying ’discrimination,’ but thank God the United States Supreme Court has ruled that the parade organizers have the constitutional right to exclude anyone they please,” he said in writing.

Scott Lively, heir apparent to the Phelps legacy.

As for the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade.  What a fucking disgrace.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio To Boycott The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion Of LGBT Groups

Bill De Blasio

New York City’s newly elected Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that he will not attend this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade over the event’s long-running ban on LGBT participants. But added that despite his personal boycott of this years parade that NYC employees will be allowed to march if they wish.

De Blasio says he won’t partake in the traditional march along Fifth Avenue because of parade organizers’ refusal to allow participants to carry gay-pride signs. The new mayor’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, always marched. De Blasio also did not march while public advocate. Its organizers say gay people are welcome to march, but they say signs celebrating being gay would detract from the parade’s focus on honoring Irish heritage. The parade is a tradition that predates the city itself. Organizers predict more than 1 million people will attend on March 17.

“I believe that uniformed city workers have a right to participate if they choose to. And I respect that right,” Mr. de Blasio told reporters today when asked about the issue at his latest appointment press conference at City Hall. LGBT leaders and other officials, including Public Advocate Tish James, wrote an open letter to the mayor yesterday in the Gay City News calling on him to “Ban Uniformed City Personnel in Discriminatory St. Pat’s Parade.” The police commissioner and uniformed police, firefighters and other city personnel typically march in the parade down Fifth Avenue every year.

Of course the Catholic League’s resident anti-gay hater, propagandist, and all around douchebag Bill Donohue says that he is thrilled that De Blasio won’t be there.

“This is the first time in New York City history that its mayor has decided to boycott the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Personally, I am delighted: I lead the Catholic League contingent every year, and I do not want to march with a public official who does not want to be associated with Irish Catholics. De Blasio says he will not march because the parade does not allow pro-gay signs. Neither does it allow pro-life ones. The great myth has always been that the parade is anti-gay: in previous years, I have gone on the radio inviting gays to march with the Catholic League, provided they do not draw attention to themselves or to some extrinsic cause. The parade is not about homosexuals, or abortion, or anything other than honoring St. Patrick..”

I’m glad the commie, gay loving liberal mayor won’t be there! Nothing, absolutely nothing should distract from the dignity and sanctity of drinking till you puke into your green plastic hat while pissing on a storefront and then passing out in the gutter.  *snort*