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NBA Executive and Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts Publicly Comes Out

While Ruben Diaz and NOM was trying to make yesterday a day of neo- christian gay hate and fascism against the LGBT Community.  Another gay man besides Don lemon came out of the closet, that man was none other than  long-time National Basketball Association executive and Phoenix Suns President & Chief Executive Officer Rick Welts

The New York Times once again profiled the coming out story with Welts explaining the specifics of the 40 years he spent hiding his sexuality from those in the NBA.

Two years ago, a 14-year relationship ended badly, in part because his partner finally rejected the shadow life that Mr. Welts required. “My high profile in this community, and my need to have him be invisible,” Mr. Welts said, with clear regret. “That ultimately became something we couldn’t overcome.”

He began to think: here he was, in his mid-50s, and maybe he had sacrificed too much; and maybe he should open up about his sexuality, in a way that might help others. He kept a journal, sought advice from his sister and close friends, listed the pros and cons. He also had long talks with his widowed mother, Phyllis, in the months before she died of lung cancer, at 85, last fall. She encouraged him to do what he thought was best.

The article is a great read and a truly heartrending story.

I hope Welts is rewarded with peace of mind at last.

Rick Welts is a whole new definition of  the term “sports hero.”

Video – Kobe Bryant Calls Ref Bernie Adams "Fucking Fag" During Lakers v. San Antonio Game – Fined $100,000.00 Dollars


Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant was hardly a role model last night to the million of kids who look up to when Bryant yelled out a homophobic slur toward referee Bennie Adams calling him a “fucking fag”  from the bench after receiving a technical foul during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs.

Bryant has since apologized  saying “What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

I wonder how Kobe would react if someone called him a “fucking ni**er” out of frustration. Or what would happen if it were done in the middle of a televised basketball game?
Via – The Daily News

***UPDATE 6:37 pm
Kobe Bryant has been fined $100,000.00 or his use of the homophoboc slur against Referee Bernie Adams

World Cup Champion Cesc Fabregas Kisses Reporter Raul Gomez "Caiga Quien Caiga" (Video)

Oh those wild, wacky and smokin hot Spanards!

Reporter Raul Gomez was interviewing World Cup Champion Cesc Fabregas (who was wearing Hello Kitty fuzzy slippers) for “Caiga Quien Caiga” is trashy tabloid TV that comes on in Spain during the afternoon siesta. Well Gomez (Who is seriously cute) asked Fabregas (who ios also seriously cute) if he would kiss him because Gomewz wanted to know what it was like to kiss a World Champion, and Cesc Fabregas opbliged.

Note to Raul Gomez:  If you ever want to know what iot’s like to kiss an angry queer blogger……..CALL ME!  You are serious hot man.  Love those sideburns!