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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: “Gay Rights Activist Are Like Leeches” – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

American Family Association’s resident spokesdouche Bryan Fischer is at it again this time histrionically ranting that  gay activist who campaign for LGBT equality are the same as the blood-sucking leeches.

Said Fischer:

‘Remember the proverbs talks about the leech…they always want more.’

‘The point here is that with the homosexual lobby, you cannot ever give them enough. Don’t even try.

‘There’s no point in making concessions. There’s no point in capitulating. There’s no point in yielding to their demands.

‘There’s no point in offering them some kind of appeasement in the hopes that they will leave you alone, that they will leave you in peace. It won’t work.’

Sorry Bryan you got it all wrong because I can guarantee that nobody wants to suck anything from you.

American Family Association Spokesdouche Bryan Fischer: “I AM NOT AN ANTI-GAY ACTIVIST!” – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

This week, progressive radio host David Pakman hosted the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer to discuss the recent Prop 8 and DOMA Supreme Court decision and the dwindling (and losing) anti-gay movement.

Fischer true to form goes on a rant over tyrannical Supreme Court justices, how the anti-gay movement is alive and well, and how he himself isn’t anti-gay.

In other words typical bullshit but it is fun to watch Fischer turn scarlet and was barely suppress his homophobic rage when Pakman takes him down on his own lie about his self-identification of not being anti-gay.

AFA’s Bryan Fischer Goes After FOX NEWS’ Bill O’Reilly for Calling Him a ‘Bible Banger’: VIDEO

Today in infighting is funny…….

The American Family Association’s lead spokesdouche Bryan Fischer is livid, livid I tells you over the fact that he and others like him were called out by FOX News’ loofah loving sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly for blaming anti-gay lunatic religious moron like Fischer for  losing the gay marriage battle, and calling them “Bible thumpers”, Right Wing Watch reports.

Fischer blasted O’Reilly on his radio program.

“The implication is that we’re a bunch of neanderthal, redneck, hillbilly Bible-bangers. That is essentially what he is saying we are … He’s insulting us to our face”

But ya are, Blanche! Ya are!

AFA’s Bryan Fischer: If ENDA Is Passed “A Barrage Of Flaming Homosexuals” Will Apply For Jobs

Brtan Fischer

American Family Association spokesdouche Bryan Fischer went off today  over the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), warning every bigot in earshot  that “ENDA would represent the return of Jim Crow laws.” Fischer also warned that if ENDA is signed into law businesses will be faced with a barrage of “flaming homosexual” job applicants. “The homosexual lobby,” Fischer said, “will send a guy in there wearing stilettos, a dress and dangly earrings” in order to provoke Christian business-owners “not to hire him.”

Obviously instead of hirng the flaming assholes that they hire now like Bryan Fischer