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California Law Set To Make It Easier For Gay Couples To Have Babies


In a streak that we all hope will continue, California lawmakers are set on making it easier for gay couples as well as single parents to have children and expand their families by sperm donation or other reproductive means, Here’s more from Huffpost:

The bill, AB 2356, will ensure that sperm donations and assisted reproduction services, which were previously prioritized for heterosexual couples, will be equally available to all women.

“AB 2356 removes the obstacles that LGBT and single women faced when they sought medically-assisted insemination,” said Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, who introduced the bill, in a press release. “I am proud to have authored legislation that will eliminate those barriers and level the playing field for all women seeking medical services in their effort to conceive.”

Skinner celebrated the bill’s passing last month with Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and now will see it come into fruition.

Leading up to the bill, Equality California detailed the story of Maya and Chino Scott-Chung who became pregnant by using sperm donated by a friend via an artichoke jar eight years ago.

“Maya and I have been together going on 16 years,” explained Chino in an Equality California video. “We both wanted to have kids and we both knew it when we got together. That was one of the big reasons we knew we could be together.”

Hopefully we can begin to see more laws making it easier for these families to procreate without the stigma and harassment from religious zealots.