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Minnesota Catholic School Fires Teacher For Not Opposing Gay Marriage

Trish Cameron at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Moorhead, Minnesota is being fired because of her opinion.

Ms. Cameron admitted on a self-evaluation form from the school that she disagreed with some of  the church’s teachings.

She may as well have turned in her resignation along with the self-evaluation.

When she was called into a meeting with school officials, Cameron admitted  she did not agree with the church’s stance on gay marriage. Although she made it  clear she never expressed that sentiment in class, she was told even holding it  as a private opinion was cause for dismissal.

St. Joseph’s Toby Bierl, and the superintendent, Monsignor Mike Foltz, sent out their own  letter. They explained that “Cameron was asked to resign because of ‘an  unfortunate circumstance’ related to St. Joseph’s ‘fiduciary responsibility’ as  a Catholic school.”

In other words, as David Badash wrote in “The New Civil Rights Movement”St. Joseph’s Catholic School is 100% intolerant of views not authorized by  the Catholic Church, and is willing to fire anyone who states, even  confidentially, that they do.

No one escapes the Minnesota Inquisition!

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