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WATCH: Heineken Shows Pepsi How Its Done – “Worlds Apart” An Experiment (Video Advert)


Heineken has made an incredible advert that shows that two strangers with opposing views can prove that there’s more that unites than divides us. #OpenYourWorld

Take that Pepsi!


GDC: 27th Annual Game Developers Conference Talks About Queer Characters and Social Issues

gay gaymer characters
This years 27th annual Game Developers Conference held at the  Moscone Center in San Francisco is full of panels  with titles like “The Sound of Grand Theft Auto V” and “The Art of Reanimating Plants vs. Zombies 2.” but also this year the GDC will delve a bit deeper into social issues and discuss problems game issues such as  misogyny, racism, homophobia and designing for gamers with disabilities.

The conference, sponsored by UBM Tech Game Network last year added a new “advocacy track” of panel discussions about wider social issues, to stimulate discussions about how developers can influence and change the community and culture of both games and the $93 billion industry that creates them and make it more diverse.

“The goal of GDC is to help developers make better games,” said GDC General Manager Meggan Scavio. “Making games more acceptable to everyone is also a way to make better games. How do you make minorities want to play games more?”

“It’s really important to think about how the games we play influence and reflect our culture,” said Ashly Burch, a game voice actor who will host the panel along with author Rosalind Wiseman. “Games are a huge opportunity to change how both boys and girls are socialized.”

One panel will discuss how to “subversively queer your work” – advice for game developers on how to, in small steps, start adding queer characters and content to games, such as gender-neutral characters.  We’re not content with this kind of world where there are mainstream games and then queer independent games,” said Samantha Allen, a panelist and Emory University gender and sexuality researcher. “We want to deliver a message that mainstream developers can take and say, ‘Why can’t we make a supporting character that’s LGBT?’

The inclusion of such topics at the weeklong conference is an indication of how the gaming industry – and its players – are changing.

“Our panel’s mere presence at the GDC says a lot,” said Todd Harper, a scholar at MIT’s game lab speaking on the panel on making games more queer. “I feel like before the advocacy tack started, our panel wouldn’t have made it into GDC.”

Supporting LGBT characters?  How about LEAD LGBT characters?