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Apple iTunes Approves New Gay Social App Distinc.tt. For Ages 12 and Older


Sick of gay social apps that are all about sex. some people believe that, when it comes to apps, the gay community hasn’t offered us all that it can and that its time for an app with more taste and style and less sex.  (Like none)  So they’ve created  Distinc.tt is “the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for “12-year and older.”

Distinc.tt “uses real-time collective knowledge to connect trendsetting crowds and travelers to the places and people that best reflect their distinct interests.” describing  itself as “clean, social, and fun.”

From its press release:

With an emphasis on good taste, Distinc.tt is sleekly designed to easily lead users to the right event, restaurant, party, or vacation spot for the moment or upcoming calendar, where their friends are or plan to go soon.

Just as Google tells you there are “right” ads and “wrong” ones, so here you can have access to the “right” events, rather than quiz night at your local Uzbek potato vodka bar.

CEO Michael Belkin said he’s launching Distinc.tt because he became “disgusted by the tasteless torsos and imagery on gay social sites and apps.” and because he wants “the good-taste part of the gay stereotype to gain traction with mobile app marketing and cross the mainstream divide.”

Apple iTunes though deeming the app suitable for “12-year-olds and older” has creating quite a firestorm on comment boards across the internet from anti-gay posters claiming that the app will be used by pedophiles and  for other “degenerate” uses.

Whats your thoughts on this?  Is 12 too young to appove for a gay social app regardless how clean and non sexual it is when its open to all ages?

Source CNET