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Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) Evolves Again On LGBT In Hip Hop/Rap

Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) has been receiving a lot of media attention as a result of his comments about whether an openly LGBT rapper would be successful. Even though he personally welcomed the prospect he felt that the rest of the rap industry wouldn’t be as welcoming. But since he made those comments he has once again evolved on the subject, now believing that it would be possible. Here’s more:

The former “D-O-Double-G” has been very vocal lately about his support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. During an interview with VH1′s Big Morning Buzz host Carrie Keagan, Snoop Lion altered his previous opinion on gay rappers being accepted in hip-hop.

Although the West Coast rapper has no problem with with gays, he previously stated that it’s hard for hip-hop to accept same gender loving artists because of its masculinity. But during his chat with Keagan, he stated that the hip-hop community will eventually accept it because there is currently an influx of unity going on in music.

“In the near future it will happen because everybody is open for everything. It’s so much race relations going on,” said the “Gin and Juice” rapper. “It’s so much unification going on in music and in life in general. We have people crossing up and becoming a part of each other’s culture.”

It is nice to see that Snoop has had time to ruminate on his past comments and grow from them, but the question still remains; will other rap artists be willing and able to welcome an openly gay rapper? See the issue may not be as prevalent for lesbian or bisexual women rappers as that is encouraged within this music genre. Though there is still rampant misogyny and an erroneous tendency to place women in this genre as second class citizens, a woman’s homosexuality is most often shown leniency or praised in this music genre.

It’s the men that are able to openly express their love and affection for other men that seems to be something that the rap community has been unable and unwilling to overcome and grow from. The ideal of masculinity is still praised above all else and if these up and coming gay rappers will be able to sustain a career in an often times chauvinistic and homophobic music culture then the genre itself will have to evolve and be more accepting of what masculinity truly is, which is treating any perceived ideals of femininity with respect. I think the rap genre can and will someday welcome an openly gay rapper but the genre has to evolve.

Snoop Lion (Formerly Snoop Dogg) Doesn’t Know If Rap Will Ever Welcome Gays

Snoop Lion (who inexplicably has changed his rap moniker from Snoop Dogg) had some words on whether or not the rap genre would ever welcome openly gay artists in the industry. And quite honestly, the message is confusing. Here’s more:

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg tells NME he doesn’t think homosexuality will ever be fully acceptable in rap music.

The newly-christened Snoop Lion, who previously spoke out in support of same-sex marriage in an interview with HuffPost Entertainment, tells the publication that the “masculine” aspects of hip-hop music create unique challenges for gay musicians.

“It’s like a football team,” he said. “You can’t be in a locker room full of motherf**king tough a** dudes, then all of a sudden say, ‘Hey, man, I like you.’ You know, that’s going to be tough.”

Of Frank Ocean, the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist who came out in a blog last year, the rapper noted, “He’s a singer. It’s acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world I don’t know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine.” Still, Snoop’s personal take on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is far more open-minded: “I don’t have a problem with gay people. I got some gay homies.”

I don’t think what Snoop is saying that he himself doesn’t welcome gays in rap but feels they would not be accepted in the community. He does make the connection of how the LGBT community has been treated and related it to oppression and discrimination the African American community has faced. He has in the past given support for same sex marriage.. But something is gnawing at me about this interview.

Here’s where I have the issue; it’s not that I think that Snoop is homophobic so much as I think he just does not get that being gay does not mean we are sex crazed deviants always on the prowl for our next sexual conquest. The analogy of having gays in rap would be as problematic as an openly gay football player proves that he does not know gay men and women as much as he believes. Because if he truly had people in his life that are openly gay he would know that they are not constantly inspecting every crotch they see with an unstoppable urge to flirt with any and every man they see.

It shows that Snoop as well as many of his rap colleagues only know a stereotype rather than a person. It’s a job, not a social dating app so conduct is going to be evaluated. Do you think players would be allowed to say that to any women that work for the team like publicists, managers, physical therapists? The player would without question be suspended fr harassment so what makes it different for the gay men?

i will give him points as this doesn’t feel like it was done out of malice and hatred towards gays. But honestly how masculine can rap be when it is so easy for them to do collaborations with Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus who are the personification of sugar pop feminine girl power! songs that are heavily bought by gay men? That is a contradiction in and of itself and a sign that the rap genre is still ignoring a potential fanbase that has money to spend making them richer and more relevant in mainstream music.

Snoop, at best in the rap genre and society as a whole, masculinity is subjective so please get to know some of the gay friends you say are already in your circle. Because if you truly knew them , you’d see that they are people and not these ignorant stereotypes you seem to be holding onto.