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Today In "The Duh Files" – Study Shows Gay Men Are Skinnier Than Straight Men

The American Journal of Public Health have waved their PhDs in a Z formation and declared it true. They studied 67,000 people in Maxachusetts and found that 14% of gay men were obese, whereas 21% of straight men fit the same shameful description.  What could possibly be the reason for this? Well, jerky asshole men, naturally:

“People in sexual relationships with men – heterosexual women and gay men – get more pressure to look thin and to otherwise conform to attractiveness norms than do people in sexual relationships with women – lesbians and heterosexual men,” [Esther Rothblum, a professor of women’s studies at San Diego State University] said”

Ah, fuckin’ men, man. Right? Ah well, nothing feels as gender equal as skinny feels. Or something. A more troubling data point to come out of the study? Gay men are more likely to be smokers. OF WHAT?