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SLC Utah Man Harassed, Abused, Had “Die Fag’ Carved Into His Arm, and Forced To Drink Bleach. Police Have No Leads.

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A young Salt Lake City, Utah man was robbed, had “Die Fag” carved into his arm with a knife, and was forced to drink bleach on a Saturday night in late April, and  it doesn’t stop there. 

Five days later, the words “Die Fag” were spray-painted on his and his family’s house.

And this week, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through his window and his house was spray-painted again, this time with “You’ll Die. Burn Fag.”

Rick Jones, 22  stayed  late to finish up the paperwork at the Grand Central Station Pizzeria in Delta, Utah.that his  family owns and he manages.

“I went out to take out the trash, and when I came back in, I thought it was strange that I didn’t hear the door close,” he said. “I turned around to shut the door, and someone grabbed me by the head and slammed me to the wall.”

“I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he said. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”

He woke up again as medical teams were considering life-flighting him to Salt Lake City, but he regained consciousness. Rick had lacerations — the words “Die Fag” cut into his arm — and a concussion. They attended to his wounds, held him overnight and released him.

The following Thursday morning, April 30, Jones and his family woke up to the same “Die Fag” words spray-painted on their garage door and the weekend of the Utah Pride Festival  a Molotav cocktail thrown through his bedroom window and, “You’ll Die. Burn Fag” spray-painted on the house.

And the Millard County Sheriff’s Office has no leads as to who is behind this horrible abuse and harassment of Rick Jones.

On June 11 the Sheriff’s office sent out a press release appealing to the community to help find the perpetrators.

“These crimes are the latest in a string of crimes perpetrated against the owners of this local business. The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several different leads in these cases. There is a reward available to anyone providing information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of these crimes. Also we would like to encourage all citizens to report any suspicious persons or circumstance to the Sheriff’s Office dispatch immediately.”

Meanwhile Rick Jones and his family live in fear.

Mormon LGBT Group Denied Permission To March In Salt Lake City and Provo Parades



The Mormon LGBT group Mormons Building Bridges has once again been denied permission for the second straight year.to march in two of the most popular parades in the SLC/Provo, UT area.  The Days of ’47 Parade in Salt Lake City and the Freedom Festival Grand Parade in Provo.

In line with the Days of ’47 Parade’s theme of “Pioneers — Forging a New Frontier,” Mormons Building Bridges had proposed a “Utah’s LGBT Pioneers” entry. It would have featured six LGBT leaders from business, education and public service riding in an antique convertible.

Greg James, executive vice president of the Days of ’47 said the decision was based on its belief that Mormons Building Bridges is an advocacy group.

The rules for the July 24 parade forbid advocacy groups of any kind “whether it’s a group you might agree with or don’t agree with. We don’t do anything that’s advocacy. This one is advocacy,”

Mormons Building Bridges was founded in 2012 with the goal of improving the relations between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the gay community. The group is nonpartisan.

Earlier this year Governor Gary Herbert signed into law an LGBT non-discrimination bill a, paving the way for equal rights among members of the LGBT community. Unfortunately the bill was filled with many religious exemptions and looked much better on paper than it actually was.

UPDATE: HRC Harasses Independent Blogger Over Religious Liberty Article – Utah Quietly Introduces Religious Liberty Bill, NAACP Objects While HRC Remains Silent.

Gay Inc


Utah GOP House Rep. LaVar Christensen released his vision Wednesday for legislation he says protects religious liberties in Utah while preventing employment and housing discrimination against all Utahns — but targets gay and lesbian residents and does not guarantee them any protections whatsoever.

Christensen’s bill includes explicit protection for religious liberties, saying that the state must have a compelling interest — protecting public health or safety — to infringe on an individual’s religious freedom and it must be done in the least restrictive way possible. It is similar to language in Religious Freedom Restoration acts passed in 17 states and at the federal level under George Bush.

HB322  gives individuals, “closely held businesses,” religious institutions or their affiliates the right to refuse to provide services if it would violate their religious beliefs. And it would allow religious freedom to be used as a defense in civil or governmental claims of discrimination.

The bill also gives judges who might hear a religious-freedom case a statutory basis — citing the Utah Constitution’s protection of individual conscience and various Supreme Court rulings favoring religious liberty — to help them weigh religious beliefs against claims of discrimination.

Troy Williams, executive director for Equality Utah, which advocates for LGBT rights, called Christensen’s bill “radical,” by intending to allow the use of religion as a defense to discrimination claims, and vowed to defeat his bill.

And Atkin’s is not the only one up in arms over the bill.

Wednesday NAACP  Salt Lake branch President Jeanetta Williams (video) said simply this bill would destroy Utah’s civil rights laws and would be a dangerous setback to our state’s recognition of civil rights.

“Religious Liberty” bills have popped up in at least 5 states around the country at the time of this writing.

The Human Rights Campaign and other powerful LGBT advocacy agencies have been disturbingly quiet on this very dangerous and harmful anti-gay strategy.

UPDATE: 02/24/2015

The multi-million dollar LGBT advocacy agency the Human Rights Campaign has sent this website an emailing questioning our “journalistic integrity” and  demanding that we change the above story to reflect that they have not been silent on this issue.  Just very, very quiet by issuing only 2 press releases on its website in the month of February.  Meanwhile we still wait on some word, any word about  involvement, strategy, or fight they have planned in the many states where these Religious Liberty Bills are slated and /or being discussed of if they are just going to do nothing like they did in Arkansas where a Religious Liberty Bill just passed.

Stephen Peters <stephen.peters@hrc.org>
Feb 23 (1 day ago)

to me
Good morning Will,

I noticed you did a story on the Utah “religious liberty” bill and claimed that the Human Rights Campaign has been “disturbingly quiet” about it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is a link to our press release from February 12th sounding the alarm on this bill.

Please immediately retract this incorrect claim about HRC and let us know when completed.

Stephen Peters <stephen.peters@hrc.org>
10:09 AM (6 hours ago)


Wanted to check back in on this. I noticed your story is still up saying the same incorrect statements about HRC. Again, here are two releases countering the claims made in the story:

February 6, 2015: DISCRIMINATION BY ANOTHER NAME: Advocates Sound Alarm on Wave of New State Bills

February 12, 2015: Calling the Question: Is the Mormon Church Behind a Racist, Anti-Semitic and Anti-LGBT Bill?

Please immediately retract the incorrect statements about HRC in the story and let me know when completed.


Will Kohler >will@back2stonewall.com>
1:17 PM (2 hours ago)

to Stephen
One press release posted on your website does not make a loud noise and does not say what you are doing to rectify the situation.

Stephen Peters
1:22 PM (2 hours ago)

Will, you incorrectly state in the title “HRC Remains Silent” and in the body of the story, “The Human Rights Campaign and other powerful LGBT advocacy agencies have been disturbingly quiet on this very dangerous and harmful anti-gay strategy.”

This is completely false.


For the sake of appearing to have any kind of journalistic credibility, we again ask that you retract your incorrect statements immediately.

Will Kohler <will@back2stonewall.com>
2:11 PM (2 hours ago)

to Stephen
Oh I will change it.two reflect only 2 press releases have been issued and that Fred Sainz ignored my questions if HRC has any strategy for Indiana. Because really if you had any LGBT activism integrity you guys would be all over this and speaking out loudly and be on the ground in these states fighting hard instead of just issuing a few press releases on your website.

By the way my credibility is fine. Can you.say the same for HRC?

Okay all rectified.

The biggest LGBT advocacy agency in the country posts 2 whole press releases over the most dangerous thing facing the community at this time as if that really makes a difference.  And then have then nerve to pick on an independent blog that speaks out against them and their ineptitude and lack of any REAL work against the Religious Liberty/Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill issue.

Do we all feel better about HRC now?

For shame Chad Hunter Griffin.  For shame.


Marie Osmond Stands Up Against Her Anti-Gay Family Speaks Out For LGBT Equality: VIDEO

Coming right on the heels of her families hateful anti-gay “Celebration of Marriage” rally in Salt Lake City, UT this past week Marie Osmond talked with Diane Sawyer and let her know that she believes in marriage equality.

“The God that I believe in is a god of love, not fear. I don’t tell my children if you’re not good you’re going to Hell. I tell my children that God will be there for them when they struggle. That’s the God I believe in…I believe in [my lesbian daughter’s] civil rights, as a mother. I think my daughter deserves everything that she desires in life. She’s a good girl. She’s a wonderful child. I don’t think God made one color flower. I think he made many…”

It is nice to see Marie Osmond finally standing against her anti-gay family and the Mormon church and speaking out for the civil rights of gays and lesbians and supporting her lesbian daughter.


Gays “Party Crashed” The Osmond Family’s SLC Anti-Gay Hate Rally. Mormon Reporter SHOCKED!

ABC 4 News out of Salt Lake City, Utah is running a truly biased  story that spotlights how a large number gay rights advocates showed up to defend their civil rights at the Osmond Family’s Utah’s anti-gay hatefest on Tuesday.

Gay right advocates crash Utah traditional marriage celebration – by Brian Carlson

Brian CarlsonTuesday’s celebration of traditional family marriage had everything: the Osmonds, the Governor, and hundreds of gay rights party crashers. Needless to say it was not what traditional family supporters expected. “Do you think it makes this thing tense?” asked Reporter Brian Carlson. “In some ways yes, in some ways no,” said Claus Nielsen, traditional family supporter. “It breaks my heart to see some of the signs around her that talk about hate, there’s one I’m looking at right now that says ‘Hate is not a family value,’ and that’s not what this is about, it’s about sharing love but standing up for what we believe,” said Jill Johnson, traditional family supporter. “I don’t believe that man defines marriage, but God defines marriage,” said Cameron Smith, traditional family supporter.

With protesters in every direction, celebrating traditional marriage seemed to take on extra emotion especially during a young speaker’s remarks.

“It takes a mom and a dad to raise a child, so it takes a mom and a dad to raise one,” said Amelia Summerhays, traditional family supporter.

Reporter Brian Carlson asked the organizer of the protest why they crashed the party.

“Why do you have to do it on the night and especially the location where you have traditional family holding their celebration?” Carlson asked.

“Well because often we’re disregarded and we’re seen as invisible and I don’t want us to be invisible anymore,” said Kat Phillpotts, gay rights activist.

They certainly were seen. But even with all the distractions, supporters of traditional marriage said Tuesday’s event was about celebrating the family.

“What we’re celebrating here tonight is marriage between a man and a woman, and that’s one thing regardless of what your stance is that we have in common,” said Nathan Osmond, event performer.

Obviously not only is “Reporter Brian Carlson” so self-important (and such a shitty journalist) that he refers to himself in the third person sense in (TWICE!) he also seems to think that members of the public can “crash” a public event held on public property.

I wonder if Carlson would describe it as “party crashing” when religious folk hatefully, loudly and nastily protest Gay Pride, Gay days at Disney or  anything else they feel like.

“Reporter Brian Carlson” also happens to be Mormon who graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and hobbies include rock climbing, football, drawing, volunteering, skiing, wakeboarding, working out, and watching movies when not cruising the Mormon Temples mens room.

Good ole BYU.

Where Mormon men are idiots and chaste and the sheep are extremely nervous.

The Osmond Family To Host Anti-Gay Marriage Hate Rally In SLC Utah

Alan Osmond, best known for his years as one of the Osmond Family singers. (The one with the mutton chops) and his wife Suzanne (along with various “other” Osmond Family members) are taking time off from performing in Branson, MO to hold an anti-gay marriage hate rally in Salt Lake City, Utah at the State House called: “A Celebration of Marriage – Every Child Deserves A Mom and Dad” that will coincide with the Supreme Court cases over Prop 8 and DOMA and also the National Organization For Marriage’s hate march in Washington, DC:

Alan Osmond  currently serves on the high council of the Orem Suncrest Stake in Orem, Utah for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently penned an anti-gay article for the Mormon website The Family, which is run by “The Osmond Network LLC” and is linked to by the “Official Osmond Family Website”

In Osmond’s article (which you can read by clicking HERE) he states that being gay is not genetic and that reparative therapy does work. He also goes on to quote LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley who has said in the past “Prophets of God have repeatedly taught through the ages that practices of homosexual relations, fornication, and adultery are grievous sins. Sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage are forbidden by the Lord. We affirm those teachings.”

Theres been no word on whether Marie Osmond and her lesbian daughter will be attending.

Osmond Hate Rally