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UPDATE – As Slavic Gay Pride 2010 Comes To An End We Salute The Courage And Strength Of Our Russian Brothers And Sisters In Belarius

This will be the last update for thew night Special thanks to Andy Harley and UKGayNews for doing such a smash-up job and on repoerting the happenings in Belarus and keeping a communication line open to the courageous activist in Minsk.  We are stand in solidarity with you and  salute your Courage and Pride.

00.40:  A couple of items in the ‘food for thought’ department … the Belarus Web site Ont.by News is reporting that there wore no more than half a dozen people on the march (so how come 12 participants were arrested?) … and one march participant reported tonight that a JOURNALIST started to throw eggs at the participants during the march. Another journalist stopped him and said: “Vassya, wait at least until we have finished our work … we have expensive equipemnt here.” Only in Belarus …?

00.32: The post-Pride party is now on … though most participants are not in a party mood until everyone is released. The Slavic Pride Awards 2010 are going to be announced during the Party tonight. These will be posted here later.

00.25: The police seem to have found some petrol for their car! The group of eight have finally been moved to the detention centre for administrative offenders. They will stay there until Monday and their court appearances.


23.29: Police are mow patrolling around the club where the post-Pride party takes place tonight. Things are reported to be “quiet”.

23.05: Reuters now have a report, with a slide show of seven photos, HERE.

22.22: Belapn, the Belarus news agency, has video footage of the march and arrests, plus still photos HERE.

22.22: Proof that Russian media are adapting to the fact that Gay Prides are a modern fact of life? Today, the Russian news agency RIA NOVOSTI is reporting Minsk and Brussels Gay Prides.

22.15: The group of eight held together in custody – they were told earlier that they might be released due to a petrol shortage – have now been told that they will be kept locked-up until court on Monday. Medical services have been called as two Belarusians have injuries following their violent and brutal arrest as police broke-up the march.

Shocking Footage Emerges Of Police Agression and Arrests In Belarius At Slavic Pride! – Video and Update!

Remarkable footage of police aggressively ripping the 40 foot long rainbow flag out of the hands of the parade’s participants and of the arrests that followed has surfaced, 
17:46: It appears that a total of 12 participants in the gay pride march have been arrested. Eight are being detained in one police station and four in another. The eight who are together are saying that they will be taken to the special detention centre for administrative offenders until court, probably on Monday. 
18:20: German government is being urged to make representation to Belarus. German out-gay MP Volker Beck is making the request as he been doing for a number of years when Russian activists have been arrested during unsanctionned rallies in Moscow.  
18:56: The Russians who went to their Embassy asking for consular support for the two Russians from St Petersburg arrested and detained were told that the information will be transferred to the consul and that they have to call back in 30mn. But they said that Russians who breach the law abroad have to be punished according to local laws
19:44: Reports say that the police was chased after the ‘mysteriious’ biker who opened the Pride march with a rainbow flag (Pictured Above). Luckily hey failed to catch him.
19:47: Sergey Androsenko and others have just been released together with the three others who were arrested at the cafe. Still waiting to hear from the group of eight
20:53: Bad news for the Russians who were arrested. The diplomat from the Russian Embassy, after visiting the Police station, said that they were arrested for taking part in an unauthorised event and therefore should answer according to the law. The Embassy will not provide any assistance.
More to come…….

UPDATE: Minsk Has Slavic Gay Pride March Admist VIOLENT Crackdown And Brutal Beatings By Police! – Sergei Androsenko Arrested!

*Sergei Androsenko and Nicolai Alekseev  (Photo from recent Press Conference,  NOT TODAY)

From Blogging From Belarius:

14:53: A short-lived March took place with 40 participants … violent crack down from anti riot police.

14:55: “A big mess,” a participant is reporting via SMS.

15:08 Minsk had its gay pride march. For just 10 minutes, 40 Belarusians and Russians waived a 12 meters long rainbow flag for a short march of approximately 200 meters. They were at first met by a large group of journalists, photographers and TV crew. But when they reached the first crossing point, they were trapped by several vans of anti-riot police. Suddenly, the doors of the vans opened and anti-riot officers ran towards the participants. “I never saw anything of the kind” said Nikolai Alekseev by mobile phone. “They were brutal and violent” he added. Another participant who did not want to be named said: “It was like a group of wild dogs”. The march ended with most of the participants being arrested and violently beaten. A few managed to escape but the police ran after them. 

15:45: Between five and ten participants are reported to be detained by the police, including Sergey Androsenko, chief organiser of Slavic Pride, and Alexander Sheremet, one of the St. Petersburg Pride organiser. Local activists are working to provide them with legal assistance.

15:55: Nicolai Alekseev: “I’ve never run so fast in my life”. (Russian co-organiser of Slavic Gay Pride,)

he participants who were not been arrested are still under shock. One can feel that they are proud of what they did today, but you can also feel the stress in their voices after the violent police crack down they suffered.

16:07: Three pride march participants are reported to have been arrested at a nearby cafe AFTER the event.

16:10:  19 year-old Sergei Androsenko, leaders of Belarussian Initiative of Young Gays is among the three (some reports say four) who were arrested in the cafe. They were taken from the table by the police and removed from the cafe via the backdoor.

This is just HORRIBLE!

I will be updating the events unfolding in Belarius throughout the day…….

NEWS ALERT AND UPDATE: Slavic Pride in Minsk Russia Enduring The Threats Of Hooded Fascist, Bomb Scares, Cancellation, And Fear Of Arrest!

In Minsk, the capital and largest city in Belarus, hooded fascists gathered tonight outside a  hotel where the first of this weekend’s “unauthorized” Slavic Pride events are taking place. Police are monitoring the situation and have it under control at the moment, but this may not bode well for todays parade.  Since last night the proceedings have been marred by a bomb scare, threats.

From Blogging From Belarius:


*  20:20: Protestors are wearing masks outside the hotel so as not to be identified. The police arrived to try to take them out. The hotel management have asked the organizers to identify their guests to avoid letting protestors in the premises.
*  20:25: Police have called the anti-riot police to remove the protesters. As in Russia, they are also called OMON. Hotel security reports that they already found some protesters inside the hotel – they have been removed from the premises.
*  20:40: Police and riot police have cleared the entrance to the hotel and have cordoned it off. Participants are entering, but protsters are standing by in front of the hotel. The room is already full for the film. Alekseev said that the show will start at 9pm instead of 8pm and asked for the understanding for the delay.
*  21:40: Bomb alert at Crown Plaza. Film interrupted. Police asked to stop the film and relocate to another room within the hotel. “So, we are having a break and relocating.”
*  22:55: The audience was very moved by the movie, watching the difficulties to stage Prides in Moscow or Warsaw and the contrast with Sao Paulo, New York or Vancouver … and there is a lot of emotion on faces of the guests here in Belarus. Standing ovation for Bob Christie, the film director. Alekseev: “We held this event here in Minsk tonight and the protestors did not stop us despite trying. Alekseev: “Congratulations to all. AlekseevThis is already the first step.” Guests are now hedaing for a cocktail reception.


09:00: Interesting reports say that last evening the head of the police of the central area of Minsk was seen at the gay club where a Pride Party is scheduled tonight. The club fears an attack from protestors … but so far, the management told the organisers he has no plan to close and will open tonight, though increased security has been ordered.
10:00: Briefings for the Pride participants who are split in several groups. Final overal plan has been put in place and is known to only four people. Tight security for the plan is really to prevent the anti-gay protestors from causing problems. The police appear to realise that the Pride protestors are not hooligans and the the parade will not be “political”.
11:00: Slavic Pride in Minsk is going to be a repeat of Moscow Pride 2008 when organisers managed to stage a short and symbolic “parade” of a few hundred metres. Guest at last night’s film screening here saw footage of Moscow 2008.
12:15: Those brave enough to take part in the unauthorised march are now making their final preparations “at a secret location”. The defiant march is scheduled to get underway in just under an hour.
12:25: Set to take part in the march are 17 Belarusian gay activists – three cancelled at the last minute. They will be joined by around the same number of Russian activists, including Nikolai Bayev, who arrived from Moscow on the overnight train this morning, and four organisers of St. Petersburg Gay Pride.
12:50: Russian and Belarusian Pride marchers have been provided with a form to handover to the police in case of arrest. The form needs to be signed in case of arrest and basically says that the person recognises his guilt for taking part in an unsanctionned event and agrees to pay a fine of 17,500 Belarusian Rubles (just under US$6). According to the law, a person who pays this fine has to be released by the police and should not be kept in custody until court case.
13:01: Unauthorised Slavic Gay Pride in Minsk about to start in a few minutes – will the participants be able to defy the police and succeed?
13:09: SMS message from the start of the march: “Risks to big. Androsenko canclled the 1.10pm plan and postponed to later. 8 cameras and many reporters here”.
13:24: Several police buses and even military troops have gathered next to the place where Pride organisers were suppose to meet media, to take them to the start of the march. “It is not possible to do anything around but we did not give up yet,” organisers said defiantly. There are about 60 journalists are waiting to cover the Slavic Pride.
14:04: Organisers are continuing to consider their options for a revised schedule for the “unauthorised march”.
14:32: Pride organisers have planned to fly today a 2 meters long rainbow flag that has previously been used in Minsk. Will the flag fly anywhere today ?
14:37: It can now be revealed that the initial plan of the Pride organisers was to march for approximately 800 meters from the Academy of Sciences. The start was scheduled at 1.10pm. The plan was cancelled just 5 minutes before as the police and the army were already on the spot. Organisers are discussing an alternate location.

This is what TRUE Gay Pride, Activism and Bravery looks like.  Standing up in the face of adversity under threat  and standing your ground Equality.  I think we should all perhaps remember that.

I send all my love and support to our brave LGBT sisters and brothers in Minsk who are risking thier lives to further their cause