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American Family Association Launches Petition To Congress To Stop Navy From Naming Ship After “Pedophile” Harvey Milk

American Family Association Launches Petition To Congress To Stop Navy From Naming Ship After "Pedophile" Harvey Milk


Well we knew all knew it was coming.

The American Family Association hate group has launched a petition to Congress to stop the US Navy from naming a ship for the late, great gay activist Harvey Milk.

It reads:

The Navy is set to name a ship after the late homosexual rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News.

The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206).

Harvey Milk was the first homosexual activist elected to public office in the United States and was assassinated in 1978. That record plus the fact that Milk, who bragged about being a pedophile, served in the Navy at a time it was illegal for homosexuals to do so, apparently justifies naming a Navy ship in his honor.

Harvey Milk was a sexual predator who preyed upon teen boys. According to The Mayor of Castro Street, Milk’s very favorable biography by Randy Shilts, in 1963, when Milk was 33, he took in “Jack” Galen McKinley, a 16-year-old runaway in New York City “who was looking for some kind of father figure,” to live with him as a lover. (click here for photo)

While Jack was still a minor, Milk moved him to San Francisco. However, when Jack matured beyond Milk’s taste for young guys, Milk dropped him.

Jack McKinney was highly disturbed and frequently suicidal after being rejected by Milk.  The Mayor of Castro Street records Milk’s shocking coldness when told of his former boy lover’s suicide threat. “Tell him not to make a mess,” Milk said. Eventually Jack died in a fall from the eighth floor of a building, in an apparent suicide.

Slander against Harvey aside, and believe me it is slander. What will they do when this petition fails? Boycott the Navy?

The AFA is going to Milk this one for all it’s worth.

Republican’s Gone WILD! – Michigan Republican House Candidate Leon Drolet Sues Current Republican State Rep. Kim Meltzer Over "Slanderous" Gay Public Restroon Sex Lies!

Republicans in Michigan are going insane eating thier own as they battle for House Senate seats. 

The latest Republican feeding frenzy involves  former State Rep. Leon Drolet who is trying to regain his old State House seat and who has has filed a 10-page anti-defamation suit against one of his challengers, current state Rep. Kim Meltzer, who accused him in a campaign flier of trying to legalize gay sex in public parks and restrooms! 

Meltzer’s (pictured left) accusation stems from a 2003 bill Drolet co-sponsored that sought to update a 1927 state law outlawing consenting sodomy by amending it to reference only “sodomy with an animal.” The legislation made no mention of public restrooms, and public sex of any type remains illegal.. 

Interestingly, though this is the SECOND time that Drolet has been down this road. in 2004 Drolet filed a similar defamation suit , when a challenger for his seat in the state House of Representatives accused him in fliers of wanting to “legalize public sex involving kids and prostitution.”

When Kim Meltzer (who reminds m,e of a really bad scary Delta Burke look-a-like drag queen) was reached for comment she said she wasn’t sure about the accusations, but said, “This is how we do it in Macomb County.”

Oh those crazy, and by that I mean stark raving mad Republicans!