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Attack Of 3 Lesbians In Covington, Kentucky By Skinhead Ruled Hate Crime

A judge in Covington, KY has ruled an attack outside a gay club was indeed a hate crime.

Devlin Burke, 31, was convicted in March of felony assault after a car in which Burke was a passenger nearly struck a group of women who had just left the lesbian bat theYadda Club and then got out of the car to argue with the woman. 

Three passerby’s tried to iintervene and and help the women and were attacked and slashed, requiring medical treatment by Burke and a friend who was traveling in Burkes car.  Burke and his companion were shouting anti-gay slurs during the attack.

Covington, KY is one of only 3 cities in Kentucky which has passed human rights ordinance extending anti-discrimination protections to the LGBT community

Burkes case being ruled a hate crime allows now for denial of probation or parole

Burke responded by saying “Sieg heil,” when the ruling was read

Waiter Stabbed Because He Was Gay In Santa Maria, CA

A waiter who worked at a Denny’s was stabbed early Thursday morning after Curtis Martin, 24 ,(pictured left and looking every bit like a skinhead) knocked on the closed Santa Maria restaurant window and asked to use the restroom. He was let in and approached a table of employees and asked the victim if he was gay.

After the victim said he was gay, Martin began stabbing him in the neck and throat.using a knife he had brought with him,

Martin ran to his vehicle and was seen fleeing the scene westbound on Main Street, police said. His vehicle was located a short time later and Martin was arrested and booked for attempted murder and committing a hate crime

The victim was transported to Marian Medical Center by ambulance for treatment. The injuries were not life-threatening and he’s expected to fully recover.

What a crappy insane country we live in and the longer they drag out granting us full and equal rights there will be more hatred and violence from the other side.