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OMFG WATCH IT!: RAMBO, But Gay: The Musical. (They had me at “discharge”)

RAMBO, But Gay  The Musical

Sure there’s blood in guts and a super soapy shower scene in this version of Rambo from Michael Serrato (former cast member  of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show) .and Mark Byers, but in this musical version the audience is asked to reexamine what it is to be a man and what it is to be manly. This post DOMA tinkering of war veteran, John Rambo is hopefully just the first exploration of “Manly, But Gay” that Serrato and Byers get to tell.

The Nerdist has a review:

From one of the brilliantly twisted minds that brought you Neil’s Puppet Dreams comes the retelling of Rambo you never knew you needed, complete with three musical numbers and more homoerotic subtext than a Whitesnake music video: Michael Serrato’s Rambo…But Gay. Okay, maybe subtext is a generous term, but as Serrato explains in the video, he wanted to take something that society has branded to be hypermasculine and hyper-heterosexual and give it a gay retelling. The result is a campy, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek take on Rambo’s bloody revenge saga, but with way better choreography and wardrobe.

Absolutely fucking brilliantly hysterical, or hysterically brilliant. I can’t decide.

This is all kinds of fabuloucity. They had me at “discharge”.


OMFG! – NOM’s Brian Brown Tried To Kiss Me. I’m Serious! – Ewwwwww!

Not ME!  THEM!

Theres a new Facebook group called “Brian Brown Tried To Kiss Me. I’m Serious!” whose description reads:

Brian Brown is the head of the National Organization for Marriage.  He has made it his job to fight gay marriage.  However there have been reports of Brian Brown trying to kiss men. Did Brian Brown try to kiss you?  If so, please post your story here.
Brian Brown has made it his life’s goal to fight same-sex marriage. It turns out, however, that he’s a bit of a hypocrite.  Here at BBTTKM (Brian Brown Tried to Kiss Me), we know that Brian Brown has tried to kiss countless men. 

Here is  top entry at the page right now:

I met Brian in 2010 at an event in Allentown. We got to talking and he said he would like to take me to a Central Catholic boy’s wrestling match. I didn’t think much of it and said I would love to join him. At the match he kept saying things like “I bet you couldn’t pin me” and “how much do you think a singlet costs?” Afterwards, on the way to the car, he said we should have a wrestling match and tried to put me in a headlock. I pushed him away and he lunged at me with his mouth open. I am positive he was trying to kiss me. I ran to my car and haven’t seen him since. Occasionally he’ll text me, but it’s almost always late at night and usually just says “Hi” or “You up?”

Is it true?  Horror/fiction? Or irony, camp and agit-prop?  We may never know for sure.  LOL

But the Facebook page and now videos on YouTube are HYSTERICAL  and the mental image of Brian Brown seething with rage, over this and repeatedly hitting the “Report this Page” button page on Facebook is priceless.

Well played gentlemen.  Well played.

P.S. – By the way Brian.  Singlets typically cost $25–$50 and up, and are readily available online, even via Amazon. For fetish wear, buy a size smaller than the size chart indicates, unless it’s an Asics singlet, which are cut on the tight side so you need size XXXXXXL Bigot.

Watch The New HomoCON Comedy Web Series “The Log Jam” – Episode 1 – Video

Where do gay Republicans go after a long day of creating jobs, investing in China and diva-ing out to Carrie Underwood? (Other than crawling back under their rocks, that is) They go to The Log Jam, Chicago’s premiere gay conservative bar.

The Log Jam follows three lonely heart HomoCONS as they search for reasonable, fiscally responsible same-sex romance. Arnold is an unemployed former Blackwater contractor looking for Mr. Hard Right. Betsy is an investment banker/power lesbian hell-bent on getting the GOP to eventually come around to recognizing her choice of lovers. Phil is a powerful CEO with a passion for Family Values at odds with his lust for exotic fetish play. All meet at The Log Jam where their bartender, the radiant Nancy Reagan, serves stiff drinks like the Bloody Mary Cheney and blunt advice on love and life.

I wonder if Episode 2 has to do with faking a hate crime?

Current TV’s John Fugelsang Talks Sodomy vs. Jesus – Somewhere Bill Donohue’s Head Is Exploding


The awesome John Fuglesang explains what Sodoma and Gomorrah is really all about…..   Not offering strangers some coffee and cake.

Who knew?

(What is it with all these ultra hot LGBT straight allies? Cohen, Kluwe, FUGELSANG!)

Today Is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! – Blow The Man ….. Down!

Avast, me gay  hearties!  This day of our Lord September 19th, 2012 officially  marks the 10th anniversary of the worldwide celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

So give your conversation a swagger, and polish your longsword.  And in case you find you need them today here are the Top 5 Gay Pirate Pick-Up lines.

5.  Pardon me, but would ya mind if I fired me cannon through your porthole?

4.  Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?

3.  Ahoy there you strapping lad! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

2.  You’re drinking a Salty Dog? How’d you like to try the real thing?


That should shiver your  timbers and get ye some booty, er I mean bounty!