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New “Tell All” Book Claims Anthony Weiner Also Wanted Some Actual WIENER

Radar Online has published an except of a “Tell All” book written by Traci Nobles, one of Anthony Weiner’s sexting pals in which Weiner get around to chatting about threesomes, and it wasn’t your want the typical two-girls-one-guy hetro fantasy.
I’m not really talking about other chicks… How about with another guy?” Weiner asked Nobles.“Hmmmm, haven’t done it before,” Nobles said.
“It can be hot,” Weiner replies.
“Are you turned on by other guys?” Nobles asked.
“Well it depends on the guy, but generally yes,” Weiner divulges
Anthony, Anthony, Anthony dude if that’s what you were really after you should have just emailed.  Lord knows I’ve found myself with a lot worse when the lights have come up at last call.  (Ooops, did I just say that out loud?)
Source: Queerty