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‘Adam: Next Generation Robotics’ Fights Homophobia

This gay short, by UK film maker Mike Buonaiuto, aims to raise the awareness and importance of self-acceptance. Do you think he succeeded?

The film mocks up a futuristic advert for a customisable robot and uses the mechanical metaphor to say we should never seek to control, suppress or silence a person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We are not robots.

New’s reports of homophobic abuse and the devastating effects it has on families are becoming ever too common. It’s hoped the film will inspire young people struggling with accepting their sexuality due to bullying or fear to find confidence within themselves. We are not machines, we are human and we cannot be controlled, suppressed or silenced.

Beautiful & Bizarre: The Monster Symphony Music Video by Aston

Fluid Screen Media and Sydney Austraila’s classical music group ASTON have created the The Monster Symphony” film companion.  A 9 minute short film event marrying an epic story of love, life and death with a classical medley of Lady Gaga’s monster hits.

This film was mainly funded by Pozible supporters and was made for less than $6000.00 Dollars

James Franco’s Gay Naked Basketball Short Film SNEAK PEEK! – (Video)

As A Single Man taught us, when gay men stare longingly at shirtless hunks engaged in athletic activity, their dull worlds become color-saturated. But even though James Franco’s black-and-white, NSFW short film The Feast of Stephen is wildly unrealistic in that regard, but it still managed to score a Teddy Award last week in Berlin for excellence in queer cinema. Here (via Movieline) are 41 basketball- and penis-filled seconds from Stephen.

God, ya just gotta love James Franco.